8110739668?profile=originalThis is something we get asked continually, "When is Ascension?", "When is First Contact?", "When is The Event?".

I wonder if people have any idea how long these questions have been asked? This whole idea that a day or a series of events would come along to solve humanity's problems is ancient, it can be found in Zoroastrianism which predates Judaism. And this belief that it's all going to happen "soon", do you know how long people have believed this? It's part of the bible, so at the very least around 2,000 years, probably much longer.

For thousands of years this day has been predicted over and over and over again, and yet it hasn't come. Even today, we seem to get a new prediction of when "it" will happen at least once a week. It's a shortcut to popularity by predicting something will happen, people like that. We see the stats on our site, and we know how popular those messages are. People really want to believe this, and I wonder if they're conscious of the same patterns repeating over and over again?

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

We've watched more of these predictions fail than I care to count. Even now, I know there's at least one prediction of something happening sometime this week, and another predicting something 8 days from when I write this. So easy it is to just believe someone else and wait, but is that how real change occurs? How long have people tried this for?

His disciples said to him, "When is the Kingdom going to come?"
Jesus said, "It is not by waiting for it that it will come. No one will say, 'Here it is' or 'There it is.' Rather, the Kingdom of the Father is spread out over the earth, and people do not see it."
Gospel of Thomas 113

What's a better source of telling where humanity's consciousness is at? Looking at the way they actually behave, or believing a channeler? The fact that we rely upon channelers to tell us where we're at, instead of looking and seeing for ourselves, says a whole lot about where humanity's consciousness is at.

Is humanity ready? Well, ready for what exactly? I know a lot of people think ETs are going to come share advanced technology with Humanity, yet I don't believe the ETs are that dumb. You don't give a gun to a 3 year-old, and you certainly don't give something capable of far more destruction to a race of beings who demonstrate daily they're not ready for that level of responsibility. How many wars do you think are happening right now, how often do people still kill each other? The more naive might believe the world is at peace right now, or there's only a couple isolated wars. I count 43 wars that have had at least some killing since 2013, and there's around 20,000+ deaths from these in 2014 alone. Is this a race of beings ready for Higher Consciousness?

On the internet, we have the ability to search the whole world for news stories, and cherry-pick only what we want to hear. You can believe the people in countries like Egypt are "waking up", standing up for themselves and doing something about a corrupt government. We even reported about this on the Galactic Free Press. Now that they have a new government, do you know what it's up to? Have you heard the recent news? They're planning mass executions, how incredibly barbaric! An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind, and I do not have much hope for the new Egyptian government when they behave just like the old one. Revolutions are often like that, ones that make substantially progress instead of just keeping people spinning in circles seem to be the rarity. I wont even get into the horrors happening now in places like South Sudan and Syria.

Is this what it looks like when humanity is ready for "ascension"? I don't believe that, collectively you would begin creating Heaven on Earth, not killing each other and poisoning the Planet. Even now when the incredible corruption of the business, banks and governments has been revealed, they still get to operate like they're "above the law". Collectively, people have reacted with apathy. They don't want to look at the ugly reality of what humans are doing, they want someone else to come fix things. So many people are waiting for an honest politician to come fix things, religious people are waiting for God to come fix things, new agers are waiting for ETs to come fix things. Meanwhile, the mess grows bigger while everyone waits for someone else to come clean it up.

This whole myth of external salvation is part of what keeps people apathetic and complacent. Every day I see it though, people claiming someone or something is coming along with the solution to all our problems. Meanwhile I don't see much lessening of our problems, at least collectively. The world's drama goes back and forth, progression happens, but so does regression.

Part of this disease is people believing it's up to a single person to fix the whole world. Often people believe that they're the "Chosen one" with the "solution". I personally know multiple people who believe they're the second coming of Jesus, the new "world teacher" or the Matreiya. It's a common delusion, and one our society actually encourages. People want someone else to come along and fix their life, to tell them exactly what to do. This is a form of ignorance, it stems from people not wanting to take personal responsibility, yet all the unauthentic religious and spiritual teachers encourage it.

You're not going to fix the world through avoiding personal responsibility. The world you have now is a result of what this collectively creates. You are responsible for the way your life is, not someone or something else, and when the majority of people really understand this, they'll start creating the world they've always wanted. They'll realize what a beautiful Planet they're already living on, and human beings will reflect that beauty instead of working to destroy it.

To some, it may seem like I don't believe in ascension, but this isn't true at all. What I don't believe is that the current behaviors of Humanity are going to get them there. There is slow progress being made, but it's not the kind of radical transformation yet that brings people to God. Collectively you're still inching forward, and when people are truly ready for Peace, they will collectively be choosing Love, not the fear that's still being spread.

I'm not even sure what exactly is meant by "ascension" for most people, it seems to me this idea seems caught up in the Christian religion. People want this day to come when all the "evil" people get what's coming to them, and the "good" people rise up to Heaven. To me, ascension is the realization that you never left Heaven, and it's the reawakening into your own Multi-Dimensional Nature. You don't need to go anywhere or wait for anything, in fact doing those will just push Heaven further away. Individually, you can choose this for yourself right now, though don't expect it to happen overnight. It's a process, and it's far more about living your own Life than expectation or beliefs.

When people are ready for ascension they will actively be creating Heaven on Earth, they wont be just believe and wait for it to come. Waiting and believing isn't really change, it's repeating the same mistakes of the past over and over again. I wonder if it has occurred to people that perhaps the ones who don't want change are the ones telling people it's coming soon and they just have to wait for it? It's a wonderful recipe for slowing real change, even politicians use it. Remember when Obama was the "change we can believe in"? And yet the U.S. government is remarkably similar to what it was before, in some aspects even worse.

I wonder if the "new age" movements are even really growing now? I know when 2012 didn't bring the changes so many were spiritual teachers and channelers were promising, a lot of people got very discouraged. I often see people getting fed up and leaving after putting so much faith in a failed prediction. These types of things seem to create division just as much as they unite people. I feel much of the "new age" movement is working to create new religions and belief systems instead of real change.

On the Galactic Free Press we learn though, we don't just try to repeat the same failed patterns again. We've switched focus recently to the kinds of messages that encourage personal transformation instead of faith in some channeler and their predictions. As a result, we're quite a bit less popular, I've noticed people would rather be told when the "new world" is coming instead of how they can work to create it. This speaks volumes about whether or not people are really ready for the Higher Realms.

So when is "it" coming, this miraculous thing that fixes our lives? For the people that didn't just wait for it to come, for the proactive people, the ones who understand what it really means to be a human being, Heaven already Here. There's nothing keeping you away except for what you believe in your own mind, what you hold on to yourself, what you alone are responsible for.

When will it happen collectively? So long as humanity perpetuates the current patterns they're in, it's not going to happen. They could break out of those chains tomorrow, or it could take a thousand years, I don't really know. What I do know though is that repeating the same patterns isn't working, and that the spiritual community can do a whole lot more to help things along than just waiting and believing.

His disciples said to him, "When will the rest for the dead take place, and when will the new world come?"
He said to them, "What you are looking forward to has come, but you don't know it."
Gospel of Thomas 51


The Galactic Free Press
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    • Salvation is not something we need - What the higher vibe dark ones, that are limited as to how high they can go, do not want us to know is that salvation is something we learn. Love is a guarantee,  but it is not an admission ticket.  We learn to raise our vibratory rate the same way we learn to drive a car with love being the necessary 20/20 vision.  Do not worry if you feel that you do not have a clue -  your experiences leading to higher vibratory rate will come as long as you love and forgive others.  Yes, that includes the dark souls whom you need, not must.  You need to love and forgive TO RISE........

  • Great piece Ben . The only thing I can see ascending is Mother Gaia . And , this is my thought alone ; ascension is one owns responsibility , seeking sonship/daughtership into the Universal Community that is . Much Love and Peace to all .

  • Please,  everyone that says they are going through ascension  - really what God are they dealing with? The gods of the third world. Very few souls go beyond that.  What are the things you are learning. Let someone talk about the higher worlds if one goes there. 

       You don't need to say people - souls  are in the lower five worlds. Soul let's go of everything even the soul body on the soul plane to take a (different form ) to go further. It no longer deals with people in any form from any of the lower realms, Well if it want to go backwards. 

       Monks have a ascension status, are you Monk? How would you know? I live with a Lama. I sat with many of the highest Lamas on this planet. Yes they pray a lot. They talk about peace like the Dalai Lama does. Guess what his own country is just about taken over by China. His followers are still killing themselves -any left with any kind of freedom. Burning themselves. They are waiting for the D. L to come back. He is going around the world promoting peace. While his country is getting destroyed. That sound like an ascended master to me????????   They don't believe in GOD. There is no other place to ascend to. OH everyone has ego. They can ascend where ever they want. 

       Again if you think you have ascended what are you now doing? What will you do when you let go of the body? 

     (  I really did not know everyone goes to the astral plane) when they die. Funny I know many souls go different place just as Jesus said. Let's not forget they usually come back.  Like in the Buddhist path they go to the Bardo for 40 days and the LAMA'S  have to pray the whole time to get that soul through. Guess if you are not a Buddhist you will not have anyone praying for you to get you through, if you think they are so high. 

       OH please anyone thinking they are becoming GOD please let me know when you do. I will have to ask God if you did ? 

      Just imagine if one other soul became God. He could destroy everything God has created down to the smallest planet. EGO is bigger the bigger you think you are. The closer you think you get to God the closer to ego you are dealing with. I know you can get out of the lower realms up into the true God worlds, but seriously how many do you think ever do. If you are so attached to people becoming that, you will be like all the LAMAS. They make a VOW to come back until the last soul leaves here. That means if just one soul really likes it here they will have to stay here. REALLY? BUT how many people like it here -many. 

      Last thoughts imagine 10 Gods, just like the higher counsel of nine cannot agree on anything  who would have the power, none or all? ONLY God would. IT knew that when It created man. To think one can ever become that is living in illusion, well at least you are having fun dreaming.  

  • Because every human is in a different stage of spiritual evolution, it stands to reason that everyone's Ascension process will vary to a degree. My belief is that it is an ongoing process of awakening and we will all move through this process in various stages of enlightenment. Suffice to say it is Happening Right Now to all of us as the Earth itself aligns with the Central Sun.

    The key of course is each individual must take responsibility for their own Ascension and constantly be aware of how their actions, thoughts and behavior will not only affect their own Ascension but those around them. I came across some information in the Gnosis and the Law, that I have begun to use in which we can ask the Ascended Masters to use our consciousness as a tool to share information with others around us. All it takes is a seed of truth being planted for it to grow and we have no way of knowing what deed, thought or what form of communication will alter another's thought process.

    So I say that it is already happening now, certainly many people have already had feelings of time speeding up or slowing down, feeling abnormally tired or having their sleep patterns disrupted by strange dreams. This is the synchronicity that is all around us showing us we are in the process of Ascending, allowing our consciousness to become more aware of the changes occurring to us.

    Continue to ask for spiritual guidance, meditate, research and discuss your feelings with others. I work with hundreds of people from all walks of life and they all have expressed unusual feelings, some claim it is the 'rapture', others dismiss it out of hand and others search for spiritual answers but 75% of the people I talk to feel something different happening and can feel it in their heart.

    When normal folks know in their heart our world is changing then that is the time for those of us that have awakened to encourage discourse with patience, tolerance and love and try to help others to express their feelings. We are all in this together, so share what you know and be tolerant of others views, because we are all at different stages.

    • You are "right on the mark" somethingblue!  Particularly if you find yourself watching any movie or situation you might choose, and find yourself "tears flowing like water" - I know many - many men this is happening to, who probably haven't shed a tear in years!  Sounds like I might be speaking from personal experience doesn't it?  Right on!  And trust me - I've never been a wimp, having been a hard-core biker & crazy lead guitarist most of my life.  If you or anyone reading this post can identify with any of the characteristics you speak of - it's happening to you!!  Embrace those feelings - do your best to try and avoid negativity at all costs and simply ENJOY THE RIDE!  I KNOW I AM!  BLESS YOU AND "KEEP ON, KEEPING ON! 

      Aloha, RIJ

      • Again folks from all walks of life are feeling something new in their lives, feeling checked emotions, learning to love unconditionally, exploring different spiritual ideas, getting back to nature, cleansing their bodies from toxic foods. This is how, we as a race, create a new paradigm closer to the heart. Instead of attacking opposing view points or different ideas we embrace them, taking the good from them and leaving the negative behind.

        It feels good and we want more, so it is a self motivating journey to learn the truth, embracing the old while discovering the new. The great thing about this journey of Ascension is we are learning to do it without fear. Folks are no longer fearing the stigma of opening up to their feelings, emotions and new ideas.

        Thanks Jim and Will for sharing!

    • Well everything you are talking about has nothing to do with Ascension. Time speeding up, slowing down planets moving , So that doesn't mean one is becoming spiritual. One just needs to go outside. Look at all the earth quakes. You can call that spiritual I call get ready for the big one. Many countries are already in trouble. Spiritual- really like Japan? They will be the downfall of the world. Not because they are spiritual or powerful. They are sick country. Radioactive.
      Everyone is in a different stage of evolution, YES but I would not say spiritual? Spiritual has very little to do with this planet. Most people want everything to mean spiritual. Well TV, Computers, Food, drugs, sex are nothing to do with spiritual. When one ascends they bring none of those things. People Ascend into the astral world. Please don't get Ascension confused with dying which is moving from one place to another. Ascension means moving very close to God not a place.
      we can ask the Ascended Masters to use
      our consciousness as a tool. Really? Why?
       Not sure they would want anyone here. I don't see
      anyone that great really vibrating so strong,
      .  Not many people really have different power or
        Reach out and feel your heart, are you really becoming
      more spiritual? What does that really mean? More people
      know more about God or more about their ego? 
      • Ok, there's a lot of new age, CIA sponsored disinfo being injected here.. first, everything is 'spiritual,' if that's the term we're going to use. The moment you separate what's going on even in the more dense fields of the synthetics such as 'TV, Computers, Food, drugs,' you've forgone the innerstanding that 'ALL IS SELF' irregardless of its place on the latter.


        The astral plane is not something that we ascend to. We are existing on this level as we speak. It is overlaid like a layer on this reality. Those with an activated third eye can see into it. Not to mention you go there every night when you sleep. 'God,' is a corrupt term from the germanic 'gud,' a specific being/spirit.. not to be associated with source/most high/soul/whatever you wish to call it.


        Ascended masters have many addictions.. I don't think I'd use them as a decided point of reference.


        If you don't see anyone vibrating strongly either your sense for vibrations are off or it's you that isn't vibrating strongly and projecting that outwardly attracting those that are like yourself as we all do. Even considering the 'stars,' on tv, obviously if you look at their energy & what they're doing you can see they have more power than the average individual, but their energy is inverted, the 'black light,' as they say.


        When we consider the goals of these conversations & what they accomplish, we need to determine if we're really pushing into the world energies for balanced growth or detracting from that. And these replies I see here don't even have much to do or even mention anything I said, instead I see a lot of insubstantial talking in circles ..

      • Thank you for sharing your enlightened wisdom with me, as it allows me to practice patience and tolerance. Your perspective is interesting but far from enlightened, as your interpretations of my words seem to indicate.

        Spirituality has everything to do with this planet, I don't recall mentioning TV, computers, food, drugs or sex and yet somehow they come into the conversation, interesting. We can always ask beings of a higher spiritual plane for guidance, after all what is prayer?

        Every being on this planet shares the I Am inside them, so perhaps you are selling yourself and humanity short. I have learned to think with my heart and can say without a doubt that I have become a more spiritual being, how far it will take me remains to be seen however limiting my thinking, goals and spiritual knowledge only creates a barrier of self imposed ignorance.

        Best Wishes grasshopper. 

      • And Hawksblood -  what somethingblue wrote has everything to do with it.  Sorry you don't get that.

        Aloha, RIJ

This reply was deleted.

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