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When I comment about David Ike on Mainstream Media Blogs

They all think i need to take my meds its funny but not ,,,,,,,,,,,,, dont they understand its the meds that they are all on causing the problem...................

and Love is all you need

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Well their reality does not allow for higher ones to exist.

With Icke, the only problem is credibility - from their point of view that is. Because most of the world chooses to believe someone only if their current point of view permits it. And with Icke, we all know that his writings on the lizards have damaged him to many who would benefit listening to everything else he has to say. Some on the other hand have gone to the other extreme and see ordinary people as lizards, they see lizards everywhere.

Challenging someone's point of view is where real progress is to be made. And seeding their consciousness with higher realities is the best you can do for them at the moment.

Just don't take it personally, the lightworker's job is to spread higher forms of thought, higher truths.

 In time people will come to these realities themselves. And that is the best anyone can do!

True, Feather, Oh so True!  We must all help to raise other's vibration by staying in a higher vibe ourselves.  This had always been my philosophy.  Always a smile, a kind word, even to those I don't agree with or don't even much care for.   What you give out you get back.  Kindness begets kindness, Blessings beget Blessings!   Love you, Feather!

You know the interesting bit is that even positivity of that kind sometimes doesn't help, the people look at you like you're some childish idealistic fool. Esp in older cultures/countries. Some only recognize positivity in their life through some kind of material gain, be they a farmer or a hard cynic working in the city. It is very hard to deal with these people, because their reality simply allows for no time to learn of anything outside of their reality.

The reason the British public laughs at David Icke has nothing to do with the reptilian agenda he pushes.  He wasn't preaching about the reptilian thing when the ridicule started.

He is laughed at because one of his first TV appearances after he left public sports broadcasting, he decided to tell the world that he was the second coming of the christ.

Yeah that too. He didn't understand at the time that everyone is the Christ. He said it himself, that his understanding of what was happening to him was changing all the time back then. He just shouldn't have made it public like he did. The mainstream has no idea what a spiritual awakening means for one person, let alone that it is a completely different process for each and every person.

What is statanism?
I correct satanism*



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