Whats goin on?????????

when i watch kiesha crowther `the little grandmother` or other people saying simalar things i find myself feeling really really really good and then burst in to tears & for some reason i love it,i cant get enough of it.I feel like im far away from being what is suggested ie pure love, but i think i understand the concept of whats goin on.The hard part is shuttin my mind up,i have tryd meditating but find it impossibe.The closest thing i can relate to in this matter is that when im djing or dancing,listening to certain music i enter another realm,here im so happy,my heart flutters,i can feel the `now`and anything becomes possible.Just like in a dream only im consious of what im projecting,ive always thought that i was projecting positive intention into the atmosphere and the ground,this is partly why all this new information is resonating with me so much.I feel like a child again.wow.Part of me thinks this is in my mind whilst my heart knows it to be true,and then this is were the tears start.
Does anyone else feel like this?
is anyone in a simalar situation?
I get confused but i know its all gonna be ok.
Amazing infact...


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  • So many are feeling it and it feels good - we are releasing, cleansing and transmuting. Blossoming!
    Sounds like you meditate when you listen to music, dance or dj - meditation can happen in different ways for different people - there is no right way. Embrace your flow, embrace your emotions and feel the love vibes :)
    When we believe it will be okay, it will be and it is!
  • Hi franpos,I too feel the same way when I see Kiesha videos, I burst out in tears too and also I smile and feel love inside me bubbling, I just feel such an awe when I hear her message. When I first saw Kiesha it was as if I knew her from somewhere before, like before we all came here to earth. I agree with starman I think it is a soul recognition,

    Maybe that is why we all react as we do because it is something thats feel so true to us, and that we all agreed to be here in this amazing time.

  • I completely understand and feel everything you are going through. Like you I absolutely I have a busy mind and struggle to meditate with the insesant chatter in my mind but know that when i listen to music dance or spend time in nature I am at peace and one with eveything. I also love listening to Keisha and feel the tears well up inside when I hear her speak about the dispicable things we have done on this planet but also feel her words of comfort and joy that speak straight to the heart. We are literally changing the vibration of the planet as each of us opens are heart centres and starts to 'feel' from the heart instead of ''think' from the mind the more we become childlike regaining our innocence and purity. It really is a beautiful journey sometimes slightly frightening as you let go off all the thoughts and ideas of what you thought you once were and the label/identity the ego so desperately wants to keep hold off but the thing is we are ll there to hold out a hand out for eachother when ever we feel unsteady or uncertain of who we are any more know that we are all on the same journey and it is only going to have a beautiful ending. We can help light the way for others to follow and know that Love is the only way. Love to your heart xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx May we all shine together xxxxxxxxx
  • Hi franpos, Everytime I see a video with Kiesha Crowther I also cry, & it is with great Joy. I don't know what it is for you, but for me, I feel it is soul recognition. And her words are very uplifting, as they are filled with Love. Kiesha is a great blessing to us all.
    As for your mind, there is nothing special, or unique about it that makes it impossible for you to meditate. You are just like most everyone else; a captive of your "busy bee" mind. Make the effort, find a teacher, learn to meditate!!!! I cant't say strongly enough the value of regular meditation. I learned many years ago, & sure it was hard at first, but it got easier, & easier & easier to do. Now I crave my meditations, as they provide me the Joy & Peace & Bliss I longed for in earlier years. It is absolutely the best thing I ever did for myself, & for my Soul's evolution. (The second best thing I ever did for my evolution, was to "throw my TV out the window" 18 years ago).
    Blessed Is, Blessed Be...........Starman

    Blessed Is, Blessed Be...........Starman
  • Hi Franpos,

    I know exactly what you're feeling while listening to Kiesha....She has the same effect on me, maybe it's because she's really genuine about how she feels and is truly speaking from the heart and so conveys not only words but emotion as well.
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