I for one, respect all the opinions of those who have theories as to what may happen On Dec 21st. I have heard all types of scenarios from hypothetical scientific based theories to metaphysical to government  based theories. The fact is many people believe something may happen.

 1.  What do you think will happen?

 2.  And as they say its better to be prepared and have nothing happen then to have some thing happen and not be prepared, how have you prepared yourself and your loved ones?

All comments and theories welcome.

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  • If we remember the Mayans tied alot of significance to the solstice which is at about 11:12 UTC time which is 5:12am central time U.S. so there is a good chance something may happen then.

  • Lori ---------- A new beginning ! xxxxxxxxxx


  • We have all day, Its 12:17 am here central time which is the mayan time zone. One thing to remember is that if something happens it can happen any time today. The mayans never gave a time only a day.  Have a great day..:)

  • :)


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  • 1. For me nothing will happen unless it is meant to. I will still be myself and I will enjoy the day with love in my heart no matter what. and 2.. I haven't prepared for anything major and I will not unless I feel the need to. My intuition lets me know what I need and when. Be blessed all this 2013 and of course the Dec 21st of 2012 as well. :O)

  • prepared for the worst but hoped for the best

    I stopped preparing for the worst when I looked back and realized that there isn't any tragic event in my country in my area or nearby since I was born. So instead of being afraid at the possible worst scenario (which never happens), I'll just hope for the very beeest and keep wishing for it to happen.

    1.  What do you think will happen?

    I want something good "in any sense" to happen. The spiritual changes claimed to be focus on energies being beamed at the planet. So far I've been feeeeeling very good, the energies I'm feeling is very warm and very soothing. It made me want to lie on bed forever.


  •  That sounds great Kelly,, I have been working on business things as well continuing planning for the future but hopping something enlightening may happen.

  •  Namaste devi..

     I wanted to create an open forum for people who may have some questions about the date. I for one Have stocked up on filtered water myself have enough for a few weeks for my entire family if we need it.

     Live and live on in peace...

  • I think that there will be groups of people who will panic and buy out lots of food and water at the stores just like in Y2K but, there will also be people in large groups praying and gathering to share their religion or gospel to other people. I also think large groups of people will have "end of the world parties" and over indulge in alcohol. I predict there will be an increase in crime and unusual behavior due to the over indulgences in alcohol.

    As for me, Im planning on staying home most of today which is the day before and tomorrow the day of only because I predict it will be a bit like "black friday" where groups of people may stampede over others in places and crazy drivers that are anxious. I may go out to the beach to take a few nice pictures since its been in the high temperatures lately here in Florida if I feel its not going to be too chaotic by people and their behavior.

    I live in the countryside of Florida so there tends to be a lot of excessive over indulgence of alcohol and use of firearms in the area by the majority of the community so Im not sure what to expect. For example, my neighbor lights up fireworks when hes drunk at 2am and another neighbor shoots in the nearby woods for coons at night when hes wasted. Also, theres a guy who thinks hes a vampire on my street and hes already walking in the daylight wearing a trench coat so theres already odd behavior. 

    I just want to relax but I know its a big deal to everyone so Im trying not to focus on it too much. Maybe Ill watch a movie and check up on earths space weather and the NOAA website. 

    •  Try not to worry to much Sarah, There is eccentric people everywhere. Stay indoors and be at peace with the ones you love like any other day and you will be fine. The important thing is to remember we are all hoping for changes that will better humanity. I believe in the one conscious if enough people believe in something they can create it. be at peace and in love we are all hear to thrive and live together....

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