We must all remember that some questions people ask because they need to ask them. You yourself may have an easy time accepting one thing or another, but please try not to downplay someone else's attempts at learning another facet of this process. The worst answers some can give are to "not worry about it" or say what they're asking "doesn't matter" because this can be taken as a slight at their own curiosity. I am putting this out there for hopefully more to see.

Perhaps while you may know already that it is nothing to worry about another person has in their plan to look up information on the subject and learn from the experience/knowledge. Rather, contribute what you may or may not know on the subject if assistance or information is asked for, but don't question someone's reason for asking a question that they ask while pure in heart.

For example, in the recent post regarding Mayan Birthdays, it would be easy for someone who is not interested in such a thing to say "well this doesn't matter etc......" and may turn someone away from it. Personally, that would have been detrimental to me because I found my Mayan long count info (Yellow Resonant Sun represent!!! haha) to be very interesting, and in some ways a confirmation that I had been looking for.

I noticed this trend regarding some at the GFP (I will not name names) when they speak on matters. There is an air of elitism in some posts/responses/what is said on chats (I am sorry to say).  We must remember to remain humble. Though we may or may not know more than someone else about this process it does not make us elite or anything. Does the open window ridicule the lamp during the day because it can provide genuine light while the lamp can only temporarily provide fake light? No, one provides light during the day, one provides light during the night, and at times they work together. We must remember that no matter what qualifications (even if you are the 2nd coming of krishna himself) one may have, we are all equal and all going through this together.

Even if someone posts the (almost ridiculous at this point) question "are ETs real?" on this site, we must remember that there was a time, even if only for a flicker of a second before answering "yes", that we needed this question answered ourselves. So please, I know these are only my words, but see the light in everyone and try not to blow off questions you find easily answered at this point. Remember, not going back and re-answering old questions is how we got into this whole mess in the first place. Imagine if someone went back 20 years after Edison won out and said "you know....maybe we should try out this Tesla's inventions and see if they are safer" or "you know, maybe that peter (as opposed to paul, this example might be a little over the top lol) was on to something, maybe the gentiles shouldn't have to be taught that they have original sin".

Anyway, there's my little schpeel. I hope it made sense. These things don't really bother me, but there was a time that they did a while ago and if I can prevent/help the situation at all, I had to try. We must remember that as clear as it is to all of us, there is another 50+% of people who will not accept anything until there is a 10 foot tall big green guy standing in front of them saying "we come in peace" (a little attempt at humor but you know what I mean ;) haha.)

Love & Light

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  • Oh my goodness I like your style lol. Sincerely, am glad you are here. I read the work of an awesome lady who was very popular in her time as well as contraversial > I quote > I am unmoved by appearances so therefore appearances move. Adverse appearances work for my good. also " she shared this jewel , I am One with the undivided One therefore I am One with my undivided good. At first I felt well geesh that makes no sense lol. After considering that it was written  by a very humble an successful woman who simply desired to raise the confidence of others to a level in which they as well could acheive all and more even than she, I realized Ok confidence often comes off as seeming arrogant when its simply being confident. Kindness, humbleness, and a  sincere loving heart always allows us to step into infinite possibilities" Yagwah wi yoh "which is to say its All good. again ty for adding your light.  aka Earthbearwoman

  • High 5 to you too Christifer.  Sending love your way as well.

  • HI there christifer

    I agree whole heartedly with this, and quite rightly it must stop or a the very least control it…I’m new to this site and I have been treated ‘wrongly’ by some, all because I asked questions, simply wanting clarification on certain points.

    I’ve been called rude and impolite by Drekx even banned me from his discussion ‘for asking questions’ which he still refuses to answer. He and many others turn up on sites which are/have asked perfectly legitimate question or wanting info and hijacks them, instead of leaving them alone to their own devices, and when questions get too hot to handle he/ they start being off/iffy, condescending, judging and quite unfriendly.

    Honesty and interity is obviously an issue with some of these people, I will always ask for proof, especially if there are out landish claims being made, and I will always question, as it fundemental to any learning process.


    Ego..is most certainly rife amongst this site…love… is given but only if you agree with the status-quo.


    It is a great pity really….

    • There is a voice in the universe urging us to remember our purpose for being on this great Earth. This is the voice of inspiration, which is within each and every one of us.

                 DR WAYNE W.DYER very nice thoughtful statement…

       The paradoxal paradigm in all of this, our ‘light’ souls are in constant flux, but it is up to us all to manifest the changes we want to see. These changes won’t happen in an instant, although change can be accomplished peacefully. So whatever path you may choose to follow make your voice be heard and let its pure sound resonate on this day and the next until it becomes an orchestral master piece.

      The ‘lost’ will hear its haunting tune and gather in a mariad of pattern until they are a crowd of murmuring souls, the audience will still and listen to the tonefull discourse and slowly each one shall find their voice and begin to sing in absolute harmony.

      And as such the music of voice becomes louder and gathers more and more, the momentum of the truths and of unity are carried in the hearts and souls of every being. The fushion of this would be unstoppable, it would be a ‘life’ of its own.


      Truth is beauty, honesty and integrity is beauty within that truth; and this is truly beautiful.


      The thought manifests the word. The word expresses as the deed. The deed progresses into habit. And the habit strengthens into charater. So watch the thought and its ways with care.  Muse born out of concern for all beings great and small.

      • Respect and thank you for that, I always see the ‘light’ and I try to be fair and unbiased to others and their views.

  • Hello Christifer! I couldnt agree more...

    for the same reasons you mentioned ("elite" ...) i decided that i dont want to comment anything for a while... 

    I think this site needs that post you just did, thanks!


  •  sometimes text can be hard to decipher, when it comes to judging if they are coming from  egotistical place or not. unless they just flat out say it doesn't matter  bug off.  lol  I ask questions and I also feel I am a person of leaning, but we are human and don't know everything, and if we don't ask how can we know, other than meditate on it. :) what I am saying is don't judge to quickly, always give a benefit of the doubt.

      Nothing is more embarrassing that misunderstanding.

  • Look at my profile if you wish to 'friend' me, as I have not yet asked anyone, just seeing how it goes.  I had a couple of friend requests when I first arrived, one I questioned about something sent to me which had a subliminal message (I wasn't the only one to notice) which felt wrong, and haven't heard from since, so that said it all!  

    In any case, welcome and thanks for the reminder, being relatively new to this myself!

  • Hi,

    Beautifully placed words ...

    I like it ... But I will also urge to come out with whatever a person has to say as that will give rise to debating and more information will flow out ... But I suggest that it should be done in a very humble way.

    Let Love, Light and Divinity fill us ALL ...............

  • Well said Christifer. Namaste.

This reply was deleted.

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