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I just wanna share a quick thought with you guys.

I been thinking alot, about what goes on here on this site, from the so called true believers. And, in alot of ways, it's worse than a religion. Religions today at least, maybe not 100, or 1000 years ago....but alot of churches today, are filled with more enlightened people, than alot of new age spiritual sites I go to.

I've been to alot of churches.....I've been to Catholic churches, Mosques, Jehovah Witness churches, Mormon churches....and I'll tell you, no where have I felt more accepted, and valued....I've never been to a place with such a spirit of friendship and brotherhood, love and a church. Every church I've been in, people were warm, and friendly...hospitable...they treated me with the upmost respect and kindness.....even though they knew....and here's the kicker......even though they knew I wasn't in their religion, or didn't really believe in it. They knew I was just visiting, as an observer, and had no real desire to join the church.....but they still welcomed me with open arms, and treated me like a human being.

And the spirit was wasn't a front, or pretending, or political correctness, like I see alot here. It was a genuine spirit of brotherhood and acceptance, even of someone who didn't agree or believe in the tenets of the church.

I've never experienced such a genuine spirituality, like when I've visited churches. Despite what they believed, I understood the heart of it....these were people, who believed in God and goodness....and were there together, as a united express and share their love for God. Nevermind the creeds I didn't agree with, or the beliefs I thought were even silly....I understood what the heart of it was, it was a genuine gathering of people wanting to have an outlet for their spirituality.

And this is what this site is, or is supposed to be. People, who have a genuine spirituality...getting together, to share with each other and express themselves and their spirituality. It's not a, believe what we believe, or get shunned. Alot of people here could learn from a church....about acceptance and openness to people different than you.

And I've had my moments of getting upset at someone, but it never lasts for me. I forgive easy....and tomorrows another day, a day to start fresh and clean. The only problem I have really, is people who don't change....who still act the exact same way everyday, they don't take a look in the mirror and look at themselves. They think they're too good for that, or they feel like they rather hold a grudge, and a vendetta. You don't need to do that. We won't agree on everything, ever. And it's okay if people disagree, even challenge you. You don't have to hold a grudge, and make them your enemy...and seek to tear them down, whenever you see a chance.

And there's a few people I can name here who do that, I won't name them, but you know who you are. Who hold grudges, and seek to tear people down. You don't need to do that. If someone doesn't believe what you believe, and even after deliberations, they still don't believe...well that's their right. They should be free to do that, without being hounded. And if people challenge you and your beliefs...or mock you because you don't believe in's okay....move on. There's no real need to hold a grudge, it's only making your life worse. How people treat you is their responsibility, it's their karma. How you react to it, is yours. Try to keep that in mind.

So in that sense, we could learn alot from a church. Who have visitors, and disagreers, I've been to churches and had many debates with people there, even elders....where I totally disagreed with them. But...they still accepted me...and welcomed me, and treated me like a human being, not like some enemy, or someone below them. So think about that....folks....and let's make this site into the true spiritual site it's supposed to be.

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Okay...I explained already. I guess you don't believe the explanation...well fine..but it's the truth. I mean again, I was 8 years old lol This isn't something I was thinking deeply about anyways. I was too busy playing with my toys, okay lol I wasn't sitting around, wondering if there were ghosts, or what God was.

I'd hear people tell ghost stories, I was pretty skeptical about them, you can even say I was a huge skeptic.....but I wasn't a complete skeptic, I didn't say no it's not real....I left it open, I sort of believed in the idea, I kind of felt somewhere deep down it was real.....and then I experienced it...and like I said, there's no turning back after that.

So that's how it went. There's again, the explanation. If it's not good for you...well I don't know what else to say. But you grasp at straws. This is probably the only thing you have to use, you said you were a skeptic but weren' contradict yourself. No I don't. Is that clear now, do you get what I'm trying to say? So let it go. We can be friends, without the need for this. I don't go to you and point out all the things you said, 3 years ago, that were wrong. Why would I do that. I don't understand why you do this for, is it really that important to you, to prove me wrong?

Seriously, John are your comprehension skills that poor, or are you again knowingly being dishonest?

I told you that I am entirely focused on those 2 statements you made that contradict each other. I don't care what you supposedly really meant. All I asked you to do was acknowledge that they are contradictions. That is it. You can admit they are contradictions and still keep your explanation of whether you were or weren't a skeptic before the "haunted house".

Trust me, I was a huge ______

Im passed the point of being ________, well I never was a(n) _______.
Isn't it true that I can insert any word in those blanks and those two statements would contradict each other? Wouldn't matter who said it, or what they meant, they are still contradictions. Right?
"You're not getting me to admit anything, so stop trying."
That is really not helping your case of constantly evolving and improving yourself.

Straws man, grasping at straws lol They may seem contradictory, when you first read them....but then when you read the explanation, it makes perfect sense. So....that's it. Why would I have something to own up to, how is that putting my foot in my mouth, how does that somehow get me. It doesn't get me. No foot in the mouth lol It makes perfect sense.

Sorry'll eventually have to admit, you have nothing....and all these attempts to try and discredit me, failed.

You either contradicted yourself, or you didn't mean what you said when you made one or both of those statements.

You were either dishonest or didn't know what you were talking about at the time. Which one is it?

No, I just didn't explain myself clearly enough. That's really all it was. But I did explain it, for you...alot of times, including just before. So why is this even still an issue, do you not understand the explanation.

How many times do I have to tell you? Your explanation is irrelevant as to whether or not your statements contradict each other.

Being a huge skeptic and never being a skeptic before the haunted house are 2 completely opposite things.

If you are going to go with the excuse that you didn't explain things well enough, then I guess your abilities to explain things were pretty piss poor back then weren't they! lol Can you at least own up to that?

It's alright Shaz, but thanks lol They're free to comment, whatever they matter how ridiculous it is lol Okay, you didn't contradict yourself really...but at least admit the words seemed to contradict lol I mean really.

Ah, to be young and naive again. such bliss. To believe in magic, that anything is possible. . Wait on that sounds like the spiritual movement. 

Have you considered that John has asked the same questions of himself, with t a similar objectivity and come to his conclusions? It is not inconceivable we have all asked these questions of ourselves since we are on this site. 

I infuse my every decision and action with the intention of greater love.

Yea, there's a reason we believe in this stuff. And it's not because we're dumb, I know I'm not dumb, and there's alot of real smart people here, and in other new age communities. We're not as naive as some people think, at least I'm not.

I think we believe because we see things, that they don't, we have insights and realizations, that they don't. They just want proof this and proof that...and there's enough proof...but it's not always about physical proof, some things are just known and I realize how important spirituality is. All this love and light stuff, it's true....I've had my own realizations of it, and it was grassroots, it wasn't...overlaying a belief or an image. It was real.

I know there's a spiritual side to life....I know God is's something you realize in your heart. You can't measure it or test it in a lab really...but it's there. And no one will ever convince me otherwise. One of these days they'll realize it too.

we see the same things too, we just arent naive enough to say we know what something is when we dont.

a christian and a roman witness the same event one ssays its god the other says it is mars, who is right,

in your tiny mind you think you are the one who is right when you cannt explain the thing you seen.  and when you cannot explain it to others you blame them rather than yourself for not being able to explain something you "know" is true.

everty culture on earth has "ghost" stories, and every culture has completely different explanations for what they are and how they come to be.  the reason there are different OPINIONS on these things is because they are NOT proven YET, the world is round you cannt debate that because we proved what it is, you may very well be right and there could be the god you believe in, however your "proof" that you have for you are not actual proofs, because a proof is designed to make those who do not believe actually understand what they are looking at.

if someone said the world is flat you show them a piucture of it from space.  they cannot deny that.  if someone says there is no god, you need to be able to produce god the being if you cannot then you are not going to convice the "non-believer" that there is a god.  for you the fact that there are trees may be good enough.  for the other billions here on earth they require more to believe YOUR belief. 

it is totally fine that you believe whatever you want, it is not acceptable for you to attack others like they are fools for not believing something you cannot prove.

my personal beliefs dont stand up to logic.  which is why they are personal beliefs and not something i go around telling people they are idiots for not believing

you attmept here agin your sad petty two faced b*******.  trying to agree with me and then attack me then sing it with love and light.

your bull is the same old same old.

why dont you go join the army again, then you can kill those who use "hegelian dialectic" or are"satanists" or are "athiests" or whatever other names you use to separate people into groups you think are less than you.

that sad thing is YOU become less of a human when you label all these people and attack them for YOUR imagined "labels"

those cavemen got it wrong, the moon is not a god, they required no proof, went on faith and were wrong.

because they didnt/couldnt investigate properly.  which is why you fit in nicely with thier mentality since we already established that you are of the h*** neanderthalus genus.

i will never share my beliefs with you.  i will also not share my beliefs publically, because my beliefs and not necessarily the truth.  unlike you i dont piss in the pond.



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