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I just wanna share a quick thought with you guys.

I been thinking alot, about what goes on here on this site, from the so called true believers. And, in alot of ways, it's worse than a religion. Religions today at least, maybe not 100, or 1000 years ago....but alot of churches today, are filled with more enlightened people, than alot of new age spiritual sites I go to.

I've been to alot of churches.....I've been to Catholic churches, Mosques, Jehovah Witness churches, Mormon churches....and I'll tell you, no where have I felt more accepted, and valued....I've never been to a place with such a spirit of friendship and brotherhood, love and a church. Every church I've been in, people were warm, and friendly...hospitable...they treated me with the upmost respect and kindness.....even though they knew....and here's the kicker......even though they knew I wasn't in their religion, or didn't really believe in it. They knew I was just visiting, as an observer, and had no real desire to join the church.....but they still welcomed me with open arms, and treated me like a human being.

And the spirit was wasn't a front, or pretending, or political correctness, like I see alot here. It was a genuine spirit of brotherhood and acceptance, even of someone who didn't agree or believe in the tenets of the church.

I've never experienced such a genuine spirituality, like when I've visited churches. Despite what they believed, I understood the heart of it....these were people, who believed in God and goodness....and were there together, as a united express and share their love for God. Nevermind the creeds I didn't agree with, or the beliefs I thought were even silly....I understood what the heart of it was, it was a genuine gathering of people wanting to have an outlet for their spirituality.

And this is what this site is, or is supposed to be. People, who have a genuine spirituality...getting together, to share with each other and express themselves and their spirituality. It's not a, believe what we believe, or get shunned. Alot of people here could learn from a church....about acceptance and openness to people different than you.

And I've had my moments of getting upset at someone, but it never lasts for me. I forgive easy....and tomorrows another day, a day to start fresh and clean. The only problem I have really, is people who don't change....who still act the exact same way everyday, they don't take a look in the mirror and look at themselves. They think they're too good for that, or they feel like they rather hold a grudge, and a vendetta. You don't need to do that. We won't agree on everything, ever. And it's okay if people disagree, even challenge you. You don't have to hold a grudge, and make them your enemy...and seek to tear them down, whenever you see a chance.

And there's a few people I can name here who do that, I won't name them, but you know who you are. Who hold grudges, and seek to tear people down. You don't need to do that. If someone doesn't believe what you believe, and even after deliberations, they still don't believe...well that's their right. They should be free to do that, without being hounded. And if people challenge you and your beliefs...or mock you because you don't believe in's okay....move on. There's no real need to hold a grudge, it's only making your life worse. How people treat you is their responsibility, it's their karma. How you react to it, is yours. Try to keep that in mind.

So in that sense, we could learn alot from a church. Who have visitors, and disagreers, I've been to churches and had many debates with people there, even elders....where I totally disagreed with them. But...they still accepted me...and welcomed me, and treated me like a human being, not like some enemy, or someone below them. So think about that....folks....and let's make this site into the true spiritual site it's supposed to be.

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Well...what can I tell you. I asked you to make a made a list...I answered them for you...and that wasn't good enough for you. So, there really is no point. You just think there was a contradiction, when there wasn't any. There's nothing to own up to. I'll admit, my attitude wasn't great. But that's it, I didn't lie about anything, or make a contradiction.

thumbs up GCC

Dear John, The way you deal with people that desire the win is thus, You say

Congatulations you win.

Because it is not truth thay are after, it is a sociopathic behaviour. It is like a dog fighting to be the alpha male. There is no rhyme or reason to it. Just give them what they want, And let them be the winners of nothing.

And you keep earning your win win.

I infuse my every decision and action with the intention of greater love.

people on here have a penchant for the past, or the future. They seem to miss the moment unfortunately.

Thats logic and objectivity for you. Without the discernment of heart.

who me? i wouldnt have checked it anyways because i couldnt really care any less about what john did in his past.

but you are right about how he speak with others here.

I talked to the missionaries, every 2 or 3 days, for like 7 months....and we debated about everything. And obviously I didn't believe everything they said, I didn't even believe in the law of chastity lol We debated about evolution too, which I defended....and most religious people today don't deny evolution, they just say, well it's not exactly how the science teaches it. And clearly science is missing the ball on alot when it comes to evolution. We debated on alot of things, and disagreed on alot...but....that doesn't mean we weren't friends....just because we disagreed about alot, there was no bad blood at fact I loved them, we had a brotherhood going. We even called ourselves the brotherhood lol

And don't give me this, I'm just being objective, routine. That's not what you're being at all, any real objective person, in your shoes, would say "I don't know". That's the real truth. You don't do that though, you take a very subjective and biased stance, by saying, no, it's not real, it's "b******* beliefs". That's not objective at all. How is that in any way objective.

For me, well I know better, I've already experienced the spirits and the paranormal, I know there's an afterlife, I've lived in houses with spirits in it, I know there's more to life than we see, there's higher purposes, higher realities. There has to be. No real intelligent person could think, we're just pieces of flesh and meat, which just happened to form itself somehow over time, life has no real purpose, you come from nothing, you're born once, you live once, then you die, and go back to real intelligent person with a philosophical mind would think that.

No intelligent person would believe in atheism, and it is a belief, even your buddy George Carlin admitted yes atheism is a belief. You just believe there's no God period. Doesn't matter if it makes no sense, you'll believe it. Well you know, I can't help you. One day you'll learn, I know you will....and you'll have to acknowledge, basically all your beliefs....from God, to love, to marriage....the paranormal and supernatural....the idea that humanity are just vermin....that was all false. It was an illusion, based on faulty logic, and you'll wonder how could've I believed that. I know that'll happen....I'll even bet money on it lol

What is so wrong with owning up to past intellectual dishonesty?

I am quite happy to admit that I was stupid and naive for believing the lies that I did as a kid, because I didn't know any better at the time.

For somebody who claims to have grown up and changed so much, you sure are pretty resistant to admit that you were ever wrong at one point.

But I wasn't being dishonest, GCC. Really. That's just the truth, I don't know what else to tell you. You just misinterpreted it, or I didn't make it clear for you. If I did lie, which I don't lie by the way, I'm all about honesty and keeping it real and true....if I did lie though, I would say so. I didn't lie...I wasn't being dishonest...I told you how it was, period. Okay. You're carrying this around, going on my blogs, trying to get me to own up to something, that isn't there. It just plain isn't there. So hopefully you'll drop this, once and for all....

You were never dishonest, there is nothing for you to own up, you never contradicted yourself? You can't be serious.

"Trust me, I was a huge skeptic too before I experienced it, now theres no turning back."

"Im passed the point of being skeptical, well I never was a skeptic. Because I knew in my heart all along it was a reality."

Do you honestly expect anyone with half a brain to not see that those two statements blatantly contradict each other?

And I suppose you are going to tell that starting on page 6 of the comments on that video you didn't quote mine Darwin's On The Origin Origin of Species in reference to the evolution of the eye and then throw a temper tantrum like a 2 year old when people called you out on your b*******?

These things are in the past, John. If you were really true to "evolving" throughout your life, you would admit to these past mistakes. Why can't you do that?

i admitted i made a mistake about your list thing and he still hast responded to me admitting i was wrong after he said we never admit we were wrong.  i have been on this kid since i came to this site for stuff like this he hasnt changed one iota.


people never change they only become more of who they are.

Look, I don't care lol I already explained this to you before, GCC. What I meant was, I wasn't a full blown skeptic, like you....but I always was a bit skeptical, I didn't know what to believe. I was like 8 years old, I didn't even think about it really lol But then I experienced it, I believe. That's what I meant. If you don't accept that, too bad for you.

But let me say it again, I don't care. To play this stupid game with you. You're not getting me to admit anything, so stop trying. All you come here to do is, oh admit you're wrong, admit you're dishonest....about something you said 3 years ago....get over it man. Don't you have anything better to do. I'm sick of this little vendetta you have, get over make yourself look pathetic, and I'm serious about that.

Yeah, you don't care so much so that you spent so much time trying to avoid owning up to your b*******! lol

So saying that you don't care is just another pathetic attempt to weasel out of admitting you were wrong.

As far as being stuck on something in the past, the reason I brought this whole thing up again is in response to your claim of how much you have supposedly grown and changed which it is apparent to me you haven't.

Believe me, it is a victory for me, not you, every post that you refuse to acknowledge the evidence that I have copied and pasted for you several times.



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