What the Soul Can Do

So I think I'm going to try to make a post/discussion, I hope none of you mind. There might be times when I run out of things to talk about, so feel free to PM me suggestions if you so feel the need to.

Anyways, this one isn't necessarily something I remember doing in its entirety, but I've only ever gotten fragments of it. Well, how should I even start this off? I guess I'll start by mentioning that I don't have a soul. To clarify, I don't have a complete soul. I think the approximate estimation is that I have 1/11th of a soul.

I suppose I should start with what exactly a soul is. A soul is the compact energy within you that holds your memories, desires, qualities, etc. Or at least that's how I define it as. Souls are created by... Actually I probably shouldn't step into that realm just yet, I'll have to save it for another blog, because the origin of souls defies most things that we suspect within the spirit world/physical world. It's not from a Divine Being from what I know. I hope that made sense, it probably didn't. I really feel all over the place when I write these blogs.

Anyways, I have 1/11th of a soul because in one of my past lives, I think it's the past life that I can recall the farthest, I used my entire soul's properties and energy to create a miracle. I'm not sure if I should explain what that miracle was, because it's rather silly/odd and it might warrant a blog of its own. In fact, I shouldn't exist right now but I guess I lucked out in the past.

The whole point of this blog is to basically explain just how powerful a soul is. I think I failed to do that and I may have just shared vague pieces of information today. I apologize for doing that. It might be due to the fact that today was a rather eventful day for me so I'm having trouble formulating proper thoughts. Maybe I'll rewrite this later. Ah, should I even post this? Well, why not.

Your soul is a powerful thing, both as a weapon, a catalyst, a healer, and what have thee. Every single soul is special in its own right, and each one is capable of different shenanigans, whether it be exodus or genesis. If any of you find yourself in a pinch with nothing better to resort to, you all have a ticking quantum bullet that's yourself. Souls create Miracles.

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  • ...Lol.....:)......<3.............

    • Is this a good thing?

  • I've read a few of your posts / threads and it seems you are an active experiencer of various realms but I also get a strong sense that you're fragmented as well.  You could gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the bigger picture by coming into your greater whole by reclaiming those fragments and releasing that which is not you.  Often we pick up pieces that aren't us in order to fill the void.  There is no quick fix for this but you will discover so much more about yourself and the dynamics of the soul through this journey of deep self discovery and reclamation, 

    • They're fragmented because most of the information I've shared was things I've discovered 2+ years ago, so right now my understanding of them is a bit hazy. I'll recall more properly the more I write.

  • I look forward to you adding another Blog about how you feel souls are formed or from what.  Promise me, you have piqued my interest for sure.  I like and agree with your last paragraph.  We are far more powerful than we give ourselves credit for.  I think that over the millennia we have been robbed of our knowledge about the soul on purpose and systematically because if we realized how much we can create and how powerful we can be, then we would be difficult to control for those whose mission is to control us for their own insidious reasons. 

    • I'll get on that blog soon! I might do it today in the afternoon which is usually the time when I'm least busy. I spent about 2 days straight with no sleep trying to research the metabiology of souls.

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