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There is so much going around about what is going to happen this year. Comets hitting,Nibiru coming back,martial law here in the US, the list goes on and on. All i have to say is every year it seams like the world is going to end......and life goes on. I have researched many of these things and can tell you i don't know whats going to happen.What i can tell you is i think the world is going through wild times. Man kind is awakening and people are connecting around the world, and that to me is very beautiful. Some if not all these "bad" things might happen, but i try to live my life the best i can from day to day.Enjoy each day.Most of man kind lives in fear and a lot of the things they fear may be valid to them, i just choose not to be fearful of anything. I know what i truly am,  I AM a Infinite Being of Love and Light. I just ask you all to please don't live your life in fear, live every day as it is very special. We are here to help each other,connect, and grow together. Please post what you want here to share with every one, i will not delete any post.

 I give my love to you all and my light shines for you all

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Well you can read my posts about it here and on my september events forum. Lucifer opens the IXXI door. Not sure what that means, but I find myself in competition with a psychopath who apparantly has never seen a sunrise or sunset. If he becomes the capstone I will be personally offended. My solution for humanity was to turn the pyramid upside down.



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