What's going on?

I feel compelled to say a few things.

I am not a man of letters.  I have been a poor man all my life.  Consequently I have lived a rather hard life.  I have had several occupations and many different jobs.  I currently live in a hotel room in San Francisco.  I have lived here for 21 years.  I'm 73 years of age and still able to get around.

This world is very obviously controlled by an organization called the Cabal, Illuminati, Sinister Secret Government, etc.  The elite of this Planet obviously wish to capitalize on the poor people.  Why are we still using internal combustion automobiles and passenger jets which badly pollute our Planet.  Zero Point Energy is already a fact.  We have antigravity, teleportation, and time travel.  Just ask them at the Skunk Works.  Science is completely suppressed.  Any invention of any consequence is suppressed and made secret.  The idea being the common consumer cannot be trusted.  Maybe they can't.

Maybe this is so because it is becoming more and more evident earth is the dumping ground for genetic experimentation.  We are already hybrids from off planet, but something has happened to our DNA.  What ever happened to our 12 and 22 strand DNA.  It has been excised.

How many religions do we have, and how many people are still fighting over who is right?  Everybody else must be wrong.  For there are only two choices, right?  Remember the old saying there are only two kinds of people in this world, those who divide this world into two kinds of people, and those who don't.

I suppose it could be said all we have to do is wait for another 18 years, or 35 years, or by 2200 things will start to get better.  

I have taken my share of LSD, Psilocybin, Mescaline, Peyote, DMT and I am well aware my body, mind, brain and consciousness is not all there is.  I have an eternal soul, and am an eternal being.  I have had 1197 incarnations on earth.  Yes I have had out of body experiences.  This was in the l960's.  During the l990's I experienced the global explosion of psychic trance channeling, which by the way is totally suppressed in religious, scientific and academic circles.  I suppose suppressed is the wrong word.  There is no such thing as UFOs, right.  Now I'm being sarcastic.  But you get my point.  Indigenous people have been experiencing shamans, healers, magic and supernatural revelations for countless centuries.  

We have more than 200 languages, try 6500 spoken languages.  It is quite obvious to me a so called higher education means great specialization to the exclusion of many other disciplines and worlds of knowledge.

It appears to me we are on the verge of meeting some of our off planet neighbors.  It came as a great shock to me to find out Interplanetary beings are at war.  Does warfare stop at the 4th or 5th Dimension?  It is a cinch this Planet is not in the 5th Dimension.  However, the dimensions and alternate realities are inside and outside our awareness.

My time is short, I have only a few more years to live before I come back as a baby, and have to spend 22 years to become an adult, and forget everything I have learned in all of my lifetimes.  So I am writing this, opening my big mouth without any particular claim to intelligence or understanding.

I was divorced 21 years ago, and have lived in utter isolation in the center of San Francisco ever since.  The few friends I have been able to make all moved away:  Los Angeles, New York, Germany. . . .I live in great isolation in an 11 room hotel.

I write experimental music.  I create experimental abstracts on Youtube.  No one likes my music or my abstracts.  I take photographs, so what.  I have one correspondent in Kamloops, British Columbia, my cousin who is also 73, because I was born in Vernon, British Columbia, but left when I was 11 years of age, and have lived in the San Francisco Bay area ever since.

I am neither bragging nor complaining.  When Pepper Lewis was channeling the sentience of Gaia (she is now retired from public channeling), Gaia once explained there will come a time in the history of earth when the major powers form a globally enforceable treaty to prevent planetary aggression and colonization.  Hasn't happened yet.  May not happen in what is left of my lifetime, but I expect it will eventually come to pass.  Our frequency must go up considerably before such a thing could come to pass.  I feel a huge amount of compassion for humanity for humans continue to do such 

violent acts because they are either mind controlled or they honestly see no other alternative.

Beware of holographic inserts so said some wise Pleiadian.  Mind control is the only game in town.  Ask the advertising industry.  Ask the education system.  Ask the Illuminati.  What are all those abandoned buildings on the moon?  Who lives in the hollow moon?  Who lives in the hollow earth?

All of these things we are not permitted to know.  For what good would it do if we did know.  As the bully on the corner says: "What are you going to do about it?" Probably keep on meditating until I die.

I see the earth, the global community doing all they can to get it together, but they can't because of the nature of dualism.  What is a singularity?  It is not an experience in dualism.  Duality is a tool.  It does not describe our inner state of being.  San Francisco is known as a transient City.  I go down to the Financial District for a cup of coffee and listen to the businessmen talk about tricking people--and they do!

Once, more than 30 years ago I remember some wise person saying, "There is nothing we can do about the Secret Governments until the year 2010.  By then enough people will come to understand these secret governments are completely outnumbered, and will expose the truth to the world's population.  Well it's 2014 and it hasn't happened yet.  Might happen in 18 years or 35 years or by the year 2200 or . . . .

So what attracted me to the Ashtar Command is they are actually in all seriousness talking about some sort of awakening and possible interaction with peaceful beings from across our Galaxy, or maybe even from the inner planes IN THE NEXT TWO (2) YEARS.  Thats by the end of the year 2016.

Over and out.  Love you all,

Gary Michael Graves


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  • This is the basis of our existence as multi-dimensional beings.  whew!

    Love, Light and zero-point to one and All.  Gary Michael

  • I'm a big fan of movies! Since 2008, 90% of Hollywood movies has E.T's and shadow governments somehow involved in it. Super 8, cowboys and aliens, the day the earth stood still, battleship, the green lantern, superman the man of steel, guardians of the galaxy, planet 51, mars need moms, the escape from planet earth, the race to witch mountain, Thor, Avengers, the campaign, the lego movie. Paul, promotheus(they actually go to space because they find paintings in a cave that shows flying discs from the pre historic times, like how more obvious can it get?) the worlds end ( bunch of guys go from bar to bar to drink beer, than they end up in a place were a alien voice tells them about the hidden potential of humans and that we are in quarantine due to our violent behavior, pretty bizarre and absurd, I know), the TV show "V"/visitors, were spaceships hover over major cities all over the world offering peace and technology but are in fact reptiles hidden as benevolent humanoids .. I could go on. One thing the movies share in common is that the aliens either are influencing the government or trying to help. Most movies have a shadow governments directly shown as corporations, like oscorp in spider man or luthorcorp in superman or take the Lorax for instance were the mayor wants to bottle up air and sell it to everyone and everyone is forbidden to leave the city...or white house down, were the vice president is arrested in the end for setting up the whole shabang..The they're alive is from the 80's..this dude puts on some glasses and he can see the world for what it really is, the subliminal messages behind commercials, ads, newspapers..he sees humans as zombies and cops as dogs of the illuminati..and this is from the 80's..thats just weird..not to mention limitless were he takes the pill and can use 100%  brain capacity..or the upcoming movie lucy, were a girl is forced to smuggle drugs for a cartel, the drug explodes inside her stomach, altering her chemical chemistry or what ever, resulting in her accessing 100% brain power..

    I could write a whole post on this subject. But I sincerely believe that those who control hollywood control our reality and how we adjust our attitude towards perceiving reality and the money streaming into hollywood is directly from huge corporations and I truly believe that "disclosure" has happened through very obvious subliminal messaging in movies like the ones mentioned above...I mean it doesn't get more obvious. Over and over they give out movies that show the same, people living a sheep life, an average joe believing he is nobody, get contact with a powerful being from another world and somehow finds out that he himself has all the power he needs within. Take the green lantern movie for example with Ryan Reynolds..when he gets to the planet were all the lanterns are, one of them tells him that he is the first human ever to join the lantern squad and that no human had ever joined them before because of our current quarantine (and the lantern squad are species from the entire universe coming together and defending the galaxies against the evil and mighty power of fear which is represented as a yellow, black energy being..)

    The escape from planet earth is an animation movie were two alien brothers are hero explorers on their home planet, than one of the brothers decide to visit earth which is known as the dark place were no explorer gets out. long story short, he gets caught by CIA, gets transported to area 51 and he finds out that there are a bunch of aliens being kept prisoners there and forced to invent brilliant inventions for the government to brand and sell. The lego movie, again the same...a society were everyone lives by rules and routines, how to say hi, how to eat, what to eat etc..than our guy meets a "master builder" which can build anything, create anything from nothing in seconds because of her brainpower and creativity and the master builders have come because the worlds creativity is threatened by master corporations and they show that the corporations use the police as their personal bodyguard..and this is a lego movie for god sakes...or the new cosmos series with Neil DeGrasse Tyson..in episode 13, he encourages people to stand up against authority just like many before us and that we should keep an open mind...

    I think its up to each and everyone to "ascend", to get off the wheel of reincarnation and to maybe get contact. Or maybe they are just giving us a preview of the revealing to come, either way..disclosure have happened, it's right in front of us, through documentaries like the inside job and four horsemen, its not like nothing have happened since 2012. allot of change have happened, allot of arrests and prosecutions...Sarkozy got arrested, Berlusconi got arrested, allot of internal power struggle in the Iranian elite, The Ukranian prime minister fled, we got the arab spring, which actually started with Iran in 2009 (the green movement), the sowden case, wikilieaks and assange,  watch the interview with the writer and director of wolf of wall street, they literally made the movie just to show how the system is working and that its an ongoing process even today. I think people know, everybody knows about the shadow government, but people just don't know what to do...therefor, each realizes the only thing they can do is to change themselves...It doesn't matter if the cabal wants to keep things a secret, if its meant to be revealed it will in eventually be. I've read Dr. Eben Alexanders proof of heaven and he said in his book that when in "heaven" he was shown that 99.9% of the universe is love and that 0.1% is evil, scattered all over the universe  so that free will can exist, for it would not have existed without a little evil...and 99.9% love vs 0.1% evil..who's gonna win eventually? I seriously give it til 2020. Even if people were dumb enough to still live like this, the world would run out of oil by 2050..and we would either way have to change. There is no way getting around this, the event WILL happen in this decade..(i'm truly sorry for all my misspellings and typos..I didn't care enough to write it correctly.

    • I'm not sure about the reincarnation wheel.  I think I'm here because I want to be.

      Thanks for all your energy and strong feelings.

      Love and Light,

      Gary Michael

  • Feather, 

    Most likely you won't see me around.  I'm still looking for a definition or understanding 0 Point relative to the heart.  What did you mean by this reference?

    Thanks, love, Gary Michael

  • Hi Michael, pleased to hear from you. I enjoyed reading your post and have been asking the same questions for some time, myself. Sorry that i don't have a bunch of answers for you. Interesting times and like that corner bully says: "What are you going to do about it"?

    About 8 or 10 years ago, some lady caller on "coast-to-coast AM" radio show said she was visited by Thomas Jefferson (the original Founding Father one) in a lucid dream and he said to her that "the second American Revolution was over due".

    I think it is ongoing and hidden behind the scenes as a unreported, internal civil war while most of the population remains asleep and ignorant. We hear of the casualties having "accidents" and dying from "natural causes" on a nearly daily basis.

    I'm 10 years younger than you and weary of the BS, too, but I'm not bored, just tired of the world being buried under lies.

    • Yes!  me too.

      I see your musical instruments hanging on the wall.  For me it is part of my meditation--to practice what I am still unable to play.  I have been working at the classic guitar for 40 years and still can't play the stupid thing.  Remember the ad, "Play guitar in two weeks or your money back." See what I mean about definitions?

      At any rate, the world as a global situation appears to changing as fast as it can.  If a singularity occurs, or say the off planet beings suddenly "show up" either way we would be put on instant overload.  I'm not exactly looking for something which flings me into out of control.  But still I hear too many businessmen in San Francisco talking about tricking people, and one look at the advertising industry and we know we are being used.  Still I have great hope for the future.  It's just that I'm on the edge of fed up.  So suddenly I'm typing a bunch of emails addressed to people I will never meet.  I do this because I have looked for 21 years to find someone in San Francisco who has time to talk to me.  No one does.  Only on the cell phone, and I no longer own one of those.

      Over and out, thanks much for your lines,


      Gary Michael

      • I played nothing but my classical guitar for the first ten years, but then I finally got a Fender.  You might try one and a small vox amp like a vt20+.  light strings,  good theory book:  Harmony and Theory by Kieth Wyatt & Carl Schroeder, published by Hal Leonard.  Work through it a few pages at a time and it may open some doors for you and your guitar. 

           I never have had a cell phone... yet...

           I found that people in Alaska almost always have time to talk and appreciate others.  Different than big, busy cities.  Nice place to get some fresh air, and the mind clears where nature is still dominate.  Just don't think you can walk off into the bush like Davy Crockett and survive.  Odds aren't in any greenhorn's favor in the wild. 

  • hi  Gary.

    i enjoyed reading your post of how you see life as energy, me too.

    i can't say that i remember my past life on earth, but i do remember my birth, don't know why.

    i must say it is nice to read real insight of our e.s.p. range, which brings up our new bio-atomic magnetic frequency of all of earth is now manifesting: in the range of 12hz frequency range, rather than the past 29000 being in the range of the  7.83hz of the Schumann's resonance. is there an awakening when the 12 codes MIGHT engage again due to the new energy hitting us like the photon belt, this to me is a big deal, i am already getting more e.s.p. coming on. and i hope yes we do ready need help from our e.t. families especially with the elite in power who are not nice to mankind. i am 63 yrs old.

    blessings to all of us for we are all one   

    • rsolar,

      Thanks for the reply.  It seems I have looked frantically for any evidence we are in fact moving toward a grand shift, a singularity--all these words which different things to different people.  It does appear the computer age is leading the way, even to go so far as to say we exist in a computer dream.  I don't believe this, but certainly the number the influences in our is increasing, rapidly. . .I was going to say exponentially, but not yet.  Rapidly is where I am at this point.  Part of the problem is everyone has their own definitions for the same words, and even if we look it up in a dictionary we say my understanding of that word is slightly different.  I will always remember Gaia's comment: "The Illuminati appear to be doing a good job." For who?

      Love and Light,

      Gary Michael

  • You're 73? You look great!

This reply was deleted.

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