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Hi my brothers and sisters with much love and light,


Ok as you can see in the title what is your thought of religions and is there any truth in them at all, like is islam the most trueful one and just asking because people are talking about it at work and that if you don't follow it, they say when I died that my soul will not go from my grave and I know that this will not happen.


Because I know that god etc prime creater is all loving no matter if we are positive or negetive beings.


Anyway please do reply back and I will be telling a life story of who I am as a person and in my next discussion.


Much love always





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dear Toma,i hope you dont mind me calling uyou that for short,you are a blessed soul,you remind me so much of one of my grand-sons whos name is nathan,he turns 21 this year,and such a very wise young man indeed,a CRYSTAL SOUL HE IS,and we get along and resonate sooo well with each other,you and him both blessed souls indeed,love,light,blessigs eve(solaena)
and as a footnote,CRYSTAL SOULS, are the fore0runners from the WAY-SHOWERS of the INDIGOS,or some were called another name once,the gemini creations,blessings eve(solaena)
i must agree with you on this one blessings eve(solaena)
Totally agree with Toma.  Religion is manmade, that is an undeniable fact.  Spirituality comes from deep within.  The wool has been pulled over our eyes but the veil has thinned for so many now.
I have lost my "faith" as I have looked and noticed that "IN THE NAME OF GOD" Christians, Jews, Buddhists, name it or them have invoked wars, famines, malicious lies and deliberate falsehoods as they twist people in this direction or that.  I am disillusioned with the Bible as I see that it was used to fabricate tall tales used in the manipulation of man, century after century for 2000 years.  I think there is truth in that Jesus is also the soul known as Sananda.  He is a commander with Ashtar.  He is coming but not to save us but to help us cross from 3D to 5D.  Some would consider that to be "saving" someone, but it is all a matter of how you observe it.  I just stick to what my grandpa said in 1970 when he made contact with me on the astral plane.  I was 16 and had never been around death or dying before.  He came to me when he was still alive and in a medically induced coma... the whole family was acting like he would just get better and that would be it.  He told me that he was going to die and he came to me because I just did not know.  Here I was, just 16 and the only one in a great big family that knew!  I remember that in our conversation on a "cloud" that we also talked of religion.  He had been studying them all but even the family did not realize the depth of that knowledge so he told me he had many books and those were to be mine... to follow no one... not even "Jesus" and stick to the one God and I would never go wrong.  Religion in the 20th and 21st century has become "BiG BUSINESS" and it still the reason people say they do something... either right or wrong.  Religion should not be an excuse... "oh, I will just pray for it" or "My Pastor said...."  I am tired of dogma and excuses twisting people into monsters.  Trust your heart and find like-minded people to share with.  A Church of one or two or three is fine.  We all have our conversations with God.


I said this before in some other post but I'll say it here again -

Religion is for people who dont want to go to Hell and Spirituallity is for those who've been there and dont want to go back !


Love answers all.




I agree ...everything has love in there core and everything ends with love...for love is the true destination no matter which path you choose...


Man made and no need...old fasioned....dying out


Spirituality and Science....Multi - Dimension Cosmic Beings



This i can write my name under !

Well, here is my perspective. I've studied all the religions. I mean literally, every religion. And despite their bad reputations, I have a lot of respect for our religious institutions. Now, obviously, the first thing the dark side went for were the religions, so it is easy to see the blatant corruptions and contradictions that exist within them. I, however, don't judge them for it, and don't condemn them and people who believe in them, rather, I try to see them in a higher light. These religions are representations of human spirituality, and all religions have certain spiritual truths, as well as certain falsehoods. All religions, though, despite the falsehoods and dogmas, have enough spiritual truth to lead people on the right path to God and love. All religions have enough of the original teachings of their founding masters, to lead people onto the spiritual path, and eventually, into Ascension.

The choice, though, for which teachings and which passages we want to follow, are up to us! So I don't blame Christianity, for the Crusades, for example...because there's enough teachings in the Bible which make it clear that killing and wars are wrong, and we should love each other and treat each other as we want to be treated. I don't blame Islam, for the fact that some people go around blowing themselves and others up, because there is enough teachings in the Qu'ran which make it clear that murdering innocents is wrong, and we should all love each other as brothers and sisters of God. I don't put the blame on religion, for peoples individual choices about which teachings they want to accept.

The religions, by and large, have been a reflection of our level of spiritual development. And the more we have evolved spiritually, the more our religions reflected this growth. I believe we have outgrown the old religious orders centuries ago, but there has been an effort by the dark side to keep using the religions to control and manipulate, and hold back our natural progression. Again, in the end, I don't really blame religions for the states mankind has been in, rather I put the responsibility on individuals for what they chose to believe.

I do understand that, in past centuries, the vast majority of humans were very dis-empowered, most could not even read or write, and they relied on their religious leaders to tell them how things were, and interpret the religious messages for them. I have sympathy for this, and have sympathy for how we have been so misled by dark people masquerading as Godly and divine.

I do understand the blatant contradictions in the religions and the holy books. I understand these contradictions and falsehoods were put in there, purposefully, by dark agents who sought to distort and dilute the original pure teachings of masters like Jesus, Muhammad, Abraham, Buddha, Krishna, Confucius, etc. I understand the dark intent to turn religions into prison religions of fear and control. I, however, like I said before, place the responsibility solely on individuals and what they chose to accept and follow. Because as I said, there is more than enough teachings in any religion, to lead people on the path of love, peace, brotherhood, unity, etc. We, mankind, have done everything with religion, except follow the pure basic teachings they are supposed to represent.

Like I said, every religion is a different representation of our spirituality. Every religion has part of the truth, as well as falsehoods. The falsehoods need to be recognized and thrown out, and the truths recognized and merged together. I believe this will be done with the coming Ascension, and religion will be probably the most important subject that will be addressed, I see the merging of all our religious faiths into one religion based on love, peace, brotherhood, compassion, understanding and unity. I see the merging of the new age philosophies with the old philosophies of the masters and philosophers, as well as the merging of religion, science, and politics! These three subjects will be of the greatest importance in the years to come, that's why I've done as much as I can to learn all I can about them. I want to do my part to help merge these great world movers into one whole, because in truth, none are really separated from the other.

Hi :). My opinon:


Almost all religions have a least one road to the truth that exists. The supreme realization behind self realization and spiritual search is that all answers can be found within, without the assistance of anything man made that conceptualizes heaven and the after life so much so that it controls your life in this moment. Anything that promotes fear, and does not teach you how powerful and amazing you really are, in my opinion, not worth investing all of your time is as a human being. Because our oldest religions do offer a bridge to this truth that exists within, it is right to respect them as the spiritual link our former selves relied on, but with all the information available today, and with all the truth at your finger tips, many old religious beliefs and ideas now exist on borrowed time.


The Bible, without the proper tools, can be very misused, misleading, and highly misunderstood.   



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