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It woud be nice, if we coud share whit echother our missions in life.


Oh, but not everyone call it mission... what is the meaning of your life?


What do you want to acomplish in your life?


Life is meaningless, we give it a meaning. What do you do or want to do in your life?


I belive that everyone is unice, and everyone have their own unice experiance of life and what they want to do whit it.


I am very curius to hear your stories and hope other is as well. Hope it's okay to be posting this... I belive that sharing things like this is wonderfull! :)


Another way to ask this question id "What is your highest exitment?"


Ahh, so manny ways to as this question^^  Please share~

And remember, everyone's mission is as important as your next!


I am shure you all have very intresting things to share!


Thank you~



Sending smiles and happiness to all of you~ Life is wonderfull<3


Here is mine:

My mission is to become an Author, I decided that when I was 11. Becouse for as long as I can remember imagination and creating my own world has been my greatest strenght.

Now I have my own universe inside my head, and wonderfull characters I want to share whit those who are willing to read.

This is my highest exitment, therefore I feel this is what I am supose to do, and it is the only thing I WANT to do.

And of course as some have noticed, I write alot XD My Dyslexia will not ruin my dream! :)


*I was not shure where to put it so I put it in "Spirituality in General", I hope it's okay and that Ben think its okay to post this thread :) *

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I only wish to give all of my existence to help others...

Hi, KiaraAres,

Our mission here is to be good humans and be respectful with animals and things.

By the way, I can see that you closed a post because you did not like it, after insulting me.

I just wanted to let you know that I think you are pathetic and childish.

This comments are from you: "he is miserable' or "my rabbit is a GIRL! XD Fail!". Fail?? What are you playing? Is this a game to be won? I win, you fail? That shows how immature you are.

Veg? Then stop eating plants... Do you thing they don't feel either? Where world do you live in?

Do you thing that everybody has your kind of life? While you are coming here crying for your tortured pet, thousand of children are dying in Africa. I am so sad for you rabbit :(

Let's cry out for it. Buaaahhh!

Now, we can cry out for those children too, right?

You do not know me so do not tell me miserable.Trying to hurt me back? Are you looking for revenge? Where is that love you are talking about? When I don't like someone, let's attack him!. Yeah, right? Is that your way?. I did not attack you in the first place.

I just gave my opinion in that post. If you do not like it, at least respect it.

Ah, and try to correct your spelling. It is horrible.  :/

It is fine. I get your point, brother.

Take care.

my mission, well its a spiders web that seems to just span through many realms of knowledge, but this is a good spot for me to start from. developing tools that aid in "learning", haha from a person who has many problems with this, very interestingly enough : ) hehe.
aye, that does sound interesting

So many brilliant and beautiful people

Thank you KiaraAries for this  :)

As to my ‘mission’  - very simple, discover to the fullest of my being my humanity, as an experiential manifestation of God within. Then take it from there.

Love and light

Nice... ahah :)

I think I am constantly learning what my mission is, but I don't think it ends in this life, I think we just keep evolving forever.

There are subtle energies that we come into this life with, and we allow ourselves to forever blossom into what we become.  You're right though, I totally agree about the choices part.  We receive subtle "nudges" to move forward with our evolutionary progression, and I think those nudges are coming faster and faster now.

I've had some very magical experiences in my life, more than I could have ever imagined, so I think that what happens to you and what you do with it means everything.

I believe one of my missions is to be a healer, but that's something I definitely need to work on more.

As for my other missions, I think I'm finding that out now....

I think soon - we will all see - that our mission or destiny is more than we could have ever imagined :)


My mission is to take a nap.


My mission here on Earth is to help all of you and myself hold the highest levels of conscious love and protect humanity and all of creation with the loving powers I work hard to establish and characterize each person's divinity as well as my own, all animals, nature, spirit, and all of creation (once again). lol

Basically, I came here to remember myself in all of you and help create our new world.

Also I was the first and last of creations. In other words, God is my lover, for I am him, and he is me, making me Goddess divine, as we all are transcendental beings of the exact same heritage ^,^ I am you, you are me, we are eachother, the whole world is full of us, and we gotta work together (it seems to be going nicely) to jumpstart our perfect lives together in oneness :)


My weakness is that I see the DIVINE SPARK in all of humanity...

And it turned out to be the best gift...

I have a few dreams.


On an ego based, materialistic level, I would love to be a successful writer and actor. These are things I was born to do, so I plan to pursue them for my career.


On a less selfish level, I want to help people. I don't know how. I love to listen to people's problems and try and offer my own (rather limited) wisdom. I very nearly chose to train as a paramedic. I may well end up being a counsellor of some kind. I just want everyone to be happy; I often wish that I could take everyone's pain in the world, because I could deal with it if I knew that everyone else on Earth was okay. But I don't think it works that way.


I want to be a Dad, and have a family someday, although the prospect of trying to raise kids with the world the way it is is pretty terrifying. But who knows, maybe everything will be different by the time I come to that.


And on a kind of silly level... I want to fly. I have dreamed of flying all my life. Perhaps I was a bird once.


Love and light to you all :) x

Hi Dear,


Nice one ...

But I think that everyone's mission in life is to take AT-LEAST ONE STEP TOWARD THE ALMIGHTY. That is we evolve spiritually in this life so that in our after life we feel the essence of it. It is a bit complicated as most of the human beings ignore this perspective of looking towards life. Everyone feels that what they think and do is right ( So do I also). But our perspective is designed in a box what we see and hear, feel etc... but the actual goal of life is far beyond the comprehensive of mans thinking. And only if we shudder our thinking of box and have a major outlook towards the life we may never see the broad picture the Almighty has for us.


Let hope we think a bit ... a little bit in that perspective......


Let Love, Light and Divinity fill us ALL ..................



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