What is though about ladyboys?

Hi my brothers and sisters,

I haven't posted for a long time and I was wondering what is your though about ladyboys and the reason they are on our planet at this very important years a head.

This is something that someone said.

I think more and more ladyboys are being born onto the planet to play an important part in lifting the collective consciousness to a higher, more evolved level. Ladyboys help bust people out of old black and white gender thinking. Too many people are stuck in thinking they have to live a certain way that conforms to societies norms around gender. Ladyboys have the ability by their very presence to bust people out of that stuck way of thinking. Ladyboys are teachers that show people that it is okay for each individual to be true to whom they are even if it goes against societal and cultural norms. 

It's perfect sense to me and I talking to a few myself. But one of them is amazing and she really loves me and I love her we talk about sexual things, but I don't think it's wrong and this but she wants to do things to me. But sometimes I think does this mean I am gay but I know I love women and feminine energy off them. To be honest I keeping at this to my self.

I just though I would express myself and please express yourself in comments thanks.


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  • Jason...hi...I feel that these people are here to break stereotypes as well as to help bring in the Divine Feminine energies.  I read somewhere that they were shamans in past lives and keepers of earth secrets and have an important role to play once they find their  role in the ascension.  Follow your heart.....

  • Ara, Barry said he'd seen "male bonobo monkeys give oral sex to higher ranked males in the troop."  Where do you get "monkey giving oral sex to a man" from?  He's referring to a troop of monkeys, not of men."  

  • Barry, Barry, Barry, WHERE ARE YOU COMING FROM?!  I'll TELL YOU where you are coming from.  You are SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED.  You have to call people CHILDISH NAMES WHETHER THEY ARE ACCURATE OR NOT.  You NEED an enemy.  If you do not HAVE an ENEMY, you must MAKE ONE UP.  Accussing me of things that are INACCURATE is not going to change anything.  You know WHAT is going to change something.  STOP ATTACKING INNOCENT PEOPLE!

  • When I see a ladyboy turning up as something other than either a prostitute or a Drag Queen, I'll begin seeing them as Components of the Planet instead of just Trends of Society. :)

  • I'm trying to figure you out, Barry; you seem so ODD.  You SEE STUFF THAT ISN'T THERE.  I think you do this just to CAUSE TROUBLE.  Why does your sexuality matter?  I am trying to figure out where you are coming from.  I am trying to figure out what your PROBLEM is.  Who knows?  Maybe you are gay.  (Not that it would matter).  Now I don't like gay people?  LOL.  WHEN WILL IT END, BARRY?!

  • Will you please all calm down and stop this hate going against gay or none gay. I am not gay I am just interested that's all I love women and always will and yes she males are women but are born as men and until they get order they don't realized. Have some respect will if your are spiritual awaken person you would not judge a person for being gay, liking gay and is gay stop it now ok.


  • To the main text posted by Jason

  • Uhm, hi Barry

  • I know what you're talking about!

  • other sites? what are you talking about Barry?

    well ... ;)) it's being fun talking to you, if that is even remotely could be squeezed to a category of 'talking' ... lol ... but hey ... hope it makes you feel good about yourself ... night, night ... ;))

This reply was deleted.

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