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What is this noice (hum sound) coming from inner earth that appear around the world?

I have tried to find more explanation for this loud sound (knowing as the HUM-SOUND) that people can feel big vibrations from the ground and hear it from the sky around the world. Do anyone in here have HARD CORE FACTS about this fenomen?

Here is a video link with the sound from all over the world:

Please replay if you know something about it. Thank you so much!

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I've heard so many theories about this, the best one i heard was that it was the Earth joyously singing ;)

Thank's for the replay STAR and Feather Winger! =) I wounder if some experts are in the case to figure it out, or do no one know where to start to find it out? I read an article that a city in US don't have enough money to use to figure out what this is, where it came from and why it came. My first feeling around this sound is that this is a sound of the new energy that work with Mother Earth now. That is just a guessing of course....

yes the new energies, making mother earth joyously sing! :) <3

   I have wondered the same. I find your video interesting with sounds I have not came across in my studies. There have been a number of recordings for YouTube........

Thunder Bay 1/17/2012

Florida 1/17/2012

Florida 1/17/2012

So. Calif. 1/18/2012

France 1/19/2012

Chicago 1/20/2012

Alberta Canada 1/21/2012

Nova Scotia 1/22/2012

Australia 1/22/2012

?? 1/25/2012

Stonehedge 1/28/2012

Allen Texas Jan. 2012

Texas 2/1/2012

Texas 2/4/2012

Denver 2/7/3012

Finland 2/10/2012

Montana 2/21/2012

Scottland 2012


   And as always in my studies I except the opinoin of those who claim to have the answers, you be the judge.

Says it's a hoax

Says de-bunked


   Artical links....

Unknown Country

Digital Journal



           This has been the exstnt of my research, if you dicover anything please post.

Thank you so much Mr Manhatten! =)) Your link: Says it's a hoax explained it all. Phuuuu! Great to know <3

After I listen to the link: Says it's a hoax , I feel very sure this is a hoax. I need to experience this sound my self to believe another theory. It for sure tell me not to be so naive next time something strange is shown ;-)

Yes! intresting

 is there anyone out there who heard the noise?

or did you hear somebody did?

I tried to hear it but did n't

Im verry currios for some real live experience! 





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