I have today a particular inquiry about sin. What exactly is sin? Distortion, disobedience, negative thoughts/emotes? I ask because in my transformation i've come to a bit of a conundrum. I like sex, I like weed, I like mushrooms and cuss words. While interestingly enough i was approached by the positive aspect while all these things were going on, and it's continued from age 15 to 17 now, smoking, etc... many times i've felt the lords prescence many times  in between now and the only difference is that I am self-conscious of what I think the lord thinks of me at this point. I don't seem to be upsetting anyone or sinning though considering the appearing. It's quite a predicament. Particularly i'd like to know from perspective of truth about sex rather than my masculine God child-hood christianity programns. There was a time when this internal conflict was tearing me apart, I couldn't bring myself to arousal lol. My lack of severe reaction to the conflict lessened it's effect but doesn't alleviate it. I just need to know I can be sexual.

P.S. On side note one dream I had that I believed to be an answer in which a security guard says "I don't judge man but  you got any weed on you?" and I pull some out and then the guy arrests me. My take is I don't care but what your back. Lol.

P.S.S Has anyone been randomly feeling kundalini lately? I was playing PS3 and this voice commanded me to get off and I went in the other room and started feeling like I was having a baby LOL and this ecstasy was over me. But this is the 3rd time this has happened. I'm assuming it's 2012
Guys I had a dream in which I was on a tower and Morgan Freeman's voice with an elegantly designed emotion of the person being captain aizen, as if they were the same person. The irony of this is these two are people I perceive as godly due to bruce almight for morgan and the way bleach portrayed captain aizen. it goes "we all have the ability to tower over this creation.............................YOU ARE GOD" and i run to the gate atop the tower and I see a fence and i try to unlock it where heaven is on the other side. and I woke up. then I was told it would be opened for me after I had misinterpreted it as me failing to open the gate. Ontop of thart once as I was sitting down the sound current got really loud and goes "listen to this word" so i listen for a second and im lead to the history channell 5 minutes later where i'm told of the God's promises of paradise and punishments.This leads me to believe that that something important is happenning very soon. What do you all think it will be? The suspense kills me I wanna know everything you guys believe will happen and what you even want to happen. I'm fascinated by this because ive never been so approached by the spirit for any other reason.

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  • I think if your hurting anyone anyone by these "sins" in my opinion you should stop.
    If this brings you joy or happiness then you shouldnt stop.
    you are still young, you have to experience to learn.
    this is my opinion, I do not expect you to listen but do take in to consideration.
  • Tony, shame and guilt are used by the cabal to control us.

    Here, I could go in-depth but I'll post this link here which shares a lot of great insight about sexuality and arousal.


    As for cannibis (which some say is a gift from the Sirians, and you can find it in ancient works of art) and other things that attract you and bring you joy, it is when you are in a joyous state that you are aligned with source. Abraham Hicks has loads of incredible insights to share on many topics, and you might find many answers there, you can look on youtube and find loads of videos on a number of topics. Particularly about the relationship between yourself and the source, she talks about being in the vortex and out, being in alignment with source in your most joyous states, etc. She covers a lot of ground.

    I'll add my own personal note and say that I have been wary of the cabal and their many social-engineering tactics since I was a child, even well before I knew them as "cabal", or "illuminati" or any such name. I have always been especially sensitive to conditioning and mental manipulation such as what they use, and it is in their agenda to fill us with negative emotions of doubt, shame, guilt, etc. We are far easier to herd and control if we are in a low frequency and most detached from source, rather than if we are aligned with source and unified with each other instead. Does this make sense?

    The shame and guilt that you feel for the things that bring you joy is not... justified. If something brings you joy, and it isn't hurting anybody, then it isn't wrong. There are a lot of lessons in duality and release of it that you may benefit from in overcoming this.

    If you'll look into it, I believe these things will help to set your troubled mind at ease. Trust yourself, trust your heart, that is where source speaks to you, not in your mind, where thoughts are contrived by the ego. I hope this is helpful! 


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