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I always hear about how "there's more Light in this world" or "She's filled with Light" or so on on here.

Question is, what exactly is Light then, scientifically?  I'd be hard pressed to hear, based on the way it's used around here, that it's simply the number of photons.  It seems to be some measurement of "Good" or something (which is entirely subjective but can be pinned down to a few universals across most human cultures).  But people talk about it as though it factually exists, so the question is, what is Light?

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It cannot be scientifically measured. And anyone who says it can is a fool.

It can only be measured by using psychic senses of one kind or another, which are not applicable to scientific verification (but this really goes to show you how Limited the scientific approach is, since it cannot even touch this field).


It means the Vibration Rate of your Soul - that inescapably non-physical part of who you are - resonates on a very high level. To such a degree that it makes you incapable without great effort on your part, to be deceiving, hateful, or negative to others.

And of course it is a relative statement, but what I just described is pretty accurate.


This basically has nothing to do with the Physical Body at all, or the Physical universe. Thus it could not be a scientifically measurable thing.

Instead I would say... it is a gauge of that person's Motivations. Which falls back on it being a measurement of how "good" something is.


The higher your Vibrational Rate is spiritually speaking, the more beneficial you are to all others.


Spiritual energies such as these do not register on any physical instruments because they do not exist in the physical world. They exist in the non-physical, also called the Spirit World, or "The Other Side".

In comparison, all of the energies detectable or theoretical in the physical world, such as neutrenos, quarks, tachyons, all exist Below the realm of the Spirit World. They are physical things, not non-physical things.


However Spiritual Energies are detectable by Us Personally as individuals, if you are open to receive them (psychic senses) because while your body is a physical thing, your Soul that is connected to the body is Non Physical and simultaneously exists in those realms.

Just because we do not currently possess scientific implements that can measure things related to the Spiritual world, does not mean that the Spiritual world is immune to science.  We simply need to get up there and start measuring.
By the way, that brings up three new questions:
What is the vibration rate of a soul, and how can it be measured scientifically?  Obviously it's vibration, so it MUST as a matter of statement exist physically in some form somewhere (perhaps not in the perceivable universe we live in right now), so therefore, there must be some method of finding the literal vibration of a soul.  Perhaps it exists as literal energy somewhere, like thoughts do in the thought-aether.
Secondly, what is the Spiritual world?  In my definition it's largely one large universe where the Celestial elite reside and magic comes very easily, and is just like this universe in that it's physical, ie, you can be killed, knocked around, live in a home, etc.  Some people might like to define it as that realm that is malleable by imagination, and where various entities like to prowl about jumping unsuspecting realm-goers, so I need to know if that's your definition.

I like how you changed it so that if I disagree with you I'm a fool.

I contend that spiritual matters by and large are very measurable using the scientific method, but the problem is that access to that world where measurement is possible is severely restricted by certain unknown factors, plus there also being a strict lack of official support into any thing into that area.  There has been an amount of research into fields such as telepathy, healing, et cetera, which has yielded somewhat positive or at least intriguing results.

Energy is energy.  If it exists, it can be observed.  So all this spiritual energy that you speak of must be is simply a different kind of aggregate energy, that still affects things as being a force (since it's energy, it's a force).  I doubt highly that it is limited to observing how it makes people "good" or "bad," in the same way that I doubt we can only measure how much light the sun puts out by looking at how bright it is compared to being indoors or at night.

In essence, I mean that currently it's not measurable simply because there are so many confounding factors involved in the measurement, ranging from the bias of individual observations in an entirely new field, to lack of ability to verify something except through a person, to the lack of instruments to measure it, to a lack of support for the idea in general, plus the fact that we barely know anything at all about it (if you disagree, look at the wide and varied and many times contradictory claims and explanations of varied paranormal and spiritual events or observations).

To each their own. In the past, and present, the use of this kind of skill has paid off for me.

Which skill?  If you wish to answer.

Sorry but if you don't already believe this then you're not going to be convinced. Only through personal experience are you going to understand it. I certainly hope you get those experiences, seeing that you're asking questions about it.



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