What have i done?

So i was with my guys out for a funn, sure we had a few drinks too many and went to party.

Half an hour later when we got to the party, we somehow managed to get into a fight, and it wasnt no regular fight --- Everyone started fighting so we had to defend ourselves, i usually never fight because

i dont get mad at ppl because i know they are all like me and make mistakes, so it is tearing me now..
I feel like something changed within me, i got some bad energy and i REALLY FEEL LIKE CRAP!

Guys pls tell me what have i done and how to fix it!?

~LOVE from Aurora <3

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  • "I feel like something changed within me, i got some bad energy and i REALLY FEEL LIKE CRAP!"

    You probably just assimlated the auric energies of everyone in the room and with that, also their basic emotions. It could take a few days before you get normalized, but you WILL get normalized. No external energies can completely overwrite the primal energies you already have within you. 

  • Buddhist precept #6 of not dwelling on past mistakes-create wisdom from ignorance. Forgive yourself. Move forward.

    I think that an angry group of people can be dangerous, so step back and get away. *do not engage*

    <3 thank you!!
  • You behaved like a Human!! Omg.. omg omg...

  • Be at peace Aurora Borealis.

    Be excited.

    You are breaking through a boundary of consciousness,

    All boundaries are fear based.

    and so with the ascensin energies doing their thing you've stepped up to a situation that has pushed you beyond a boundary.

    And instead of choosing to do what you have always done, you have chosen to let anger dictate proceedings.

    Anger being the emotion that cuts through fear.

    anger being the emotion that, when utilized in its purity, drives you into a state of love.

    This behavour does not represent who you are.

    It is not a character judgment.

    Only a hurt that you've been hiding.

    And finally feel courageous enough to face.

    You will come out the other side, with a greater understanding of who you are.

    and your boundaries will move outwards to a place that is consistent with the person you have become.

  • haha i am with you on that <3

  • yes beautiful everything is peachy... just enjoying the incoming vibrations. How are you? xx Sammy.

  • Im not saying its wrong or write to drink alcohol, but it is good to realize that it is much more of a lower vibration then your body as you are probably aware of, that can allow sometimes for openings in your spiritual defence and it can lead to things like that, even if what happened might not have been your doing, you still ended up in the situation and got bought into it, and probably maybe not all but alot of the others that were involved were most likely drinking themselves, not many if any sober people would have been involved unless they were threatened, sure I dont know and even sober people might have been in there but you see where im coming from? only trying to help out in love light, your not a bad person, definitely enjoy a good drink here and there as you like to do for no one is stopping you :) , and this isnt trying to compare things, and you might or might not smoke the herb much, I do every know and then, but since when do people smoking up ever get into big brawls etc, just using that as an example of how alcohol can and does create alot of violence, Namaste dear one let love light shine from within, one love

  • Great idea Dawn~ <3

  • Hey Aurora,


    All human beings are entitled to defend themselves when they are being attacked. Sometimes, when a person is being violent towards you, you have no option other than to do so because inaction will result in you being seriously hurt. Take it from someone who has actually been physically attacked on many occassions and knows the difference between starting a fight and protecting yourself. There will also have been the instinct to protect others you loved who were being hurt which will override pretty much anything.


    The alcohol come down/hangover will also be taking it's toll.


    You sound like a compassionate person to me and I wonder if you are feeling guilt because your judgement was off due to being drunk and you ended up in a place you wouldn't normally. Do you feel that you stepped over the line with the force you used or as if you enjoyed overcoming your attackers in anyway? If you are normally fairly peace loving some of that stuff will eat at you.


    I used to constantly end up in these places from drinking and sometimes people get to the point where they think that it's not worth the risk to have your judgement impaired to that level but only you know how it was :)


    Take care and don't keep beating yourself up - other people have already done a good enough job of that ;)


    Cat xxx

  • new age crap also teaches how to get rid of false guilt, using EFT, or Sahaja Yoga Self realisation, and they work.

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