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I have been pondering the wording of this theory and it unsettles me...

People talk of Ego so harshly. I understand that you mean we just teach the Ego-Self some manners (props to FeatherWinger for that). What confuses me, is the application of this theory into everyday, practical life? I'm sure if I searched deep enough I'd find the answers and that is my goal for the week :)

I'm interested to hear your thoughts though?

Indulge me?



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this whole discussion does not revolve around God , One , this is about learning to understand where our problems lie , which is giving 100 % importance to the duality world . . and the solution ? look inside . 

You know One, I swear, I knew you were going to be the one to reply to my post first, exactly in the way you did. Lately I'm beginning to feel the outcome of the immediate future.

As to the subject at hand, it turns out that all those scientists were heading in the right direction.

"and then another comes along and answers those questions and has no need for divinity because they understood what the previous person did not."

Yes like Quantum physics. Which disproves the materialism of mainstream science and biology.

Quantum physics/dynamics treats existence in terms of energy and not mass , and there , in the first step of the calculation itself , we have a non-materialistic consideration =)

not E=mc2

but m=E/c2

and Energy is basically sine waves . . or this "vibration" thing everyone keeps hearing about

E = mean over range of [ (A)^2 X {sin(wt-kx)}^2 ]

where the vibration is

s = A X sin(wt-kx) 

again , non-materialistic considerations :)

sigh, there is no disproving in science, there is only answering questions that had no provable answer previously.  If you think one science is out to disprove others then you do not understand science.  Watch the video i posted about intelligent design and you might understand what i am talking about, because right now you just think this is some science vs spirit argument which it isnt, but you guys sure want it to be, and sadly it will not be as it takes two to tango so you can go back to pretending that you know the future.

I don't remember either of us stating we know the future . Heck , quantum physics says - for a frame in time , there exists infinite possible pasts and futures . No science is not out to disprove other science , but IMprove it . 

PS : yes I watched that video , the day you posted it , I don't mind if Earth becomes a better place to live in for humans , on the basis of Science only :) [ if that ever happens lol ]

and this is about intergrating spirituality and science . No , there is no such argument  here as you stated . . you must be imagining it . 

nope you are interpreting what I said the other way round. science continually disproves itself and subsequently has to redefine itself. it's an every day process...what you mean you didn't!

no need for me to watch the video or for you to sigh. and you can continue to go forward pretending to know better about someone's experience than they do. thanks for the laugh.

hey wow LoW you gave me a nice food for thought

Ego is like Science , it must be updated continually lol :P


my God really ? even to a person not introduced to the concept of God , just the life of Einstein should be able to teach them something about duality . . 

Go Emmy!  The community has a lot of well-intended words for you to attain your goal.  Most of the posts confuse me...

Like ego, duality is nothing to be overcome.  Anything we resist we only give energy to - neither ego or duality is our enemy, but coping mechanisms for lower dimensions of awareness...

Becoming the observer you will be able to identify both egoic and dualistic thoughts...

Then align to something more -  See all with the understanding that there is a bigger picture and all is in perfection and you might transcend them both simultaneously...

Have Fun!


overcoming duality means overcoming seeing opposite things as separate, mainly good and evil. they're not separate things, they're actually 2 sides of the same thing. :P



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