Hello my dear friends! I'm new around here and this is my first post.

I'm having some trouble accepting the huge amount of info being channeled lately so I'm a bit suspicious about some of them. Recently I came across this article http://www.humanitywinsilluminatilose.com/?p=3626 which raises some good points.

I would really appreciate if you could share your thoughts about it.

Thank you!

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  • hi paul...welcome...never trust the words of man...we are all here waiting on the big truth...from within...stay happy

  • You have yet to proove you're not evil tho :)

  • It is not that the messages do not manifest, but that you are not aware that they do.  Which channels do you follow?  SaLuSa seems like a good one.  Even if not truly what it portrays itself to be, it does seem to have access to good information.  Something powerful guides that one.  Good or bad though?  Beats me.  Just a few days ago he said Fly overs are now good to go, and now the media was able to talk about the Denver sightings.  It is the least "junky" ufo sighting that I have seen make mainstream media.

  • Welcome Paul222 (222 - everything is happening as it should)  :)


    If you want to watch/listen to, what I feel is, a true channeler.  If you have not already, search youtube for BASHAR channeling.  Bashar (via Daryl Anka) seems to me, the most accurate of channels.  There is much doubt amongst many of us regarding channelers such as Greg Giles, Mike Quinsey, Sheldan Nidle, etc.  Not to say their messages have no use.  But it takes a strong faith to believe what they say, considering so much of what they have claimed to happen, does not seem to have happened.  I still keep an open mind here... and some hope.  But I do fully trust Bashar channeling.  Bashar does not give dates or try to "fluff you up".  Bashar is straight forward and more on the metaphysical side of things.  my 2 cents.  I wish you luck on your journey of Life, my Friend!

  • Welcome!

    As I started the search for the truth I came to the conclusion that there are 2 galactic federations. You will find a galactic federation and a galactic federation of light. The federation of light is the 1 is am very uncomfortable with, why are they pushing on for disclosure, why must humanity grant them acces to this planet? Well after a queeste the answer is they need acces to all of the earthresources for their own benefits.  The bullshit about their advanced technologies and so on looks to me like the history of the Spanish coming to America. Baffle with mirrors, kraaltjes & other nonsens and if you get a foothold then slaughter the native population.

    I do have a link for you, it's a little radical but that's ok. Have fun!




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  • Hi Paul222.  I've seen the youtube video of the same title, "GFL - Friend or Foe", althou I cannot locate it to make a link.  From different sources I've gathered, and being their success ratio is 0, the GFL is not a reliable contact source.  

    Drake mentioned on his radio show that the GFL is not working with the Earth Allies.

    Tolec stated that the GFL are negative, not with the light.

    Many have said that the GFL seek to keep the lightworkers idle with promises of mass arrests, imminent changes about to happen, Disclosure, gifts, programs and projects, ect when we are the ones who are suppose to get together and make things happen. 

    Info that the CIA has infiltrated many of the channeled info to give mis-leading information to discredit the true readings and to further cause dissention among the lightworkers.

    There was mentioned that this same deliberate disinformation happened during Atlantis times

    The predictions of events that never happened channeled from the "GFL" are too many to mention.  I have concluded that they are not to be trusted.  That's my take on it. 

    I think it shows wisdom that your asking, researching, and finding out on this particular subject rather that jumping right in blindly like we've seen so many people have done, only to be discouraged later when a event that was promised never occurred.  Keep at it!   

  • "Soon it will all come out and become clear...until then...I suggest a reservation of opinions...with more of a "lets wait and see" approach. :)"

    Those who continously stand and wait to take the next step, will be standing on one leg for the rest of their lives.
    The "wait and see"-approach will give you nothing but fascism, tyrranny and some very nice people from the govt that'll rape your kids over and over again. Those are the fruits of "The Waiting Game". If you don't like the taste of those fruits, then don't play that game!

  • Thank you Peekay. My thoughts are often construed as negative and therefore I am called a bad person and many other labels on occasion, lol, but I am just a realist who has been through a lot that the vast majority of people have not had to deal with. I am not trying to rain on any parades or be the harbinger of doom and gloom, it is just that I have compassion for all my fellow humans and do not want anyone to have to suffer some of the things that I have due to humans' misguided trusts and gullibility and do not want people to be manipulated and steered in a direction that could be detrimental to humanity. 

    • Great reply, Marique!  Your entitled to share your experience and point of view.  I also share this with you:

      "it is just that I have compassion for all my fellow humans and do not want anyone to have to suffer some of the things that I have due to humans' misguided trusts and gullibility and do not want people to be manipulated and steered in a direction that could be detrimental to humanity. "

      I would answer that with a quote from a famous line... "What she said!"  :)

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