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Hello ACC members. I would want to know what you think about God in terms of whether God is equal and is same as we are or is God a superior being than us.

At first I thought of God to be superior than us because I was raised in a society which thought about the same. I wasn't convinced with what I was being taught and disagreed with most of the school of thoughts. So, I started to look for answers within myself (spirituality) and later came to the realization that we all are same and equal to God.

Yet, I would like to know what's your opinion about God and if you could tell as to why you think of God to be that way. (My apologies for the "late editing". When I asked for your opinions about God, I was only asking about whether God is same as us or is God superior or greater than us. And what makes you think if god is same as us or greater than us. I'm aware of the infinite nature of God, but I was not asking about that. Sorry, if you have misunderstood me.)

Thank You.

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 The universe is greater than the sum of it's parts. All things being equal- we are all pieces to an infinitely large puzzle.

Absolutely! Very nicely put. thanks. :)

God is within as throughout we are god and god is us.

Yes, we are all one and the same. thank you :)

I'm not sure what too think but one things for sure he is definitely like a lot of people in a way that he doesn't want wars he doesn't want hunger wwhat he want
What he wants is for all of us too experience love and not let people in positions of great power get the best of us

Thanks for your comments. Very well said, Katrina. In my opinion too god only wants good to happen to all of us. Its few of us actually who take part in wars or create bad things for us (for example the governments do that) and if something bad happens to us, most of us have the tendency to blame god for everything without realizing that we have the power to shift ourselves or others from any bad situation to a good one.

 I place no limits on what God IS or what God is capable of. But if the creative force in this universe didn't outweigh the destructive force than nothing would exist at all.

I was not of this world or am I now. Yet I exist in this avatar but not of it. Just like when I drive a car, so to I am not the car.

“I’m only in it.” We all were taught from birth, that we are the avatar ( car ) . Hundreds of thousands of years, not one person god or entity has, explained what is not of this world - that I am - inside.

Not one. Men have tried, religions have tried, what is me - not the brain of men or the thinking of men, the ability to even identify what ( not of this world ) is HERE.

This is why they say you must believe --- there answer is God --- simply they don’t know. Our brain, there brain is of this world, so they fill the gap of not knowing with a knowing they think it might be…. Not possible.

Show me something, anything that’s not of this world -- not possible… “Ah “ but a idea that doesn’t exist people run and bow down too? Reach inside of you and pull out what is not of this world and hold it up for all to see. Not happening. Look inside and see what is not of this world. Not happening. Thinking dose not make anything so.

So if the story is big enough, add God to it. And people will kill and die in war’s to prove what is not provable, while you’re still in your car. Talking out the widow to another who may have his window down listening to your thinking that came from this world of Matrix Madness of what we are not. We can not know what is not of this world. None….. So they can not speak of it, in world words or symbols. So we war over our thinking. About what is not or ever will be of this world.

God is a - word - only of this world. And so we continue to look, but will never know that -- that’s in us all. All alike yes. Many car’s the same driver’s with out end.

May you find peace in that you came to this world as an outsider to a avatar. And you will continue on when your done driving around this Matrix of deceptions with out end.

And as they said in Avatar the movie,, “ I see YOU “

Thanks John for sharing your thoughts.

Hi Dinesh,

      Thank you for posing this Question of all Questions!!!! My favourite topic.  It is so huge I would urge you to contemplate it again and again and again and not come to any final 'conclusion;' after all that is the Joy the Mystery the ultimate Koan of it.  Is it not in the end the same question as Who Am I?

      I think most spiritual questions by definition as they are Meta-physical defy physical approaches and epistimologies like 'logic' so they always end up in Paradox or a species thereof.    Like yesterday a friend accused me of being a Gnostic dualist but I said if I am a dualist  I am  Non dual dualist;  for polarities, good and evil and such like always occur in the context of ultimacy Galactic Creator, Singularity Supreme Source Lord Almighty God Goddess, The Absolute etc. whatever name one chooses to give to the nameless.  Thus I would also apply this 'not this or that' but 'This and That', to your question.  Is God greater than or equal to 'us'.  God is infinitely greater (as the spark is the fire, as cell is to the Body, how can the part be equal to the Whole -that is a nonsense?!!!) and yet the part is a fractal of the Whole, a seed of the same Tree of Life, a spark in whom there is the primal substantiality and beingness of the Fire - My God is an all consuming fire.   So I and the Father are One  Thou Art That. in sanskrit Tat Twam Asi,  and yet as God says to Job when he laments the imperfection and unfairness of human life and the fragmentary creation he perceives, "where were you when I set the Foundation of the firmament?"!!! or something along those lines...So beware my friend any easy answer, beware any easy egoic identification of man and God, there is always infinitely more than to the self than we know and to the God that we know and that is the journey of the prodigal back to the Father's house. 


                                  Alan Rycroft


Thanks Alanry for sharing your thoughts. You've given a very clear explanation regarding this matter. Yes, I'm aware that there are infinite ways to know about god. My question was only whether god is superior or equal to us which you've answered very well. I actually have asked that question because I'm constantly seeing that people around me who "worship" this energy or whatever we call it, "God", they do so because of their religious beliefs. Even I was born in a religious family and raised in a society which consists of diverse religions. I see people around me so devoted to god and worship "it" everyday and visit temples, churches, mosques etc.and I feel something isn't right about this. I think they're being mislead about God by their religious leaders or their religions. They think that God is a separate powerful entity and no one is greater than God. They think of God as a President or a Prime Minister or a King or Queen for that matter. And as a citizen of this Universe I feel its my duty to let others know about the "real truth".



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