Why are you here? Guidance? To give guidance? To be apart of community? To love or be loved? To gain wisdom? To give wisdom? To observe? To take action? All of these things? I like it because it's wide open.. Open to all things that are right or wrong. Light or dark. Transparent :)

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  • Wow, what a good question.Believe it or not that is a hard question , only because of the fact of what they do that we may not know they are doing for the betterment of not only us, or the planet or our vibration but for the whole of outer and inner space.For this it puts a smile on my face.For what we do not know what they do for us.But I do know it is indeed special.
    All the Commanders and crews on the ships, the chaneled messages that bring awareness and guidance and Joshua-Sanada being him.

    Love you all.
    Peace and I hope to be one day with all of you.
  • i like the ashtar site because i am having problems trying to help people in real life in my home town how what when where why points of references instead it is as just like jesus said when he was on the earth. There is no honour in your own home town. Oh and when i am on here i do not feel dragged down as my consciousness raise a few ponderedness within me as many things on here have been peeking my interests and i never tyre of it.
  • Why are you here? Guidance? To give guidance? To be apart of community? To love or be loved? To gain wisdom? To give wisdom? To observe? To take action? All of these things? Sharing, I like it because it's wide open.. Open to all things.......................... :-)

    Blessing, Love, Peace & Light
    • I have a hard time getting my thoughts out right. I know what I mean, but I can't put them in words at times. I see pictures of what I want and need. I think talking to people helps more get out what I want to say or what I'm thinking. I'm trying to find the truth and I need help. I do and would love to share my experiences with people and I will get that here. I need help with sorting all the thoughts in my head. You are right, need to learn what to keep and discard. I do need to see more clearly with my spiritual eyes and need help in doing this
      May Peace and Love be with you
    • I'm here to observe, to free my spirit, to gain knowledge, to learn to share with out being put down for the way I think. I want to be loved and to give love. I am very interested in truth. I have an open mind and I feel that I need to learn and to be taught and guided. There is so much to learn. Maybe you can help
      Peace and Love be with you
  • I am her but I have contact with Commander Ashtar Sheran as
  • I have found that some of things that I have read, I knew already. I guess I'm looking for is why. I've always excepted everything and everyone on face value and don't question too much. But, when something doesn't feel right then I do question it. I have lived most of my life on intuition, but I have not trusted my own intution for a while. I listened to people that made me doubt myself. I am a spiritual person. I love life and everyone in it. I try to find the good in people or situation. That there is something always to learn no matter what the situation. That this is a community that is a good sounding board so to speak. I have just joined the community and having fun learning. Peace and Love to all
  • I'm here to find others like ME....
  • That is an very good question! I like the opennes and the fact that I can watch what is going on in the conciousness of others.
    Soon this will be important!
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