• Hi BL. I can't put my reply under someone else reply like what you did (replying under my reply). Your post is under my post, isn't it? I can't do that. I also cannot send private messages. I tried to contact Ben about my problem by sending him a private message but I can't send the message.
  • Hmmm that does put it into a somewhat different perspective. If I agreed to it back then, would I have known I would miscarry?  Yeah agree though, at least I would have taken care of my baby as my own even if I didn't know the real truth behind who they were. I'm glad you're here, even if you were a result of military experiments which can't have been fun or a particularly nice way to enter this world.

  • :'( thanks for telling me that Dawn, I would say you got that one right.  Thanks for telling me Truth. My poor baby. Maybe my brain was unhappy with the information they implanted in me and rebelled lol. Either way, if they try again, I will get my anger on and bring that damned ship down lol. I've miscarried with every pregnancy since then so hoping they didn't ruin my system. Guess we will see though, everything happens for a reason :)

  • Ambereyes, I still can't do what you did (replying under my post). I don't know what happened. Calling Ben... :-)
    • Whats up Exo? What do you mean you can't do what I did? ??

  • If your life is in danger defend yourself.

  • What did it want?  Did it speak?  Reminds me... I need to put up a no soliciting sign.

  • Be the light - who needs it more than one in the dark?

  • Shap shifter?

    Seriously, back in the late 1950s, a woman in my neighborhood got a knock at the door at about 2 in the morning during a snowstorm. She was up nursing her baby. Thinking it might be a neighbor in trouble, she opened the door to find a small being wearing what looked like a robe and a large-brimmed hat, which kept her from seeing its head. She invited it in (times were simpler then) and told it to come into the kitchen with her for a cup of coffee to warm up.

    She bid it sit at the kitchen table, and poured it a cup of coffee. It never spoke. Nor did it appear to have a face.

    It lifted the cup to where its face should be with parts of the robe. No hands were ever visible.

    Slowly being creeped out, the woman asked if it would like to go out, after a few minutes had passed.

    She walked to the door and opened it. The being went out, never to be seen again. 

  • LOL i'd faint... ask him if he wants a cuppa coffee ;) thats kind and loving enough... hehe...

This reply was deleted.

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