My Point of View...

If someone "judge" people they dont know in real life, it is like guessing how a fruit will taste before you have actually tasted it. You dont have a clue...

My simple advice is to "KNOW THYSELF" as everything you project from your mind is about "you". No matter what other people do, say or believe, you are the Creator of your life experience.

People say that some are wrong and some are correct, but they are equally correct, as we all create our perspectives, we are creating self fulfilling prophecies.
If you ask for it, believe, project it, vibrate it, you will receive it! That simple...

Stop looking outside of yourself for answers. As you progress to mastery of self, you will KNOW that you are responsible for your life, this is what the "Planet Earth School" is teaching us, with patience and Love.

If anyone Judge you, its not about the other person in truth, as its only a "limited" spectrum of thoughts and beliefs that creates "separation" instead of understanding.

People will ride the Cycle of Duality untill we choose to take responsibility for our "projections" (everything we say, think and do).
Then you are Free. But it doesnt matter what I say here as many people will try to find other people to be responsible for their lifes.

So ask yourself....


As you start to truly vibrate your inner Beliefs, they will start to manifest, initiations will come to see if you have truly mastered Unconditional Love, no matter what people think or believe.

2012 is all about creating your Life, and being a conscious creator.
What will happen? Let go of Dates and start creating from your heart right Now.
Dates will not matter anymore as you arent a victim of outer

Love is the TRUE REALITY! Let your heart Be Free and Know that you aren't dependent on what other people think about you, take your power back and Forgive. We are mirrors for each-other. All reflections come from you! The illusion, truly is, that you can never be a Victim of outer circumstances, but it may look like it is...This is the "Veil" of separation. That's why its important to "Be honest to yourself and forgive yourself". Because it’s all a part of you.

The "BLAME GAME" is an illusion, you only blame yourself!



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  • mediacinman speaks

    thX for weaving so eleganth dear ben

    you know ben is mayan for skywalker ..

    i see u as  a orbithor ..

  • Thank you many times over for sharing. I don't have much to say, only that it all makes sense. After questioning myself for years, during the past couple weeks everything feels as if it is all coming together, in a simple and clear fashion. Love and light to you, and to all who have taught through healing, and to all unconditionally. I can now look in a mirror and love who I see, "thank you."

  • Amen

  • Beautiful poem, Lori, yes I feel it and I know we are the light of Consciousness. It is awesomely exciting to be here at this time of awakening.

    As for poetry, it is me

    I create it spontaneously

    It simply emerges as the love I am

    according to the mandates of the divine plan

    I AM that I AM and I AM that I AM Not for there is only God

    and sometimes what oddly appears as him

    such as your father who was riddled with sin

    appears as a discordant wave on the sea of life ,

    but he too will come to the forgiving and atonement

    and become love without strife

    for there is only the at-one-ment

    All are in heaven though some wear veils of forgetting

    Nevertheless, the quest of Oneness will engulf everyone and everything

    as all ascends on Oneness's wings.

    And in that Truth, Hope springs!

  • Hi BenArion, I am hanging between two ropes, one side is that I have to go and fixe obout my "pension" in a few monts I will be 65 and have to apply for it, and on the other side I feel like looking for a job ore something - I dont know yet - what I would love to do -  The situation in Germany dont give jobs to 65 year old people at this very moment..... and apply for my pension and wait what happens sounds very logical...  but booth ideas dont make me feel really happy.

    Is that all "illusion" ore do we have to act still in this old ways of "secur" our living till the "system" has changed ?

    What do I creat from my heart right Now? Is there coming something out of the stillness for itself ? In my case it looks like as if I dont get it ore I have to wait.... ore act in the old way.... 

    Please tell me ....

  • Great, poem, Lori,

    You are definitely at home

    with the ego and the I AM.

    You beautifully unravell the garbage can of conditioned lies,

    of the pretender to the throne that thinks it's so wise

    but you judge not and are the one that is wise.

    What a surprise is coming to the world,

    which has blocked and denied the Source's purpose and salvation,

    but the dice are loaded

    and the Source of Creation will restore paradise

    once we take the ego's blinders off our eyes

    to see we have never left

    and that the impossible game of separation is totally bereft of Truth

    We are, and always have been, that Eternal One o Light

    that allows all things their day in the sun,

    in whatever illusion or reality in which they wish to run,

    but the most fun is returning to the One we are.

    Now, that 's a new star in the universe.

  • Absolutely Lori! Our egos teach us what we are not :) XOX

  • Always believed this, problem is I keep tripping over my own feet. Thanks Ben

  • Excellent Ben -- couldn't agree more.  As soon as people empower themselves with the idea they create their destiny in this life, it will turn many people's lives around.  So much blaming, so little DOING.  I need to DO more as well... and I am working on manifesting the highest vision of myself, and have been for a long time...

    We know what we need to do to create an amazing life for ourselves, and I think that in itself inspires others to do the same thing in their own life..


    Beautifully stated!!!  Love your Zen pic too, looks very cool :)  <3

  • LOL, I know what you mean :) I always saw myself as an elf...People always ask me why I have weird hair? No, t's not weird to me..I let the sides grow long to make my elvish ears look better :)

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