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i am a bivid

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valum votan, ken wilber, clare graves, red queen, koot hoomi

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  • Hallo wens je een fijne dag!
  • here, too...where not???!!!!! hahaha...

    the link was ok

    and i liked what i saw....


  • ja hi dear friend...

    love you
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s ace ixik replied to Wes Annac's discussion Can the Cabal be Forgiven? - Part 1/2
"i really read Tyler Tyler with Pleasure ..
i didnot study the Hebrew wheel .. but sort of enlived is ..
the illusion of the cabal gives a black and white world , seeing water cold warm , blue and red .. only code to address outcome .. perhaps…"
Mar 18, 2014
s ace ixik replied to Ben-Arion's discussion BenArion: "WHAT DO I WANT TO CREATE IN MY LIFE!"
"mediacinman speaks

thX for weaving so eleganth dear ben

you know ben is mayan for skywalker ..

i see u as  a orbithor .."
Nov 19, 2012
s ace ixik replied to Meindert Arends's discussion Breathing and Mental Concentration by Syed ReaZ in Ashtar Command Meditation Temple
"in fact this is an example of what the rhythmic intelligent layer of a set of 5 / 7 / 9 / 11 / 13 does ...

the 5 given sets are all sprouting from 3 ... 1 3 5 ; 1 4 7 ; 1 5 9 ; 1 6 11 ; 1 7 13
the bar is  resp 1 2 3 4 5

while in 3 it is 123 with a…"
Apr 13, 2012
s ace ixik commented on Kelly Lightchalice's blog post Darkworkers
"as i write a thing on this canvas
it will pop up as white on blue
adn shout from a technical device
which actually removes the contact
the gesture to open up at the tiptoer

blue on blue would be better
while it gives a blue screen
Mar 21, 2012

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"The deep state (seeking population reduction) have been promoting the vegan diet, knowing that it promotes ill health....For example, does veganism cure, and/or prevent cancer...?? The answer is NO....

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