• What do dreams mean to me, well I think dreams have alot of different meanings. Some dreams are meant to bring to your awareness some things that are held in your subconscious, some dreams are memories, some dreams can be "prophetic messages", some dreams can be just some random event. I think, all dreams, though, have a special meaning for us.

    Like I have read several dream dictionaries, and alot of what they say is very good. Like people dream often that they are falling, this generally means we are feeling insecure about something in our waking life, or feeling like we don't have control over our lives.

    Or people dream they are being chased, this is another common dream. I remember once I dreamed I was being chased by 2 bigfoots lol I was scared for my life! And I think these type of dreams mean that, we are trying to avoid something important in our waking life, we are trying to run away from something.

    Or in other dreams, we can dream that we are flying. I remember I had a few dreams like that, where I levitated and starting flying and gliding around, and people were going ohhh he's flying, how does he do that? I think flying dreams mean when we are free flowing through life, where things are coming easy, and we feel "free".

    Other dreams, which are common, are dreams like we are walking in slow motion, or like we are being held back. I've had several dreams like that, where I would try to walk or run, and it would be very hard, like there was an invisible force trying to stop me. And at that time, I felt like my job was holding me back, and like I was not expressing my true potential.

    So, it's common for dreams to have a meaning for us, which represents what is happening in our lives. I, for one, dream every night, and they are usually very normal dreams lol But I think it's important to be aware of our dreams, and try to write them down when we feel they are important. I do that at least, and they always hold some message for me, to help me learn more about myself.
    • Very interesting, I can agree with that whole paragraph. Yeah I have the chased dream all too often. and i've been bitten by dogs as well. Not very hard. Recently though the dogs have been letting me pet them and been very happy, and another dream where a dog was trying to lead me and I followed him down the stairs and he'd run down another flight when I got close, and I saw that I could slip thru the railing and end up a floor lower, and when I did that the dog looked alarmed I hadn't followed him and slowly stepped up the steps. I whistled and he immidiantly ran too me happy and leapt on me and I fell on my back. and I scratched under his neck. Blissful dream. I don't know what it means but maybe it means i've found my way. Also dreamt someone was driving my car and I took the wheel from that person and drove the car. Could have the same meaning I suppose.
  • Hmm you have dreams every night, if you didn't you'd literally go crazy or die, or have schizophrenia. Very strange thing that if we don't dream we have those effects.  and that dream sounds like a lucid one. I'd like to have a dream like that. I wouldnt have forgotten it either.

  • Hmm never looked at it that way, very insightful :D
  • Dreams are messages from my higher self...

    They are travels to different realms... 

    They are meetings, teachings, healings & journeys with angels, divine helpers, ascended masters, spirit guides & family.

    For several years I kept a dream journal...WOW...Very revealing!

    Sending you Eternal divine Love, Light & glorious rainbows from Scotland xxx

    • Haha WoW! Years? Me, a month or two. Very intriguing symbolism in there the subC uses to speak to us, would you agree?
      • Maybe I'll start on the dream dictionary again. It was relevant & much needed whilst I was doing it. The subC or higher self? OR you could say connecting on a different level. YIP!
        • Well... hmmm. Whoever makes the dreams, I've felt my spirit guide has been in my dreams, I swear I saw her the other night, and last night too o_0 whoever makes the dream. And yeah I use the dream dictionary too. Not always accurate, but when it is it's pinpoint.
          • OOOps, I meant dream diary. But yes I agree about da dictionary. I'm very blessed also to have a dear friend & healer (since the age of 2, now 61) who shares with me interpretation of dreams & sometimes reminds me when I've been off travelling to different realms. Cool... that you've met your spirit guide! :-) One of my guides is a very aged Chinese man with a wonderfully hilarious sense of humour.

            Something I read or heard...(When in dream or meditation)..whilst travelling the path of enlightenment, if you meet with anyone who claims to be buddha/god/spirit guides or anyone holy,challenge them to the light & if the are anything other than pure & divine love, the light will disperse them.

            • I'll keep that in mind! and I didn't really meet that guide, but the day after i'd been done researching and first found out there even was a spirit guide, this amazingly beautiful woman had gotten in the car and held my hand tight as we made tight turns, we  were holding hands in the car, and the lady was out of my league, too old and hot for me so I mean idk, there's really no esy to know what goes on down there. It's a whole 'nother dimension in that realm.
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