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Hi all, i would like to get your views about some things.

We seem to have become the scape goat for wildlife in our neighborhood, mainly skunks.

We feed the birds and squirrels during the day and maybe sometimes there is a very little bit of bread left over come night time.

We have dogs in houses on each side of us.

Previously, one neighbors dog was sprayed, now the other neighbor, one of her dogs was sprayed months later, in their own yards.

What i find strange about all this is, these people are willing to blame us, which is a form of attack, for something we are not responsible for.

How can we be ultimately responsible for our wild animal friends in nature, we don't own them, nor are they are pets.

It is my opinion, these people are being very self centered, they don't give a hoot about our animal friends, then when they get sprayed, they care, but in a negative way and to make things worse, they are looking to blame whoever they can in the neighborhood, as if we are responsible for all these animals running around, i thought god was responsible for that, go figure.

Also, it's almost as if they are pissed off at the creator of nature, which includes skunks and don't know how to deal with what in their minds, must seem like an attack of the smelly kind.

Bear in mind, these skunks could not possibly live off what occasional scraps are left in the yard, so they are getting the rest from nature directly and other peoples gardens.

Should we ban people from growing their own food, because some people have some kind of grudge against other life forms running wild around them and are we going to blame all these garden growers for aiding and abetting our animal friends, lol.

I'm sure we have many opinions on this here, lets here your choice and opinion and by chioce i mean, will you accept other life around you and respect it also, or will you only respect dogs and cats, lol.

peace love light

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We have a family of feral cats we feed. One day a neighbor came over complaining about the fleas. Well, excuse me. Fleas like mammals. Us included. Go figure.

You won't win a Civil Suit with that argument, though. ;)

There's a number of different parahraphs in civil law that could eff you here, if your neighbor would be smart enough to find'em. Somehow, I suspect that he is not. And I sure as hell ain't gonna tell him/her/it either. :D

I could certainly do well without all the TBE- and borrelia infested tics that the deer bring in when they come to feast on all the things I grow for them in my yard, but that's about all the problems I have with the animals at the moment. :)

love thy is their right to be there...........................

... Up to some limits... :)

I must confess that when the rats around my house became a nuisance to the neighbors, I started to sprinkle the corners of the house with a special essence that tends to draw BIG male cats, big enough to kill rats. :)

Nowadays, I have no rats around the house. I do love my neighbors, but however hard I try to, I still can not feel bad about the proxywar-induced genocide I am responsible for (having all the rats killed through biochemical manipulation of specific cat senses), in order to gain such lovely and many cat-friends (mini-tigers) as I have right now. :)

Hi all, thanks for sharing, so we have one for sure yes from bonnie and one not sure from acute and one, i cannot tell.

Hi michael, so by your statement, are you saying the skunks have a right also, to be outside in nature and exist, or are you only respecting humans and their dogs and i have a dog also, by the way.

peace love light

yes, even skunks have a right to be there . anything else ? ticks , chiggers ? yes , deer , mountain lions , snakes , spiders . its just natural to be part of it as humans.

I think you may have misinterpreted my answer.

You should count me as a "Sure".

Thanks for the clear reply michael.

Well, these neighbors on either side of us, clearly don't comprehend what you have said michael.

In fact, one of them shines a spotlight around the yards every night, as if these skunks are man/dog eating monsters.

It's completely laughable, these skunks couldn't harm a fly.

Yet these humans are far more concerning to me, as far as there capability to do harm, due to an obvious ignorance and lack of empathy and respect for all life.

Well, i can only hope the creator source helps to correct them of these errors in thinking and there irrational fears.

peace love light

since yesterday, my dogs new name is stinkee, poor thing got skunked........

I get in trouble with the neighbors too for feeding birds, squirrels and hedgehogs.  The hedgehogs get ticks, so I get tics sometimes, too.  When a hedgehog gets too many ticks they come and sit at my front door and I pick them up and clean off the ticks.  I clearly do not believe that ticks have equal rights, but any kind of animal is fine with me.  The dogs need to learn not to hassle the skunks and then they will not get sprayed.



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