Is this reality real, what can we do to, should we escape from this or transform it?
As the film of Buhdda, he say's you are pure illusion and then every trap of the Matrix vanish, but then there are people who say that we are supposed to change it, so what are we going suppose to do?

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  • people need to re-evaluate the influence of the planets upon people.  different astrology systems not all based on planets exist, they all say the same things about the differenet groups, they do not however all say its because of planetary influence.  if planets influenced us then why are there so many objects from our solar system missing from astrology? here is a list of objects bigger than pluto, not including objects from the juiper belt or the asteroid belt.

    Eris, Triton, Europa, Io, Callisto, Titan, Ganymede.  the last 3 are more than twice the size of pluto, but are never given responsibility for influencing people.

    also of note, the moon causes more effect upon earth than all other solar system objects combined.

    time to admit that the reason astrology "works" has nothing to do with the planets.  The native system doesnt mention planets at all, but if you are a virgo with astrology and read the bear from native astrology they are the same, no planets required.

  • sorry i posted husband said mars was not distroyed by war...he said an astroid hit mars moon...probably millions of years ago and it broke into three pieces piece hit mars and he said a piece is in Alaska...perhaps that could be proven.  but fast forward...yes we all have a part...and yes i understand the Light...non of us would be able to stand in the full Light...we only recieve small parts...that's all the vessels we are in can handle...i understand your mission and wish you well.   much love

  • yes, my husband claims to be martian...he said long ago they distroyed their planet with wars...there is life there today...i'm not sure if martians of today are husband is very loving.  are you getting memories of being martian?  i'm acturian, i'm only here to generate love energy, i am in a state to keep myself in continual connection with Divine Source...connect...if you meditate (pray) and you are sincere and your intentions are right, you have corrected your fatal flaws, (ego) will enter and feel calm, peace, joy, love, bliss, actually you will feel US ALL...the elect.  much love

  • My banana is not in my ear---

    its under my butt...


  • The change cannot be attained for you-- by someone else- only you can change yourself. Noone can do it for you.

  • When you start using Words-- espeially shouting tones--
    It always comes out wrong.
    If your posative or negative about something --- its doesnt really matter.
    truth is truth.
    It doesnt matter what your personal opinion is. I could deny your existence -- it doesnt mean you dont exist.
    Its up to YOU.
    Its what YOU value.

    • Can you hear me?

      Or is there a banana in your ear?


  • these are the forces keeping differences between us...trying to keep us fighting so we wouldn't figure out who we really are...our heritage is light...we are the unmovable race...nothing to do's motion, unstoppable...just connect and feel the love

  • it's US that's changing...WE will move earth into a higher dimention...............DROP OUR DIFFERENCES....LOVE ALL....feel the love energy it is all around you...stay pure in your intentions and you will assend...transform the darkness into light...we are the darkness transformed...i hope you understand...each of us has a part ...much joy and love...laugh everyday


    Listen to these two video's, will help understand what we are and everything around us is pure energy, knowing what we are helps on what we may or may not want to do, or complete in out lives.


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