• everything in our present being is a tool, learning tool which helps adjust our energies or trick us, like dark side playing a test on you ; which direction will your mind lead your body. Both are good tools, indeed. A path into light goes through many dark corridors.
    Many , many yrs ago adepts of Alexandrian School of Life had to swim through dark and deep pool of water infested with alligators. First deep dive to the bottom , cross small opening on that bottom where you "will see the LIGHT" of opening on the surface.
    In each and personal level , we must take that step ; more so if one seeks Light not darkness.
    To quote Zarathustra : Darkness only knows darkness ; Light knows both........"
    Dear brother Budha said : I walk the middle path, I understand darkness but I prefer Light..................."
    Search and reach for the Light..........................................................................................................
  • Hey there, its Joschwa, or Jon S (you guess the rest), with your friendly neighborly reminder of what's true and what's false.
    You are perfect just the way you are.
    I, for one, am completely and unconditionally accepting of all living, breathing creatures, including spores and nematodes, from Nickelodeon's Doug. Lol
    I am a very funny man, with a terrific sense of humor. Just saying. More people just need to embrace it: life is hilarious.
    I am typing this on my blackberry Pearl - the little one that only weasels like myself still own. You should all look into Opera Mini if you have a semi-decent phone- it gives the full internet to most new agey phones.
    Okay, back to what I was saying before I so rudely interrupted- jeez, seriously, what is with me these? Blabbing on about phones, I thought we were talking about karma and chakras and stuff having to do with granola bars Lol I'm just kidding. Man(or woman... Or nematode), you won't believe how long it took to write the word granola using the autotype! Although luckily it worked much quicker the second time. This truly is a "smart" phone. Lol, almost mispelled "truly" as "truely". I deserve to be shackled down and beaten to within an inch of my life. Hahahahaha. Just kidding.

    Finally, its true you don't have to worry about all this nonsense of right and wrong. Sing like a bird does: with constraint for "proper" melody.
    "Say, Chirple Jr., you missed the fourth note of the tenth stanza. Please leave the nest and GROW UP while you're at it."
    No, its more like, I'm guessing:
    "gee, that was a lovely series of notes you just gave to me and the world. Enjoy this worm that I pre- digested for you. Tweet tweet tweet BA-GOCK!!!"
    Okay, I added the chicken sound. So sue me. Please, please don't actually do that. There is no need to benefit from the misery and turmoil you cause to another, even if you think that they've harmed you.
    Which brings me to my next point! Why do birds suddenly appear... Well, you know the song..
    Anyways! And yes, I said anyways with an s! You have to let down your guide and enjoy what God's given you. "what will he or she think if...?" you know what, if they're going to judge you, then their opinion isn't worth a hill of beans. I've had to deny every hater, every "authority" on life, i've ever met just to get to where I am today. And none can deny the fact that I have a lot going on for me and unlimited potential to get to where I am going and the support I need to make it
    Finally, I just want to say, in the "truth" category, to conclude what I was trying to say, about birds and song, listen to Cat Stevens more often. That's it.
    There is no God, or at least there is no love in the universe. Look at the children you raise to become "just like you". They're so loving, all they want is a kiss and a hug at night and to be heard and not to be constantly told what to do because they're parents are trying to protect them from getting hurt. What hypocrisy, you know. First, we give up on our own dreams, saying "oh I'll never be a singer", or "I'm too young or too old." seriously, shut up. You bore me. Get a life. Get real. It takes one to know one. Lol, just kidding with that last one. Anyway, a second opinion could save your life tonight. "oh, but you have a lovely voice, Joyce!"
    "but I already gave up on that dream!"
    Well... Its time to give up on giving up. Ressurect your dream, and be free. Quit your job, move to Africa, tell the wife and "see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya" and go! I'm not
    We have this idea in America that breaking ties with your spouse because its the only thing in the whole universe that you truly want somehow "hurts" them. No, it hurts their image of a life. It hurts the system. Everyone knows the system doesn't breed much of anything except resentment and upset looks on each other's and yet we "stay together for the kids" get a clue. You're ruining your childrens futures by pushing them into jobs they don't want and never, making them live up to marks set some person who sits at a desk and judges from afar. Only my heavenly Father has the right, if anyone, to do that. If you want your kids to stop crying, trying saying "yes! You can be an author one day if you work really hard and believe in yourself and keep coming back to me cause I'm your biggest fan and love you no matter what happens" rather than "no, Jimmy, statistics show that blah blah blah books blah blah get a real job blah blah blah income taxes blah blah blah your mother is Very disappointed with you, Jimmy blah blah I think you deserve a greater punishment but I'm being honest with you, this is love to me, pretending like I care more about the flavor or my coca-cola than your well being. Like I care More what Betty said about Ronnie about Susie about Debbie about Guadalupe about Debbie again than sharing an intimate moment with my son. That'd make me vulnerable, get rid of this brick wall around my soul that protects me from the truth: I'm a has been, a nobody, someone who used to have a dream, but instead has a home with nothing in it but fear. The end."
    You know, I'm done typing to all you people. I keep saying things that could bring about your salvation, but you think you're better than me. We'll see who's better when judgment day comes.
    I'm not even going to check the responses but I can see them now: "where is this all coming from?" "you're a very bad boy with delusions of grandeur" "dreams are stupid you savage beast of man"
  • (= thanks Delilah..i see what you said.


    we need no silly words , do we.


    the light that shines through the storm...

    stay close to the center , All. (=


    • Exactly Steve :) May we all stay close and warm in these times of turmoil :)  Love is with us all!
  • l.gif
    • Thats it ! .. the lighthouse .. thats IT ! Thats exactly the whole point of it all... this particular reply is whats known in the trade as nailing it ! ... hats off to you Delilia.. shine on sister , shine on :)
      • <3 to you Luke, it just seemed like the perfect thing to post  :)  Thanks so much for your words, feels good :)
  • Just my opinion, but..

    I think one of the reasons it is, so difficult, is our inherent need to judge.

    Once we get through that thick membrane, everything seems to get a little easier.

    Just my 2 cents...Today worth 1/12 th of a cent lol

    • Oh that's worth many thousands of dollars lol You're very right, the need to judge is probably the thickest membrane that holds us back, that and resisting what is, resisting the now. If we can learn to really accept what is, and hold the space of unconditional love..we will ease through any challenge, and be right there, ready to ascend. Again, easier said than done, but ultimately, it's something we'll all need to master.
  • Very well said, John..

    I wholeheartedly agree,

    Everyone has their own experiences, but unconditional love,

    For self, and all, I think is one of  the biggest thing to realise as we

    grow on the pathes we are all on.

    May peace resonate in All your hearts now.

This reply was deleted.

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