I have always wondered what the Pleiadian worlds are like. Is it like Earth but without no wars and more love? What is the nature like? Do they have a wide amount of animals like here on earth?


Are there any pictures of what the places looks like? 


I hope someone knows the answer for these questions. That is something I have always been thinking of.


Much love

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  • Hey Nick

    Truly speaking,its impossible to put in words or print what it is like in the higher dimensions.Why hear from someone when with a sincere attitude you can access them yourself or atleast have afeeling of its vibration.We have all been there before and can go there anytime we have a strong will to.As long as you dont believe in your own intuition and ability,you delay your awakening and slow your pace back home.If you truly are sincere in self cultivation,i can introduce to you some of the fastest ways to healing then you may witness those worlds first hand.Love and peace


    • Hello, when i got your message i was reading this :

      With the decline in Gaia’s resonance, the polarities of male and female became so extreme that humans were unable to balance both masculine and feminine consciousness in the same body. Because of this, men became only masculine and women became only feminine.

      Those who retained whole brain thinking hid their ability for fear of being labeled as aberrations. Therefore, the ability to simultaneously access both hemispheres of the brain became a curse, rather than a gift. Hence, the planet descended deeper and deeper into ignorance and superstition. Finally, Atlantis collapsed into the sea and the frequency of Gaia gradually became the dense, third dimension that it is today.

      We on the Pleiades observed this process with heavy hearts. Many eons ago, when we were “children” ourselves, we arrived on Earth from Lyra, our Homeworld. Since we were still learning through conflict, the great challenges of Earth caused our resonance to fall until we became afraid. Our fear caused judgment, prejudice, competition and cruelty. We waged many wars, just as you have, and caused much destruction on the body, and in the aura, of dear Gaia.

      Since our civilization has long been relocated to the Pleiades and ascended into the fifth dimension, we wish to make amends for our mistakes. The Beings from Sirius, and even the Draconians from Orion, who also inhabited Earth in their earlier eras, wish to join us in clearing the physic scars that we all have when we were “children.” (Mithra - Elohim from the Pleiades)

      Nice synchro...



    • Hello Baba don't hesitate to share your fastest ways to healing to everyone, all of us have still have works to do, and myself i'm always ready to experiment new ways and see things with open mind. Blessings
  • Here's a sample exercise to visit this marvelous world : Before going to bed merge with your Soul in the purity of your heart and ask your Soul to bring you in there during your sleep. Prepare a sheet of papaer and a pen so that you could that you could quickly recall your dream. You will do what i call Soul travel. You will feel like a pure spec of light without a body. The pleiades are so beautiful. All of us spent a lot time there during our night trip, you've just to train to recall the memories with a pure heart. Blessings



  • Lovely brothers & sisters , lots of love are in yr words thank you for sharing , Ananta thank you , also  777ALAJE & Captain A I could not eccess yr sight but would love to  ,  have a great weekend from  a wintery New Zealand  morn xox
  • Hi Nick,

    If you want detailed information about some of the Pleiadian worlds, you will find it on my site:  http://pleiadianwidsom.webs.com  It is first hand knowledge.


    A soul can visit worlds in the Plejaran system astrally if their intent is loving and peaceful, and they are capable of holding is high vibration for a period of time.  Some planets - such as Erra - have such a strong consciousness that they will reject anyone who does not meet the above criteria, or is not vibrationally 'recognized' or accepted by the planet.  In those cases, individuals find themselves continuously returned to their starting point.  All worlds in the system have a strict code of compliance for anyone visiting in a more solid form (for obvious reasons) much like there is Customs on earth.

  • I think with most worlds out there today, it isn't all about the hype of the pics they show out there on the internet, but rather places we know about already in our minds. If u have a creative outlet then drawing places like Pleiadian worlds never hurt. Seriously try automtic drawing once, and i bet that your description of the Pleidian world is more correct then what the internet has been putting out there with sparkles and glitter. Creativity though is something we all have already inside of ourselves to get intuned with some of these worlds out there. Painting, Drawing, writing, reading, all to which can connect our 3D brains to worlds out there we have never heard of before. Then share the expereiences of what u have been seeing and taping into with your frequency vibes. When we tap into things like we are helping those around us to see as well, that u can tap into these energies on our own. Rember that there is no rankings when it comes to tuning to other parts of the world :) U have only yourself to get there. Its like packing your own suitcase and then traveling outside of the 3D world kind of like going on vacation :) None to which is ever the wrong answers as exploring the mind set. A mind is a terrible thing to waste :) Happy exploring. Also i think that if any of these worlds were to show up here on Planet Earth they would show up more as color tones rather then what is being plastered on the net here today, but we can see better as to how these worlds look like we awaken our minds to frequencies out of this world :) 
  • hahaha, agree. Nice response, Dalix!
  • I see it/them like this:


    • Quetzal and Florena.....I recognise these faces.....Drekx
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