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11/07/12 - Obama is declared the winner; I predicted Obama to win recently on this site, as well as in January 2012 per youtube (while I had on my Ron Paul 2012 T-shirt. As an astrologer, you have to call 'em as you see 'em. But here in the U.S.A. you also have a right to choose a candidate that fits ones' beliefs and ideas, and not just from the candidate choices approved of and made for by our television networks). BUT HERE'S WHERE I REALLY GET THE EXCREMENT THROWN AT ME: I've been using Obama's horoscope chart per Mombasa, Kenya data (as opposed to Honolulu, Hawaii). But I provide both horoscopes below, and the reader can make their own judgment. It is my opinion that the Kenyan chart defines Obama much better than the Hawaiian chart, and I have been researching both this year.

I have heard the information regarding Hawaii resident Frank Marshall Davis as possibly being Obama's real father, and I believe this may be true. Appearances are really good indicators, and Barack Obama Sr. versus Frank Marshall Davis (in facial comparison and facial expression with our president) reveals traits of Davis that are easily seen in the U.S. president's face and appearance. But we still do not have significant documented proof (other than a pretty piece of computer paper and a tycoon with a $4000 designer suit saying "trust me") that definitly proves Obama was definitly born in Hawaii, much less Kenya. The only real credible proof of Hawaiian birth comes from the current government of Hawaii, and not from any hospitals or medical facilities (and every one of them has searched for Obamas' birth records, and none have come forward saying that the president of the U.S. was born in their facility). Likewise, there is no definitive proof that he was born in Kenya, but there are a good number of Kenyans of late age (and in politics) claiming Obama to be born in Mombasa, Kenya. As per Hawaii, I have yet to see anyone from Hawaii come forward claiming to remember Obama being delivered on Hawaiian soil, except for a recent Hawaiian governor who changed his mind from "no birth records found" to "Hawaiian born" the following day. Please also note that Ann Dunham (the president's mother) was a very big jet setter who was reportedly in Seattle briefly with a 3-4 week old Barack Obama, and returning to Hawaii after a few weeks of work. It is also claimed (by Kenyans) that Ann was in Kenya while pregnant, trying to win over her future in-laws in Kenya (who reportedly wanted nothing to do with Miss Dunham. Jerome R. Corsi is my source on this info).  

This is the Mombasa, Kenya chart. There are several things that stand out.

First, the Moon in Taurus, on top of the fixed star of Algol ("the head of the Medussa"). Astrologer Vivian Robson defines "injuries to the head" when the luminaries (Sun or Moon) are conjunct this star, and youtube reveals many documented videos on Obamas' scars to the back of his head (which may be from either surgery, muslim ritual (involving placement of a knife to the head), or government conspiracy. Some conspiracy theorists actually claim that the CIA's MK ULTRA program may have placed electrodes inside Obamas head, since MK ULTRA's early experiments are believed to have originated at the University of Hawaii (where Ann Dunham and his first father Barack Sr. first met, in a Russian class. Barack Sr. was majoring in economics, and Ann Dunham was majoring in anthropology. The selection of Russian as a foreign language in the late 1950's is interesting)). Note that Ariel Sharon had the Moon conjunct Algol, and died of a cerebral vascular accident (i.e. stroke). My step-father has one of the two luminaries conjunct Algol, and he has had issues with facial melanoma and surgery to his face. Finally, the Moon in Taurus indicates a strong attraction toward material comforts (and this is definitly revealed by the White House travel and lodging budget, which is reportedly one of the top five of all time in terms of $amounts). It also defines great patience and a taking to tasks in a careful manner, which seems to reflect on him better than the "flighty personality" aspect of the Gemini Moon (revealed in his Honolulu natal chart).

Second, father-figure Saturn is in the eleventh house. This is the "lone wolf" symbol, and Obama has spent (and accepted the responsibility of) many lonely but important years in different spots of the globe, with and without supportive parents. This also seems to describe his alledged real father (Frank Marshall Davis), since nobody would listen to him or read his writings. This was probably due to his expression of great disdain and hatred for American capitalism at that time (in the late'50's to early '60's).

Third and finally, the north node (defined as "connections with others") was retrograding at 26 degrees Scorpio (excactly opposite of Obama's natal Kenyan Moon placement) during the final week before the 2012 election. The Moon on a man's chart can define the woman in his life, and Michelle Obama was very active and very successful with campaigning for her husband in terms of "connecting with others" via the internet and TV commercials. This transit is also very close to equaling Obama's 27 degree Aquarius Ascendant placement ("the environment"), and thus qualifies as a midpoint between the transiting North Node and his natal Moon. Please note that this placement (26 to 27 degrees Aquarius) is very close to the U.S.A. midheaven (the "point in the sky above you") , per American Federation of Astrologers U.S.A. chart (07/04/1776; 3:05 AM, Philly PA). If the use of Michelle as a cheerleader for Obama was a planned astrological move, it was brilliant.



Let's look at Obama's birth chart per Honolulu, Hawaii (below). It reveals Saturn in the twelfth house, while the Kenyan chart features the "lone wolf" Saturn placement in the eleventh house.. This 12th house Saturn placement usually indicates problems and conflicts with the father-figure when young, which Obama never really had (and his relationship with Ann Dunham's 2nd husband was very good). Interestingly, alledged Hawaiian father Frank Marshall Davis was written about as being a mentor of young Barack Obama, and Barack was reportedly heavily influenced by him (watch Obama's speeches when he talks about taxing the wealthy or discussing workers rights!! He really lights up!!) Also note the Moon in Gemini, in the fourth house. This placement is good for defining the mother-figure at the home, as Ann Dunham did a bunch of travelling during Obama's younger years. But the Moon in Gemini defines an inner personality that features constant vacillation and spreading oneself thinly over important tasks to be done (and the priorities of such tasks), as well being excessively talkative socially (which he reportedly is not). Thus, the Taurus Moon (on top of Algol) and the eleventh house Saturn seem to define Obama a lot better than these positions on the Hawaii chart.

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well done!

Thanks! I notice that nobody is attacking me on youtube. Hmmmm. Two months to go before I see how my other predictions for 2012 pan out.

Oh I see -- didn't see the Gemini Moon -- I think that's what my rising sign is -- :)

Thanks! You have a right to your opinion, but I beg to differ because Mercury rules communication abilities in the outside environment, not the Moon (which rules individuals in ones personal environment). Obama's Mercury is in opposition with lucky Jupiter (on both charts) and this is why he is a great speaker, not the Moon in Gemini placement. The Moon rules and reveals the qualities of sensitive/clannish Cancer, and Cancer is very selective and careful about who is allowed in ones personal environment (or "family") for sensitive and personal communication/association. Gemini rules short distance travel, general communications, pen and paper, and general information one seeks (i.e. newspapers, television). Gemini is also notorious for getting bored easily, and the big problem with the Moon in Gemini placement interpretation for Obama is that men with this placement (and I am one of them) are notorious for getting bored too easily with the selective close people in ones personal environment, and usually excessively talk or openly communicate (Gemini) their private information or inner feelings (the Moon) a little too much. Obama is reportedly very private about his personal life, and this does not fit well with a Gemini Moon interpretation.

Oh wow -- he is a Leo, totally makes sense -- what's his Moon and Rising Sign? :)

The lunar position is the topic of hot discussion, because it differs in sign placement (unlike his rising sign of Aquarius, which is the same in both charts. Obama's Hawaiian chart features a Gemini Moon, and I have the Moon in Gemini. He is reportedly very secretive about his love life and personal affairs, and this is not like a Gemini Moon (who is not afraid to talk about such, maybe too much. I know Gemini Moons who have this problem; I am one of them (look for my forum on this site about my UFO encounter. I think I talked a little too much about my private life!)) Obama's Kenyan chart has the Moon in Taurus, and I was raised by Taurus parents. I say he has a Taurus Moon conjunct fixed star Algol (per Kenyan chart); the overwhelming evidence is due to the scars on his head and his overt love for luxury (note that he reportedly peed off the people in Montana during a visit when he ordered lobster from Maine and champagne from France for dinner, instead of eating the local cuisine offered to him. He also reportedly rents out huge estates in Hawaii ($9 million a year was the last quote) when taking time off). 




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