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we were literally designed to create realitys...its your true nature

I feel personally that ascension is the level in our evolution where we realize we are creating the reality we desire while we move thru it, all from a perspective of being self aware and conscious of the ebb and flow of reality while we make it ours to experience. We were always capable of manipulating the fabric of existence, we were upgraded and genetically designed to be creators and co creators. I am finding if i make strides toward what i would like to happen, i have a general outline of what i would like to happen in the near future, and things fall into place fast, life changes fast now, and i kind of know what will happen because i made the ground work thru my intentions and thoughts or words. And oneness isnt about everyone being on the same love and light high until u become one big hug lol.

Oneness is when all beliefs, religions, races, science, metaphysical, technology etc become the parts in the puzzle that we as a race of spiritual creators are putting back together. Once these aspects a seen as pieces to a puzzle that all fit and have a place, we will feel as one again, but technically the oneness is many many aspects and beliefs working harmoniously to create a reality where we can put our differences aside and create and play in this wonderful playground we call life on earth.

2012 to me is about taking back or remembering our true nature of love, knowledge, creation. We have just been dooped into creating a reality which benefits a select few, while making us feel like we need them, how.could we need a government when we are.creating the very reality in which they govern us. ts such a cheap trick, we just have to realize and remember we u ultimately control
YOur life
The ones that are manipulating our sacred and amazing abilities to create...they know u can create a world where we take back our wonderful gaia and heal her as a collective of literal reality shapers.
Love u all, u are all far too powerful to let any entity control any part of you reality, of course these r my own views and oppinions and may not reflect your beliefs or views, just had to get it out there terrible grammer and all lol.

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Always good to see u too feather winger. It seems all aspects that segregate our world are really just pieces of our collective history or beliefs and i feel all aspects will fit together again and merge as one collective eventually realizing that each part is equally valuable and essential to achieving a higher state of consciousness and understanding.

Much love and enlightenment

Adam, I think you are spot on!

Thanks, just how i feel right now, havent followed or posted anything for a while, been busy but i am always aware i guess

I've always felt that God is first and foremost an artist. This whole creation we live in is a huge work of art, it's theatre, its music, it's a masterpiece. And we, as little mini gods, we are first and foremost artists, we mold and sculpt ourselves and our life into what we envision. The only thing is, what vision are we holding for ourselves, are we holding negative self defeating visions, or are we holding the highest vision we can for ourselves. What are we letting into our hearts, feelings of worthiness and love for ourselves, or the opposite.

Sadly, we're in a world where people don't love themselves enough to feel they're worthy of anything really good. And that's sad, I think one of my missions is to help people overcome that limitation. Fear is the biggest killer, the destroyer of our power, and...we have to learn to overcome that. Because really there is nothing to fear...just fear itself, it's really true. And we need to work on that, because it's nice to talk about brotherhood and all that, but we can't really love other people, until we learn to love ourselves. We need to work on ourselves and get rid of our fears, that's one of the most important things we can do for our soul growth.

U make some good points john, i agree fear and fear of rejection, abandonment and failure stop so many of us from living the lives or reality we truly desire. My rasta jamaican buddy used to drum and sing u cannot love others until u love yourself in the streets of victoria. Art is one of our most expressive ways of creating in this reality for sure.



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