I believe within the next few months it will be very important that most of the planet to be awakened at this time. We have to put out positive thought vibrations in order to change the current negative reality from a negative to a positive reality. With the galactic center opening up, the most pure energy will be pouring all over the earth and the solar system. The critical mass conciousness needs to be at a certain level, the more of the population we have awakened the better chance we have of manifesting the new earth reality into existence. In the next few months we are headed to remarkable transformation, how fast we get there is up to us. I have been having a lot of visions of what heaven on earth will look like. In some of my dreams I was walking on pure golden walk ways, the gates were made of pure goldand pearls and children run around and play with animals that we consider wild in our current reality. Telepathically adults and children are able to communicate with the animals and the angels, there's music that cannot be imagined in this reality that plays on and on. I walk on then start to levitate towards skies and taken up to the anti-gravity floating cities where there are large celebrations taking place, women and men dance in joy as the angels sing. Later on that day Michael Jackson in his true form and glory is asked to perform by the light beings. The adults and children in the crowds go wild and then the celebrations really begins. Michael was dressed up in a pure white suit with real gold shoes, the sun hits his clothing and all spectrum of the colors of the rainbow could be seen as his suit glows with white light. He slowly descends from the skies, lands on the stage and does some dance moves that can not be performed in this current reality. I stand there in awe of the moment of coarse and total bliss it was just beautiful. I look up towards the skies the clouds are beyond our current reality, everything in the higher dimensions are upgraded eons compared to the reality we are currently living in. Huge mother ships from other star systems dot the skies with beings from different and higher dimensions and many races. The new earth of coarse has been restored with large trees and forests, the water in the higher dimensions is crystalline water beyond what we currently know water as. We are now in the spirit realms and light bodies have been activated, eternal bodies which means death is obsolete and there will be no more sickness and suffering. We will have all our abilities back as we return to our original twelve strand DNA structure, teleportation, telepathy, time travel, levitation, telekinesis etc......
I know all this sounds strange but I felt like it is a good thing to share some of my visions to the whole. I will conclude by saying it is up to us to manifest heaven on earth. I dream about these visions every day and every night, I really hope everyone is doing the same thing with their positive dreams between now and 2012. I really would love some feedback from the members hear at ashtar command. Love and light

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  • Thanks for the post!

    You really do have a wonderful dream.

    I haven't had a dream like that as far as I remember, maybe because I don't know what to expect for the New Earth. It is beyond my Imagination for sure. But I am always looking forward for a scenario where everyone is joyful with their hearts singing.

    No more unnecessary drama and fight between another, and no more hardship just in able to cope up and live in this world. Its painful whenever I see people would resort to such things and end up doing stuff to be able to feed themselves and survive. Anybody should be able to live in harmony just like everyone else, no exemption.
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