Friends, family, those of you who are new to this aspect of thinking and non-believers; Ive had many visions... I've remained silent for nearly 7 months... But I feel it is time to hold back no more. Though the prophecy has spoken for me to not share my visions of tribulations, I feel tthat I must. There is NO end in 2012... Nor will there be a new beginning. All there will be is CHANGE. Some for the good, Others for the worst (similar to Y2K)... BUT and I mean this with great urgency; pay close attention to the news, the media, songs, movies, books... There is a storm at hand. And TRUTH about ''Life'' is soon to be tempered with. Trust in your hearts and resort back to what you once were. As a child life made very little sense yet you knew something you probably forgot by now... That You Are Not Alone. There is Life out there... A very abundance of it! Some very primitive, some learning, some quite advance. But fear and worry not. Life shares one common feature. The sound of the heart and the feeling of love and fear.We and the others have been watching this world progress for some time. You have very long to go before you can accept the truths of tomorrow. As the wars you face will soon be followed by the signs of HOPE. Follow the Numbers and Remember.... EVERTHING happens for a reason (even beyond the Earth we live 'in') ''The stars are always there... Even when no one is watching..''Martyn Redd --Signing Off-- 

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  • Don't worry just live life one day at a time and enjoy life.  In our mortal state we all die one day and our soul or spirit has eternal life.

    If a major catastrophe should ever happen in the future it is just fate, mother nature being in the wrong place at the wrong time. When your time is up that's it folks. it's time to follow the light to the spirit world and prepare in time for your next reincarnation back to earth in your next life so yeah  enjoy this life and be happy, live life one day at a time and don't worry as life goes on.

    The media is full of spin, hype and propaganda to condition or brainwash your mind set and attitude to life, don't follow the sheep, think outside the square and you will enjoy life a lot more.

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"Judith. Alkaline diet will kill any cancer. Research alkaline foods. Drink a glass of water with one teaspoon of baking soda once per day"
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