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I am sorry if I will upset you. Its just that we can't close our eyes for what's happening in France.

For this reason I ask you to share this discussion, to make it viral, to denounce the violent repression executed by a psychopath megalomaniac president. A little frustrated boy through a very pervert experience during his adolescence and still dominated by the same woman in his life till today as his wife.

This repression by the CRS - Corps Retards Submitted don't make any difference, they are out of control beast beating elders, women, children's and even rolling chair handicapped. Right now is a woman (70yearsold) between life and death after been beating by a CRS.

Its time to show the world this unacceptable violence caused by the French president who is a shame for this amazing country, a nazionist slave, a rottenfailure puppet.

Watch this video (warning,graphic) we could think, this was take it during the Nazi period, NO its France 2019. Even the UN condemned this violent repression see the video.

Look this reporter, he is not in Syria or any war zone, he is in Paris in 2019.

and here if you like to sign this petition against this violence repression, I will be thankful, of course it is no obligation.

The new slogan is

Fraternity, Equality, Liberty

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Done...I signed the petition on both and shared in facebook...I am hopeful that this will end for the highest good of the people of France...

thank you so much, "who sows misery, harvests anger" in 2019

Viva La France!

the nazis were the National Democratic Socialist Party-communists from the German communist party in Germany joined the nazi party because they were actually getting shot in the streets-the corporate types and some very wealthy people backed the nazis to get control of the gov and 'progressives' ,who are totalitarians, played a major part in putting the nazis in power-if the communists became more popular the progressives would have run with them-apparently macron is backed by the EU and the EU is Germany and Germany, it's been said,  is still run by grandchildren of the  nazis/etc.

The EU does not want a Frexit

I think that the corrupt EU politician have no idea of what is really going on,

they can't stop this new (R)Evolution

Roberto, I think they know it at a higher level, but they are fighting it because they know it is the end for them...They are afraid of loosing their power and the entitlement to whatever they want that this power brings and they would rather keep going with their indifference to the suffering going on around them ...They only think of themselves...but they are very afraid...Only fear makes people act the way they do...

Yes, I agree with you, they are scared to death, because they know their game is over, and like a wounded beast, they like to kill all around, like if I have nothing, than no one will, so sad. they have lose everything even their soul to the evil to have a powerful life, and now its over, power to the people.

MACRON'S IDOL ... complete with ideology explained .... 



thanks for your comment, exactly and the union make the force.

On November 10th, 1793, there was an activation of Goddess of Reason and Liberty in the Notre Dame church in Paris:



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