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Enormous 2000 mile long and 2000 mile wide Motherships glowing and blinking in lights just hanging there in the sky right above our heads... man.. 14 feet tall blue people mingling with us... smaller ones up to our waste level... Galactic languages... bizzar food LOL... incredible technologies... rides in space ships to other planets... drinking ET beverages in the star wars bar on these Motherships...sleeping on these Motherships.. dreaming in our sleep on these Motherships... visiting other worlds, sisters and brothers we are gonna be stunned ! Make no mistake .. its gonna blow our minds into the deepest dimensions imaginable !

We are going to be stunned when all of this happens.. and apparently its gonna happen EXTREMELY soon !
We are gonna be mind blown... lets face it... I have been thinking about this for ages and as I see it... we are gonna be STUNNED !

No matter how you look at it now.. all of the UFO sightings up until now are just tiny blinking lights in the sky but what we are about to see happening is literally undescribable, it will blow our f****** minds ! Close encounters of the third kind is on our dooestep and anyone who shrugs it off can kiss my Extra Terrestrial ass because we are gonna be in awe, it will render us speechless at least for a few moments.. jaws will drop.. mouths will be left gaping wide open.. peoples eyes will bulge... and that folks... is a fact. As a side note, apparently a sacret ''weed'' can be consumed on those ships (I have heard) .. its called Galatic oil ! .. in which case, I cant wait to light up on a Mothership :)

Decloaking, as I see it many people will be in shock when it happens but the shock will fade away and excitement will set in and we will be forever changed.. our Love for one another is magnetising it into physical manifestation and its about to happen... the party to blow away all parties is about to begin and we are in for one heck of a Spiritual expierence... and before anyone says it -  I know it already happened !

That is how I see it. How do you see it? Perhaps its different for you. either way, see ya on a Mothership hopefully. We will not be able to contain our Joy and we will laugh uncontrollably - it will blow us away !

Holy [email protected]%k !



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Thank you einstein..

you may say I'm a dreamer..

but I'm not the only one ..

I hope some day you will join us ..

and the world will be as ONE :) lol

beautiful,thankyou Luke,JONN LENNON,bought his beautiful music to share with all around the globe,and that is exactly what he was trying to teach everyone,blessings brother,eve.
Thank you Eve.. yes ''Imagine'' and we are the result of all our imaginings.. :) Love forever sister.

Hey Rae... Meh :) 

If they remember? ... I guess everyone, everywhere is waking up.

indigo 1955.. thats amazing ! .. can you tell us more.. what was/is the reason they came?.. what did the Being say to you and what did the ship look like? .. hope you dont mind me asking.. I've had simelar expierences. I've seen 2 crafts on 2 different occasions... in Berlin... I feel I've met many Beings directly from ships...but  this happened when I was a boy.. aged about 8 years... in dublin...

I once met a male and female being in Monkstown, Co Dublin who looked like hey were glowing, they were both blonde hair.. blue eyes.. and they told me to concentrate on my Art ! .. they knew my name for Gods sake  ! They told me they were from another world and they pointed up to the sky as they said it.. they were smiling and very friendly.. I thought they were friends of my Parents, my Parents were ''stunned'' when I told them .. the strange thing is, I remember being alone in my bedroom one day and I had asked God to make me a good person when I grew up.. ( I was 8 years old when I asked this question).. I remember it to this day... those beings told me that God had heard my prayer !...

This happened in a field on a warm summer day behind my house. How did they know I was drawing Art?  They left and waved to me smiling. I was only a boy ! How did they know my name ??

That expierence filtered back into my memory since and has stayed with me.

LadyTam I am baffled by what you have just said ! (but in a good way :) .. I dont know what to say here.. really..

I feel very humbled by your words.. and I am kind of stuck for words actually.. ! I mean, it is very kind of you to say that to me yet I feel as though I am only a learner my sister.. I know we are all learning but I have never thought myself as anything more.. and I am always on a quest to learn more with great glee in my heart.. and if I can know Love and help others to know Love then I am doing my work and it is acomplished...

Yore own words reflect your own beautiful conciousness therefore You are a Leader/Future Leader.. perhaps I am aswell.. but I never thought about that before.. I have always wondered about life.. thats all.. I dont know how I can lead or as you say.. in the future but I could talk about Love until the cows come home, no problem  :) .. I am eternaly gratefull to you.. and I am very humbled !

thank you LadyTam.. Love to you for always and forever..

My deepest heart felt blessings aof Pure Love and gratitude and appreaciation to you my dear sister Lady Tam .. I am so very humbled by your words to me.. It is a great thrill for me to come to undersdtand such things and really, it is Love and only Love that I can ever really try to express as best as I can.. I am not academic or anything like that.. I am an Artist and I Love to dream.. I am a dreamer aswell lol.. but whenever I am able to learn more about the gentle tender Loving energies.. the deepest Love I can share with everyone then I hopoe that I am fullfilling the wish I made when I was a boy.. when I asked God to help me to be a good person when I grew up.. haha.. I guess I am still growing up all the time but I hope that we can all Love each other very deeply very soon my sister.. that is my deepest deepest wish in the entire Multiverse for everyone.. for all..

I Love you my sister.. Lady Tam.. with all my Heart..

always.. forever...

your brother, Luke.

That is so all bring tears of joy to my eyes... God Bless You xxxxx`
dear brother Luke,INDIGOS ARE THE RAINBOW WARRIORS,love,light,blessings eve(solaena)
dear brother Luke,also do some research on the CRYSTAL CHILDREN,as many are incarnated now,love,light,blessings eve(solaena)
yes thanks eve.. I am well aquainted with Crystal children .. my (biological) sister has 2 of them.. they actually have a glow about them.. :)

Well, I have a few things to say. First of all, I'm glad to see that you are thinking about this, and more importantly, feeling the true reality of it, and feeling the enormity of what will surely be the biggest thing to happen to humanity, as of yet. I will say, though, that I don't think the plan is to just out of the blue, de-cloak one day, en masse, without some formal announcement and disclosure by our governments.

Quite simply because, there are still far too many people out there who have no real knowledge, even about mainstream Ufology, never mind 2012 and Ascension. If ships de-cloaked tomorrow, sure we light workers would be overjoyed! But the vast majority of people would be very confused, and skeptical, and it will be a great shock that might produce a lot of fear. There will, no doubt, also be people who will be saying this is some fake alien invasion perpetrated by the Illuminati via Bluebeam, others who will say it is a real invasion by negative ETs, and they will add to the initial fear and confusion. So, I think the plan will be to first have an official announcement and disclosure of ET presence by our governments, reassuring people that everything is okay and they mean us no harm, and then the de-cloakings will proceed.

And, sadly, I don't see this happening for at least another few months. But, if what people like Benjamin Fulford and others are saying is true, that the Fed will be taken down in a few weeks, and the Illuminati will also be taken down, it might happen sooner rather than later, and I hope this is the case.





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