Enormous 2000 mile long and 2000 mile wide Motherships glowing and blinking in lights just hanging there in the sky right above our heads... man.. 14 feet tall blue people mingling with us... smaller ones up to our waste level... Galactic languages... bizzar food LOL... incredible technologies... rides in space ships to other planets... drinking ET beverages in the star wars bar on these Motherships...sleeping on these Motherships.. dreaming in our sleep on these Motherships... visiting other worlds, sisters and brothers we are gonna be stunned ! Make no mistake .. its gonna blow our minds into the deepest dimensions imaginable !

We are going to be stunned when all of this happens.. and apparently its gonna happen EXTREMELY soon !
We are gonna be mind blown... lets face it... I have been thinking about this for ages and as I see it... we are gonna be STUNNED !

No matter how you look at it now.. all of the UFO sightings up until now are just tiny blinking lights in the sky but what we are about to see happening is literally undescribable, it will blow our fucking minds ! Close encounters of the third kind is on our dooestep and anyone who shrugs it off can kiss my Extra Terrestrial ass because we are gonna be in awe, it will render us speechless at least for a few moments.. jaws will drop.. mouths will be left gaping wide open.. peoples eyes will bulge... and that folks... is a fact. As a side note, apparently a sacret ''weed'' can be consumed on those ships (I have heard) .. its called Galatic oil ! .. in which case, I cant wait to light up on a Mothership :)

Decloaking, as I see it many people will be in shock when it happens but the shock will fade away and excitement will set in and we will be forever changed.. our Love for one another is magnetising it into physical manifestation and its about to happen... the party to blow away all parties is about to begin and we are in for one heck of a Spiritual expierence... and before anyone says it -  I know it already happened !

That is how I see it. How do you see it? Perhaps its different for you. either way, see ya on a Mothership hopefully. We will not be able to contain our Joy and we will laugh uncontrollably - it will blow us away !

Holy F@%k !





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  • That is so lovely..you all bring tears of joy to my eyes... God Bless You xxxxx`
  • thanks for sharing Skywalker.

    such happy thinking, does cover my soul and being with good vibes. yes i too have been aware of the many huge ships that have parked around our sun  lately... i don't feel they are a mirage being seen  on the soho tele. now there so many events seem to be in action, dumb tunnels rumors, new sightings of larger  scout ships seen, ( ours, i don't know) etc. in these times i also try to sort the dis- information in it's many slades of grey, it still is not easy to remain neutral in judgement for it's actions.  i get strong feelings of  happy times = peacefull loving times are here soon, ready or not.

    blessing to us ALL

  • bring it on...............
  • dear brother Obi wan,have been studying various subjects,and came across this,which i copypasted,and would like your opinion about it,blessings eve(solaena)

    As way showers those of you of the voluntary lead inwardly by specially dispensated Melchizedek power units woven into your upper consciousness matrixes. The power units allow you to function within the super high frequency motivation of Melchizedeks at the levels of your calling. Plus it serves to strengthen the actions of your higher sense awarenesses. For those of you with 'chosen frequency' responsibilities, the power units also help you to induct and discharge the vibrations of your particular Galactic principle properly.

    Christ Michael is the capstone at the top. From the top down, he/she is communicating to you what needs to be done through your Reality Atoms in full understanding. As your higher conscious awareness begins to expand, the pyramid expands through frequency attunement to all underneath you within the structure. Then to those under them through the progression.

    The Kingdom of Heaven is being quickly realized through your Reality attunements and consciousness knowing consciousness, not by staking out acres of ground.

  • yep, way cool beans, i am sure this wall street sit in thing is a tipping point
  • wow.. hi RainbowMusic7 :) .. I nearly forgot about this blog, thank you for digging it up again..
    Love and Light to you :-)
  • My deepest heart felt blessings aof Pure Love and gratitude and appreaciation to you my dear sister Lady Tam .. I am so very humbled by your words to me.. It is a great thrill for me to come to undersdtand such things and really, it is Love and only Love that I can ever really try to express as best as I can.. I am not academic or anything like that.. I am an Artist and I Love to dream.. I am a dreamer aswell lol.. but whenever I am able to learn more about the gentle tender Loving energies.. the deepest Love I can share with everyone then I hopoe that I am fullfilling the wish I made when I was a boy.. when I asked God to help me to be a good person when I grew up.. haha.. I guess I am still growing up all the time but I hope that we can all Love each other very deeply very soon my sister.. that is my deepest deepest wish in the entire Multiverse for everyone.. for all..

    I Love you my sister.. Lady Tam.. with all my Heart..

    always.. forever...

    your brother, Luke.



    wow.. you find jumbo jets exciting Rae? lol





    .. look.. here's a space ship riding a jumbo.. can you tell which one is more excited?.. I'd say the jumbo is turned on :))



    • lmfao, its hard to choose luke, the barbies make it a tough decision! :p
  • Yah, I am totally ready if this did happen, but something tells me change happens on a more "subtle" level than that.  

    I really do hope we see ships and someday and I hope to see myself on one, but one can never assume what the future holds, no matter what we have to stay true to transforming ourselves on a deeper level...


    No matter what does or does not happen on an external level....

    That being said, it would be phenomenal...  :)  

    I do feel myself changing, always ever transforming, I know that we are in for intense times, and I welcome it, I am open to what the future holds, and I hope to be guided in the best direction, I hope we all are... :)


    The party of ALL parties would have to replace the one I was expecting for the year 2000, it was a horrible dud... We are due for something amazing~

This reply was deleted.

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