Wave X Exponential Gateway Ascension Expansion Christ Consciousness Grid Through Infinity Space Reality Continuum Meditation by Lord Ashtar



Wave X Exponential Gateway Ascension Expansion Christ Consciousness Grid Through Infinity Space Reality Continuum Meditation 
by Lord Ashtar 
through Project: Eagle Triad
channeled through Rev. Janisel of  Project: Eagle Triad
To Begin Monday, September 14, 2015
15 Minutes or More Per Day
Greetings, Ashtar here, on this joyous occasion of your next two meditations! You are in the midst of quite an energy download, are you not?  We will tell you this: hang in there, as it will be well-worth it!

As I told you last time, there are many facets to this wave of energy you are now immersed in, and this group in particular is being asked to deal with that facet that has to do with changes in earth’s mass-consciousness grid, which you have been working with over the past couple of months.

Your mass-consciousness grid is preparing to change dramatically. And this is the joyous news I have for you. As you know, this grid comprises earth humanity’s critical thinking, its fears, its beliefs, its 3D emotions of hatred, bigotry and other such feelings due to prior  programming. And, that, my brothers and sisters, is about to change! It has come the time for this grid to be overlayed with a Crystalline Grid of Consciousness, a fifth dimensional construct that is a Gift…a Grace…from Creator. Is that not wonderful news?

This is the beginning for an entire paradigm shift upon your planet! A long-awaited one, I might add.  But before the overlay of this new Crystalline Consciousness Grid, you are being asked to join with us in performing what can only be described as a ‘cleansing’ of the current mass-consciousness grid.  Coming with the Equinox Energies will be the alignment of these two grids, so we shall prepare the way, yes?

First, do your Protocal of Grounding, Centering, and Intending your energies to join those of Project: Eagle Triad. After performing your Protocol you should be nice and grounded.  It matters not when you send your energies as they will all be taken to where they need to be at exactly the right time!

And for the next 15 minutes or more...! You are to then call from the Earth the Violet Flame of Transformation and Transmutation, and then send that Flame/Ray, through you intention, into the mass-consciousness grid. We suggest you visualize this Ray blazing through the grid, watching as it lifts or burns away all darker energies of fear, hatred, judgment, etc., visualizing them simply floating away.

I will go into more detail about this new Crystalline Consciousness Grid next week, but for your next meditation simply focus on preparing the way for it. And when you have finished with this fifteen minute meditation, we suggest you send up a prayer of gratitude to the Creator for this wonderful Gift you are about to receive.


Until next week, my brothers and sisters, I am Ashtar, confident that you share in my joy and enthusiasm for this undertaking. Salut!





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