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What if everything you´ve been told about Stonehenge is a lie, and I mean everything?

We can definitely conclude with much certainty that no space aliens built Stonehenge.

According to the official version of Stonehenge, the Establishment and Mainstream Media version, Stonehenge is supposed to be 1500 years older than the Druid culture and cultures existing in England in the time Stonehenge was supposed to have been built.

Yet one of the earliest known pictures of Stonehenge to my knowledge, were not taken in the age when colour photography was invented, which was well known in the 1800´s and the 1900´s and even the late 1700´s!!!!

Here is a famous black & white picture from the year 1920 supposedly showing men at work ´excavating the site´of the ´supposedly ancient Stonehenge Monument´.

You´ll probably agree with the official version of Stonehenge - that this ´ancient Monument´is over 2000 or whatever many years old, x y or z.

Note that it appears like the men are involved in doing far more than just digging up the stones.

It´s as if they´re actually creating them from molds!

Before 1920 Stonehenge was not talked as much about as it is today - look at this picture.

It´s existence was well known though in the late 1800´s, especially the 1880´s period.

It depicts a Stonehenge which I feel is built far closer to the present period than the Establishment would like us to believe.


The famous film that made everything nuts about Stonehenge is of course Halloween III, depicting Stonehenge rituals designed to make men and women in Halloween suit seem scary to youngsters.

When you look carefully beyond the background in this famous Stonehenge picture, you notice that many or perhaps most of the other famous Stonehenge Stones, are appearently nowhere to be found!

That´s right, just look a little bit farther from the picture and you get my point.

If it was as easy to create the Holocaust as people like me have concluded it was, why should it have been any less easier to create Stonehenge?

If the Mainstream Media and the Establishment require there to be a Stonehenge, designed to work like a Moon and Sun calculator, built in a time when everyone thought that the Moon was for real, why not do it?

I wouldn´t be surprised if the Stonehenge Project was hushed up very much in this period, and if it involved the financing of some of England´s richest and wealthiest architecture companies, and individuals with the knowledge and the tools required to build Stonehenge.

Unlike the Pyramids at Giza, the Great Stones of Stonehenge look like they have been placed there sometime in the 1910´s or the 1920´s, rather than 2000, 20000 or even 200,000 years ago.

The official version of events says that the ´ancient Stonehenge Monument´is so old that it´s age cannot be determined properly - perhaps politically properly rather than ´accidentally not properly´.

Why cannot the age of one of the supposedly oldest monuments of the world be confirmed by institutions such as the Smithosian Museum when it´s no problem for them to officially confirm the age of dinosaurs and fossils of beings having existed even far earlier than that?

Why does Stonehenge have to be one of the least properly dated monuments on this planet?

Knowledge that Stonehenge was built in the 1800´s would demolish the official version of Stonehenge and the claim that Stonehenge is thousands of years old, or even hundreds of years old.

The uniqueness of Stonehenge as a monument would disappear instantly, and people would realize anyone can build a Stonehenge in a big enough backyard.

Most Megaliths do not look like Stonehenge when it comes to determine their age, which usually turns out to be excessively old compared to Stonehenge.

Unlike Stonehenge, in the case of most of them when pictures are taken of them being excavated, all associated Great Stones are located at exactly the same place as the excavated stones.

Yet in the 1900´s and late 1800´s pictures, the Great Stones in the case of Stonehenge, seem to be missing!!!!


It is indeed true that Stonehenge is built upon a site whose energy can be used to drive remotely controlled cars and so on, but this does not prove one bit to me that Stonehenge is actually thousands of years old.

There should be early drawings, early pictures of Stonehenge in ancient manuscripts and books, and appearently, it seems to me there are none!

Judging from this picture it looks like to me, that construction work on the Big Stones began far later than official accounts would have us believe, possibly in the 1800´s or a little bit earlier.

Note that on this picture, if Stonehenge was indeed over 3000 years old, the Stones seen from the air in the picture taken in the year 1906, would be there, all in number.

Here it looks like that work on the creation of Stonehenge, has begun sometime between the early 1800´s, the 1700´s and something like that rather than in the year 3000 BC.

Appearently, the further we go back in time, the more Stonehenge begins to mysteriously shrink.

This is one of the famous Japanese Underwater Pyramids, supposedly over 10,000 years old.


There is only one logical explanation; Stonehenge was built far later rather than earlier, as people have been told.

Here is another view of the famous Japanese Underwater Pyramid Complex.

Notice how well preserved these Monuments have been in comparision with Stonehenge, officially described on it´s curators´museums as the oldest monument in the world.

If Stonehenge would be the oldest monument in the world it´d look like, and feel like it was the oldest monument in the world and there would be no buts about it.

Yet it looks to me like it was built far closer to today´s eara, than the Establishment would like us to believe.

It´d make sense that rich investors were not as rich during the early days of Stonehenge as they are today, and thus it´d have taken a later time to slowly build from molds and then erect by the passing of time, each new stone.

I am not s******* you. Stonehenge is one of the latest, in my opinion, and not oldest Monuments ever built in the history of man on Earth.

Here is a recently discovered depiction of Stonehenge, supposedly from the year 1440. I am inclined to disagree with the people who are exciting themselves over the drawing because it doesn´t remind me the slightest of the 1800´s Stonehenge paintings.

Look also at how few the stones are on this picture in Stonehenge, than they are on the Stonehenge people know today.

I hope I have been of some use here in exposing the Stonehenge Conspiracy.

The supposedly 1440´s drawing looks suspiciously modern in my opinion and the line to the right does not strike me as the drawing being from the 1440´s. What if this drawing is a fake and was made in today´s time rather than in Stonehenge´s ´ancient history´as the Mainstream Media would otherwise have us believe?

One of the lies the Establishment wants us to believe about the creation of Stonehenge. Note how the modernized Stonehenge looks nothing like the one being excavated in the 1920´s pictures and the Stonehenge looking like it´s being built slowly over a period of a few decades or centuries closer to today´s period than the Mainstream Media would have us believe. If a spaceship did build Stonehenge in 3000 BC, Stonehenge would look like and feel like as if a spaceship had built it. Yet there is obviously no concrete proof! It is far more likely that visiting UFO´s are attracted to the energies on the site itself rather than to the stone circles, and it may be that they could be attracted to the stone circles as well, yet very few, if any of the UFO - Stonehenge incidents have successfully confirmed the identities of the pilots piloting each craft in each Stonehenge UFO event type case.

According to rumours, the Establishment and the Mainstream Media refuse to openly acknowledge how old Stonehenge is supposed to be really.

The official explanation for this is twofold, a) there is no need to because the Archaeological Establishment ´already knows´that it´s 3000 or younger in age, b) space aliens built Stonehenge.

Yet when I had read a few media reports about ´New Stonehenge´I found out that New Stonehenge is actually a wooden mold for the Big Stonehenge, the one we´re told is supposed to be the oldest monument in the world.

It is an anomaly of anomalies, a contrary of contraries, and an irony of ironies to propose a 3000 year old Stonehenge and conjure it from a rabbit´s hat, yet, that is just one of the many fantastic feats of the Mainstream Media.

Use the ´space aliens built Stonehenge´story to promote the Staged Alien Invasion and you get my point - with the Staged Alien Invasion already being a major theme in today´s Mainstream Media news articles.

Note that what is missing on the spaceship building Stonehenge is space visitors telling the engineers how to build it! What an irony!


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 I have photo retouched the Great Outer Circle

 which you can see Secret Chief quite clearly and this will also

 have mathematical relationships. Blessings Kingjeff

even though this is only an animated Gif,it is very befitting,and appropiate to this blog posting,blessings Saul(eve)

 I am thankful I able to put a valid view of the workmen trying to repair

what had weathered over a long period of time and I was personally overjoyed

to see a photo which I had read the early history on In "Cambria Triumphans'

 which was written in the mid 16th Century and published in the Inn of the Green Dragon.

I am waiting to see the significance of the Third Circle which is clearly only seen from above.

 By the way I do not use Facebook because of Privacy issues so sorry to others who

 as I still love and respect you all. Blessings Love Wisdom Truth Peace and Harmony Kingjeff

Blessings to you Kingjeff!!

Www.ufos-aliens-uk. Notice the ´amazing technology´used here by what appears to me to be the continuous builders of Stonehenge advancing with their Monument well into modern times, including 1958. The year 1958 is mentioned especially in this picture.

I went to the web and found an amazing magazine article which illustrates a story about someone who published a book on Stonehenge, who ´discovered´that there were ´reconstructions´of Stonehenge taking place.

The place where Stonehenge famously rests today is known internationally as Wiltshire, and not Stonehenge!!

The Mainstream Media has had you again!

You´ve been Stone - henged!!

It is no wonder that there are people in our society who feel seriously undermined by the Mainstream Media, and that there is a serious discussion taking place in our society on the Mainstream Media´s treatment of our intellect!

We´re told repeatedly by the Mainstream Media that we´re too stupid to figure things out on our terms so we´re told we require ´their help´to figure things out.

Even after years of academic studies, years of hard labour, years of work with our children and children´s children and years of staying into close contact with our families and years of staying into close, direct contact with each other internationally we´re still being told we´re dumb.

The sheep are still policing the other sheep, but now requiring no sheep dog to do it for them!

And the Establishment still keeps the Lead sheep well hidden from public view, in the hope that the public will never mention the Lead Sheep.

Look at the image to the right and compare it with the image to the left - doesn´t it seem to be precicely the case with both images, that Stonehenge is not being ´reconstructed´but that it´s construction is in fact continuing on the picture to the right?

It most certainly looks so to me!

If Stonehenge was an ancient site that is over 3000 year old, it´d remind you of other early ancient sites that look thousands of years old, like the Japanese Pyramids, and Burmesan and Indonesan and Sri Lankan architecture and sculpture.

In Sri Lanka and Japan, you´re not charged with ridiculously high amounts of money to be allowed entrance to sacred sites having very old architecture.

You´re freely invited to inspect the sites in the quest of determining the true age of their incredible and beautiful, truly fantastic works of art.

An unfortunate victim of the Stonehenge Deception, Herr Von Daaniken has Stone - henged himself into concluding Stonehenge to be a thousands of years old Monument built by space aliens.

I do believe in visitations to this planet by ancient astronauts - after all, we´ve got modern astronauts so the view that there are no ancient astronauts is silly.

I asked dad yesterday evening if he could prove to me by means of simple argumentation that Stonehenge is thousands of years old.

Without hesitation he said ´no´.

So I told him ´you´ve put me to kindergarten, high school, university, and I´ve been studying for like nearly 30 years, and neither you nor anyone else in my country appears to be able to prove to me by presenting any sensible or credible argument in case for the claim that Stonehenge is thousands of years old´?´and he nodded, saying ´yes´.

Can you imagine? An engineer with years of experience of sailing across the world´s oceans from Iceland to Russia and beyound can´t prove Stonehenge to be thousands of years old, then who can?

Obviously nobody!!

It thus appears to me that Stonehenge was built far closer to today´s era with the aim specifically to charge visitors with loads of money, to increase it´s popularity and therefore use as a tourist attraction site.

If you who are reading this think I´m alone in my view, think again. The very website which these pictures are published agrees with my belief that Stonehenge is not thousands of years old. In fact, the text stresses that much of what consists of Stonehenge today, is 50 or somewhat many years old in comparision to images taken of the site before the outer rings were constructed.

Just look at this picture which appeared in 1901 and caused public outrage. Over what? If Stonehenge was indeed thousands of years old there´d be no outrage!

Still not convinced? Well, I guess I rest my case then. What are people being kept in the dark over concerning Stonehenge and it´s alleged ´restoration work´? The fact that it was not a restoration work, but a continuance - a project which was completed in this century! Imagine the consequences it´d have for Stonehenge as a tourist attraction if this turned out to be indeed the case. People would conclude that Stonehenge is designed to work as an astronomical computer and all that, built in modern times, as opposed to ´ancient´times, and thousands of architecture books mentioning an ´ancient Stonehenge´would become obsolete overnight!

 I think if you dig into modern Druidism which has just been able to be re-accepted after all it's beliefs and rites have been extinguished. They have even allowed a lady to head up their organization ( Who I met when she came to the Theosophical Society here in Melbourne Australia and from the British Government's point of view was the right person as she had not a clue of the Past )which is totally against their belief as they were upwards of twenty years in learning. And yes Apis (Secret Chief) or Ser-Apis of ancient Egypt and if you dig deeper you will find a lot of anonymous Druids in High Places of Government secretly arranging funds doing a "Yes Sir Humphrey out of Yes Minister" restoring the ancient High Places in the British Isles which is occurring. As they have lost a lot of their knowledge which has been in safe keeping they have gone ahead from time to time as your photos show and verify which I thank you for. Blessings Wisdom Integrity Peace and Harmony Kingjeff.

Blessings too from the Chief!



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