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Sikh Temples throughout the World offer free Langar ( Vegetarian Food ).
All are welcome regardless of cast or colour or rich/poor.
In UK alone there are over 250 Temples.
I visited a few in London and there general health and hygine standard is low they might offer free food but there is a risk of you getting SICK...and in some case also food poisoning.
I found most of them do not wash there hands when serving food.
I found some using Mobile Phones when serving food.
I found some shaking hands of friends who just come in while serving food.
I found at times the food cold and it had been there quiet a while.
I found those serving food putting their hands in their pockets.
I found those serving touching their clothing and hair.

I found no one wears gloves

I found no one wears hairnets and that is why sometimes hair is found in food..especially the ladies are mostly careless and filthy as they constantly touch their clothing ( Chunies) while cooking and serving thus contaminating the food.

I found most lacking basic food and hygiene rules.

I found most most wear bangles and rings thus contaminating the food.

I found most women talk nonsense while cooking thus putting bad vibes in the food.

I found most do not wash their hand when entering the kitchen and when serving food.
I found when they sit on the floor they put their hands on the floor and eat with their dirty hands.
I found that quiet a few stand and eat as you should never stand and eat only in extreme cases where no seating is is important to sit and eat properly for if you stand and eat the food is not digested properly and just goes right through.
I found the general LOVE VIBES are low.
I also heard abusive language being used in Sikh Temples although in rare cases.
In some Temples the wrong people have taken control and unless they are cleared out the Sikh Temples are not a safe place to go.
What action to take:
Report to the local council who will either impose a heavy fine or in extreme cases close the Temple down.
Be very careful of the food you are served and the way it is served.

What good is serving free food if it is continamated.
These temples are also becoming more business and politics.


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Useless wearing a turban if you do not have common sense.
In some cases the turban is just for show.
I have seen outside Sikhs with turbans drinking alchocol, smoking and eating animal flesh and using abusive their turbans do not mean much.
Some of the good people have stopped going to these places of worship.
A Sikh Saint went to the temple and was served food but he refused to eat as he said the food is poisonous as the women cooking the food are talking nonsense .
These places of worship are becoming more and more contaminated.
Generally the love vibes are low by the way they serve and in the food at times
Sikhs can recite Holy Scripture all day but what is the use if they cannot use their Common Sense and wash their hands before eating ...what good is wearing a turban if the common sense is not there ... Grown up adults but most lacking basic common sense .. They go in the temple and bow down on all four to the wholly scripture and then eat prasad ( food )without washing their hands. The priest sit there rubbing their hands on their beards, touching their clothing and then serve prasad with dirty hands
Sikh Temples throughout the world need to be checked out as most fail Hygine Standard.
They do not have unity between themselves.
They have problems in India but some start demos in other countries ... The simple solution is to deport all those who start agro in other countries for if the problem is on India then go and solve it there but do not disturb the peace of other who are leading a peaceful life.

They need to install RotiMaker machines ..below is a small one available @ but larger ones are available 

Sikh Temples also use too much onions and garlic which are classed as food in the mode of passion and ignorance and to be avoided mostly because the effect your mind when meditating. 

Only food that is Sattvic in the mode of goodness should be used in the Sikh Temples...this they do not know as they are ignorant.

Also Coke is available in Sikh Temples so maybe the Guru they believe in drinks Coke. 

The Guru Nanak that I know of never drank Coke. 

What most of the Sikh people don't know is that the consciousness of the cook and those who serve goes in the food..most of them have very low food and hygiene standard so they might serve free food but most Temples I went two the energy in the food was poisoned by their bad vibes ..very few rare times I found the foods energy having good vibes.

Most of the women there preparing and serving food were rude and aggressive...not knowing how to behave in temples.

0ver 99% of the Sikhs do not wash their hands before eating.

Where in their Holy Scripture Sri Guru Granth Sahib does it recommend drinking Coke, eating plenty of onions and garlic is good for you. Where in their holy scripture does it recommend to be rude and aggressive which most Sikhs are and not to wash hand before eating. Where in their holy scripture does it recommend wearing leather shoes, wearing leather belts and carrying leather wallets and purses. There are lot of fake Sikhs wearing turbans and pretending to be holy but their behaviour is closer to animals and lot of Sikh ladies pretending to be holy but having no food and hygiene standard. Messive clearance is required in Sikh Temples to bring back the right teachings of Guru Nanak Ji 

Where there is no love God is not there.
There is nothing wrong with Sikh Temples or Sikh Holy Scriptures but the problem is with some wrong people in there and some wrong people in charge. Massive clearance is required in all Sikh Temples so Love vibes are high and wrong people out.



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