Go into restaurants, cafe, temples ..really anyplace serving food ...You see staff wearing gloves but most are idiots as to them wearing gloves is a show off and mostly to keep their hands clean. Watch...Observe .. ChallengeYou will find most staff although wearing gloves ..touch their clothing, touch their hair ..face ...nose ..use their dirty mobile phones, touch or pat fellow staff...touch dirty table tops, counters, chairs or stools, handling cash ..SO NOW DO YOU THINK THAT JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE WEARING GLOVES ALL IS FINE ...NO ITS NOT AS MOST CASES YOU ARE SERVED WITH STAFF WEARING GLOVES THAT ARE DIRTY BY THEIR STUPID BEHAVIOUR.THE REAL REASON FOR WEARING GLOVES IS TO TOUCH FOOD ONLY OR TOUCH SERVING SPOON OR TOUCH SERVING TONGS AND NOTHING ELSE. IN All CASES AS MORE FOOD AND HYGIENE PRACTICE ITS BEST TO USE SERVING TONGS, SERVING SPOONS PLUS WEARING CLEAN GLOVES AND KEEPING THEM CLEAN.IF YOU SEE ..IN MOST CASES STAFF MISUSING THE PURPOSE OF GLOVES REPORT TO THE HEADOFFICE NOT TO THE MANAGERS AS MOST ARE ALSO IDIOTS.DO NOT PAY FOR FOOD NOT SERVED CLEAN BUT COMPLAIN ..TAKE PHOTOS OF STAFF AND GET ON TO HEADOFFICE TILL THEY LEARN THE REAL PURPOSE OF WEARING GLOVES.

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  • Why is food and hygiene such a worry of yours..?? Get a good immune system. Best advice; don't frequent dirty food outlets and bring a packed lunch with you, to work..

    Prepare your own meals, with your own hands..
    • Krishna said food must be prepared with love, served with love and of course a high standard food hygiene must be maintained…Guru Nanak said never eat food that is contaminated in any way meaning including the server serving with dirty hands or dirty gloves…Krishna give me a leaf with love ( love means also clean ) and I will accept it but give me a big feast full of different preps but not in love and I will not accept it
      • OK, you provided a purely religious answer, minus any logic pertaining to your own life...I'll elaborate... Why are you so worried by poor service in cafes, restaurants & temples...??

        If they are below par...If they serve food without "loving" you...? If they serve filth....? DON'T FREQUENT SUCH PLACES....It's very simple....

        There really is no need for you posting a forum about such silliness....Use common sense...See their standards rise if they lose customers...
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