Ashtar Command - Spiritual Community Network if anything do we look at history,, what do we base our thinking on and why?  The Bible is under 3 thousands years old, Taoism go's back around 5 thousand year, why not look at a book written on archaeology, things that have been dug up showing our past.

Forbidden Archaeology, A book on the origins of men, evidence dug up that shows We have been around and thriving on this planet fare more than 2.5 million years and counting.

Long, Long before God decided to show up and write his so called Holy Bible or the "Word of God" even    Taoism a eastern belief is a couple thousand years older  the writings of God, ? so whats going on 2.5 million years of history unearthed and counting..

So how blind are we .. really this is one  heck of a yard stick to judge what is true in our present day, of lies... and to what end?  

For instance Google "Before the Moon" our planet was like Venus before the Moon was brought here from Mar's to protect it from the planetary wars of that time.   Ca-lapsing our sky's and the 40 days and nights of rain, in the scriptures, less than 3 thousand years ago ?

George kavassilas "I am infinite writes of many of these issues.. its worth Googling....  

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Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race is a 1993 book by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson, written in association with the Bhaktivedanta Institute of ISKCON. Cremo states that the book has "over 900 pages of well-documented evidence suggesting that modern man did not evolve from ape man, but instead has co-existed with apes for millions of years!",[1][2]:13 and that the scientific establishment has suppressed the fossil evidence of extreme human antiquity.[3] Cremo identifies as a "Vedic archeologist", since he believes his findings support the story of humanity described in the Vedas.[4] Cremo's work has garnered interest from Hindu creationists, paranormalists, and theosophists.[5] He says a knowledge filter (confirmation bias) is the cause of this suppression.[2]

Forbidden Archeology has attracted attention from some mainstream scholars as well as Hindu creationists and paranormalists. Scholars of mainstream archeology and paleoanthropology have described the work as pseudoscience.[2][6]

Further writings and impact[edit]

Cremo continued the theme of Forbidden Archeology in his later books, such as in Forbidden Archeology's Impact (1998). His book Human Devolution (2003), like Forbidden Archeology, claims that man has existed for millions of years, attempts to prove this by citing, as Meera Nanda puts it, "every possible research into the paranormal ever conducted anywhere to 'prove' the truth of holist Vedic cosmology which proposes the presence of a spiritual element in all matter (which takes different forms, thereby explaining the theory of 'devolution')."[11]

The Indian magazine Frontline called Cremo and Thompson "the intellectual force driving Vedic creationism in America".[12]

The Mysterious Origins of Man[edit]

In 1996 Thompson and Cremo appeared on the NBC special The Mysterious Origins of Man, which was based upon the book[13][14] and which was similarly criticized by the scientific community.[15] this is a google page you can start with, and many interesting article's 



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