Waiting For The Ships To Come Why ?





Greetings Ground Crew,

I sense alot of people are waiting for the Ships to come and land now.

For many believe that when the Ships come they will save the Planet and all life forms living on it now.

This is called the rocking chair approach.

Meaning I can't do anythting to better the Planet so I will wait till they come and do it for me.

This has been for many years the stream of thought for those involved in the New Age Movements in relation to Ets.

When in fact each of you are volunteers from space that came here to transform the places where you are.

If a landing never ever happened what would you do ?

Would you decide they are not coming to save us so we are doomed or would you become self realized in your cosmic being to the reality that you landed here at birth .

It is you that will be the New Earth example for others to see.

The New Earth is you in truth.

The creators of this wonderful new society based on the Christed laws of the Universe.

Jesus came to Earth on a mission to awaken Humanity at the time of his birth.

He to was from the stars but came from the highest levels of Gods Divine Plan.

What a plan it is.

Jesus started to transformation of this Planet and we will be the ones to complete the greatest transformation in Earth history.

You are the Merkabah each of you can go beyond time and space if you so choose.

The Ships of Light will come but do not ask that your Brothers and Sisters from many Planetary Worlds come here and save you.

How are you do understand the universe if you need to be saved .

In reality no one needs to be saved or look at our Cosmic Family as Gods over us they are not and do not want to have that power or responsibility.

I hope this makes sense within many who are reading this message from the Heart.

Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


Ashtar Galactic Command





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  • The power is within us to save ourselves - I love the challenge isn't that exactly why we are here? We chose that when we all incarnated. Love

  • Greetings Ground Crew,

    In this discussion we are having.You can look at the Divine Plan this way.

    God created it in such a way that nothing can compare to it.

    You were chosen to arrive here at birth to start your missions of Light throughout this time and space.

    If you understand the Merkabah and how it operates you are that Merkabah and landed on earth to complete God's Divine Plan for Humanity.

    I can see some are noting waiting for Ships to Land and understand within what is important.

    There will be contact made once we complete what we have come here to accomplish.

    Each person has been working on this since the day you were born.

    Now that you have matured on your cosmic spiritual journey which continues as I speak.

    You become more cosmically aware every breath you take.

    When the Ships land of Light all needs to be in harmony and peace within the soul of Humanity.

    Those above do there misson work assignments and those below on  earth do the same.

    In the end all will be reunited.

    Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,



  • Dear CmdrAleon, Thank you for your clear message.

    I can now see how the cosmic energies of the alignment (of Father Sky) and the earth changes (of Mother Earth), we humans on earth (with our silently activating Merkabas) and our non-human brothers and sisters already on earth, will in unison, set aside the dark ones and all their structures and accomplish whatever is required of The Shift, to go beyond this time to re-create heaven on earth in the New Age. Yes, none of us mentioned here, are waiting for the ships from the skies to come and do our work for us. Although, if they do come, it will be of their own loving need to assist and we will only be happier to know them once again and allow them to work with us on this planet once again.

    Light, Love and Peace,


    • Greetings Darryl,

      You have a clear understanding within you by your response to this message.

      Thats what its all about .

      Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


      • Greetings Dear CmdrAleon, Thank You for your Blessings. In Unity and in Love, Darryl

  • Greetings HeartChakra,

    Yours words are well said on this and I agree 100%.Many want from what I am reading intervention to clean up the problems that exist on Earth now.I knew writing this would strike a cord in many on different levels some from the mind others from the cord of there being. 

    So if no ships land to help now then to them its another empty story wih the same ending.

    One of the key elements of the Command is I am a Guardian of the Light,,I am Love In Action Here ,I am dedicated to the kingdom of God on Earth,Interplanetary Fellowship and Universal Peace.

    If we dedicate our life to that on Earth now We will change the World into a better place.

    It could be as simple as volunteer to feed those in need,cleaning up a beach,etc.We lead by the example.

    So I resonate completely with what you have shared.

    Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


    Ashtar Galactic Command   

    • Unfortunately there will always be customers for this kind of BS because it does touch a very deep and noble aspiration of the human heart : The Desire For A Better World...this desire I wish it survives...but it doesn't erase some very dark realities...I pray, I meditate and I help others as often as I can on a daily basis but I still see misery reaching new summits everyday...and NO...I don't give up on being the CHANGE that I want but come on!!! In 20 years from now...if we make it that far will you still believe all this stuff...each of you will have to answer this question for himself or herself...it is ONLY a matter of time...and yes someone told me in a comment if I ever tought of the possibility that these ET's might not be positive...very clever question...I now seriously consider the fact they may not be so positive after more than 20 years of No-Shows and Broken Promises...

      • Greetings KERA***A,

        Do you believe Ets exist? If so have you ever considered that you are an ET?

        If not would you consider that you are what you have been seeking?

        Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


        Ashtar Galactic Command

        • CmdrAleon, I wonder if it would be possible to send you a private message...if you accept I give you my Word of Honour not to attack you nor saying any negative comment...there are just a few things I wish not to share in public...maybe will you understand me better...on the other hand I would fully understand your refusal or simply that you are not interested to hear from me.   Kera***a

          • Greetings KERA***A,

            You can message me in private and share and when I am on this site ,I will reply.

            Blessings In The Light of The Most Radiant One Always,


This reply was deleted.

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