• You can only see it from the south Pole at present, but it won't be long before you can see it in the southern hemisphere.  The Elite have murdered 39 Astronomers on the same day and all in the same place, they were going to the southern New Zealand.  They claimed it was a suicide cult!  Which was utter codswallop!  They were murdered to silence them for leaking what they knew about Nibiru and the effect it would have on our solar system.
    • I think it was in 1997!  But it has been a while since I looked at the information.  I will give you the details as soon as I get them again.
  • Because it is the Elite's Currency!  there is no Tax on Gold or Silver.  They also are using it to keep themselves free of the poisons that they give to everybody else on Earth!  And there is something about the Annunaki using it when they return some time in 2012.  The Annunaki are liars!   They are not the Creators of mankind like they told the Sumerians.


    They are Evil and they told the Sumerians never to show what they really looked like!  Why would they do that?  Because they did not want us to know the truth about them.  They come from the destroyer of worlds Nibiru!   That is an acursed planet!  We need to rid ourselves of their Brown dwarf star that Nibiru orbits.  They are parasitic in nature and live of fear, hatred, suffering and greed. 


    It may have been them that chose the Jewish people to carry out their acts of evil upon mankind or it may have been the Lizard aliens.  It was no God that chose them!

  • Well if real men were allowed in politics instead of these parasitic leaches and their Zionist Nazis, we may be able to govern wisely with Compassion and Service to our fellow man.  Equal representation would also be wonderful to have. but I don't mind more women than men in politics, a 70 - 30 split.  The Human race needs a bit of nurturing now.  Men are usless at that!  I know I can do that, but I don't think many guys can.
  • My Duck-billed Platipus was female!  :-)  I do appreciate the feminine energies that are so vital to bring balance to this world,  We need now a Matriarchal world as the patriarchal world never worked correctly from the very beginning as it excluded the feminine to the world's detriment!
  • Wow, I am so happy that you two have such a repertoire and an intelligent, diverse outlook on the situations going on here. And I can see where you are both coming from, I do tend to agree that Charles you are at a point where you wish to find all the answers to who, why, when, and what... and Nat uses the how.. and doesn't try to focus on all the past situations..


    You two are tooooo cute..its great for me as I have both perspectives plus my own.. Cheers, that was good reading =)

    • Thank you Soulz83 for your perceptive observations. :-) I suppose it is the male within me that wants to route out the problems by finding the who, then the Logic within is trying to understand the why and the warrior within is trying to end the problem once and for all.  After that, the world should be run, organised and governed by women because men made such a balls up of the Earth!  Maybe that was the problem, the balls of men?
      • =) very cute blaming it on the balls of men hehehe

        I am not too fussed about our past and present conflicts here on Earth. unless in a context of factual information to better understand connections to NOW. I LOVE the kooky and exciting enfoldment of whats to come =)  I do celebrate them believing in an ideal enough to stand in the streets with their fellow men, and shout for change, albeit, i do wish the violence could have been avoided, but in the highest good of ALL things, it was probably necessary in order to gain a bigger world-wide audience, not they would have seen it that way, but they may not realise the true nature of the world they are in until the end.


        I believe we are on the other side of the World, to send our loving thoughts to ALL, and our conflicts may be yet to come, so i feel i am in a preparation rest period until I am called upon to act..

        I believe everyone should be "AT THE READY"... on standby... waiting for the calling.. and we will know what it is when it happens.. I believe we are all sensing the direction things are going.

        Even if the president wasn't responsible for the problems his people faced, the symbolism of him being ousted and a new revolution entails.. TO ME it represents the inner workings of the people, and it really foretells they are awakening themselves and will no longer accept injustices done unto them and unto others...


        • The Egyptian people never wanted any violence,  there are provocateurs sent in from Israel to try and start trouble within Egypt.  They do things like this all over the world,  not many people know that Israel was behind the bombing of the buildings on 9/11. MOSSAD agents were used to murder over 3,000 people on that day, and Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were all in on it.  


          There were many reasons for the bombings, one was to steal Billions of Dollars worth of Gold from underneath the buildings of the Twin Towers.,  There was also insurance fraud from the Jewish owner of the Twin towers who made millions of dollars in insurance claims and of course to remove the rights of the people of America and blame the whole thing on Muslim terrorists that gave them the perfect excuse to invade Afghanistan and Iraq!


          These are the strangest of times we are living in.  Also the most terrible and wonderous times all at the same time.


          The problems in Egypt are by Zionist Design, they were the real rulers behind these tin pot dictators.  The inner minds of the people are waking up to this manpiulation.


          The human race has had enough of Zionist injustices, Monetary control, Zionist hatred towards our fellow men and women, the greed and the genocide of these demonic monsters that would quite happily see an end to all life on Earth, rather than loose to the Spiritual Awakening in Mankind. 


          Power to the People!  Let there be Love, compassion, Unity and Peace for all of mankind.






  • "Living from the heart," usually implies living from a perspective of the heart chakra, not the physical heart.
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