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Vote Brexit and Take Freedom Back From the Brussels Eurocracy - No To Obama

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The IMF has become politicized and is not to be trusted, with it's gloomy forecast of the UK economy, following a possible Brexit from the EU....

Indeed, many so-called "expert economists" have been notoriously poor, at making predictions...such as the ERM exit (1992) and UK refusing to  join the Euro, which they claimed would be disasterous if we did not join, YET, was not...

Truth is Brexit will be good for the economy and good for sovereignty....John Longworth on the IMF's comments on Brexit

Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn MP, makes the case for Brexit, YET now keeps quiet about his TRUE VIEWS, in the current debate...See this vid which proves his real stance on the matter.

I wish you well on your speedy Exit from the Evil EU and those whom run it and the rest of the World if only I could vote no and have my vote count for you I would but if such a time comes to me here in the United States I too will vote no on a NAU I want no part in a One World Gov run by wicked Evil people.

Thanks friend Merlin, for your kind wishes for a speedy exit from the EU, which as you suggest, is undemocratic and unaccountable, so evil...

We are trying to convince people to register to vote in this referendum and to vote to leave...Really is up to the PEOPLE and all we can do is work hard and also accept the blessings of Heaven, as well as lighted well-wishers, such as your good self...

Having become victors for Brexit, our jobs now are to keep vigilant and ensure that the Conservative government deliver the result of the referendum, accurately, concisely and completely.....The invocation of article 50 has been delayed by Tory party debates on a consensus approach, before negotiations may begin....The article will be signed by the PM successor to Cameron, as he does not want his name on the document, in principle, having pursued the Remain campaign.....We can be patient, if necessary, but retain vigilance and determination, to see that the will of the people and nation,  is honoured...

Kentucky seems to be calling for Amexit, or taking the USA out of the UN......Seems to be catching... ;-) Personally I have no issue with the UN, but I do agree that the TTIP and TPP "trade deals" should be scrapped, along with the EU, AU, NAAFTA, etc......

correct me if I am wrong but wasn't it Ronald Reagan who first used the term United States of Europe , so as you see such plans were in works at the time of Obama being still in High school then . What does he has to do with it , Drexxy ? .........................brainless as always

44 was a rubbish president who, being a globalist, supported the EU and hated a vote to Brexit. 45 in 2019 is a real friend of the UK. Trump trade deal puts us at the front of the line, not at the back, as with nasty44...Not a race issue, just politix..

we must attain a canada style trade deal, or failing that, world trade organization 'transition period,' up to 2-years, is tolerable.....we take back control completely......or maybot pm goes...

If Boris Johnson fails to deliver a genuine Brexit on Halloween '19, he and his Tory party will be finished in the people's estimations...Get it over the line, PM.....

Omega says to the German Chancellor; 'let my people go..' A hardened EU heart towards the English, will only be met with firmer resolve to be free of this beastly entity....

Whats going on with brexit right now drekx and what happens if we cant get brexit going by the 31st like how boris wants it to go?



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