Virgin Marry miracle in my hometown...

Well this is an interesting story. Starting with me about 4 days ago, I started seeing numbers like 12:21, 11:11 4:14, 2:22: 123, 353 so basically sequence numbers. Literally my smoke detector went off one day exactly at exactly 1:11 and I know that was not an accident. lol

So anyway...I don't really look too much into these things but I do know their significance.

The other day I went to the mall to get my ears pierced (yes I just got them pierced :P) and before I went to get them done I decided to visit a friend of mine which works at one of the stores close by the entrance. As I'm walking towards his store he was standing outside of it, looking bored and we both nodded at each other from a distance. Anyway, we walked to the back of the store, said our hi's and caught up with the chit chat and right after that he told me about this old man that walked into his store earlier that day ( oh and it's a high end suit store by the way) and started telling him all about conspiracy theories, the bible and what it says about the end times and what the signs will be and all this wild stuff that women should't do and how they shouldn't dress...a bit old school crazy if you catch my drift. 

As me and my buddy were talking about life and all the wonderful things happening now-a-days tis old man walks back into the store again! And my buddy says all excited "that's the guy I told you about" haha, here was this old man with glasses and a fisherman hat on, and a big leather bad hanging between his shoulders. He starts sharing a few more weird facts about women and what they shouldn't do and at that point I lost interest and honestly wanted to walk away. At about the end of the conversation I asked him if he goes around saying this to everyone. He replied by saying no, he can only share this with those that are interested in this kind of stuff. Weird. He then proceeded to conclude the chat with "If you need help, which a lot of people do, you can only pray to God, the father through our mother the holy virgin Mary. Only she can help you to answer your prayers." Not word for word, but that's as close as I remember it.

Here we are the day after, today, I went to my job to quit as a better opportunity came my way which I'm happy about. After quitting my job I went to visit another good friend of mine which happened to live right by my old work. We talked for a bit about the things we do then he went on to ask me if I had heard about this statue of Marry that weeps and supposedly performs miracles which is 10 min from his house. In a bit of shock I It was my first time hearing about it. Then he shoed me the news and articles online and sure enough, it was so. As we were watching this youtube video of the news broadcast the news reporter says that hundreds of people a day are going to pray to the virgin Mary and if you want to do so you might have to wait in line before you see in yourself and on and on and on...

Weather this story is true or false the coincidences or should I say synchronicities were right on, hence why it caught my attention and got me to think about it.    

What I'm thinking about all of this is that maybe the feminine energy wants to make herself known and present for us in order to utilize it properly and get things done. 
To me mother Mary represents the feminine aspect of life, the universe and manifestation.
So perhaps what all these clues happening are pointing me and the rest of those who are picking up the signs to involve the feminine energy in order to manifest what you want in life. Or maybe mother Marry's energy will be a key ingredient to manifesting your reality or answering your prayers and making miracles happen and all that great stuff. 

Any other interpretations of this are most welcome. Please do share anything you guys have in mind. 

Hope you're all having a wonderful day! :D

Here is the news article and what I could find about it online.

Light & Love

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  • I read about this the other day I am in brampton & am thinking about going to visit before the government forces them to remove it.

    Nothing is a coincidence.
    • A friend told me there was an hour lineup when he first heard about it and went to see it for himself.
      Now the people that live in that house want to get a restraint order so people don't stand on the side of the street or walk into their front yard and start praying because if that happens than they will be forced to remove the statue. never know what could happen. I will go to visit it this Sunday and maybe take some pictures as well and post them up.
  • Hi Arjan, I have heard about this before and there are other Virgin Mary 'miracles'..have you ever been to visit that statue? It might be worth going there and see how you feel about it.... It would be interesting ...
    Thanks for posting...:)...
    • Yeah will definitely go to visit and see it for myself. I was wondering if there were any other such miracle types happening around the word right now.
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