Violet Flame Ascension Meditation to Engulf ALL in Transmutated Energies of Loving Illumination <----->  The Violet Flame Chant for Shifting Realities Quickly <-----> A Message from SOURCE for All




by St. Germain
Channeled Through Janisel of Sananda's Eagles 10/7/12
To Begin Monday, October 8, 2012 through October 16th, 2012

I AM St. Germain, Master of the Violet Flame! That has a nice
poetic ring to it, don't you think? I have been asked to bring the
"transmutational" energies of my Ray into the next meditation for the
Eagles; and it is my pleasure to do so.

There is much going on, is there not? Everyone's watching everyone
else: the world is watching the United States of America as it
prepares to elect its next President, and America is watching the
Middle East, the Far East, and North Africa as the drama continues
in those areas of the planet. And it is precisely this drama that
is unfolding that is causing much confusion and fear within the
Mental Matrix of humankind.

So, as I said, I have been asked to come in to give you a
meditation focus that will help open and clear the Mind from these
lower energies, allowing Peace to flow through that Matrix. For as
you have been told many, many times: Peace comes from within and
then manifests without.

Now, I believe you know to quiet your mind before beginning,
although many of you are being challenged in this, but close your
eyes, take some deep breaths, and allow the Spirit to move within
you. You are going to be focusing on the mass-consciousness grid of
Earth humanity, the Mental Matrix, and I'm requesting that you do
this meditation for the entire fifteen minutes, rather than
splitting it into sections as you normally do.

I want you to visualize a grid that connects all peoples of Earth,
and rather than the bright White Light of the Christ Consciousness
Grid, this grid is tainted, so to speak, with areas of stagnation,
denser energies, and is a mucky color. You are to Call for the
Violet Flame to enter your own Being and then send it through the
Power of your Mind to that mass-consciousness grid, watching it
dissolve and Lighten those murky areas of confusion and fear. You
are to hold this focus throughout your meditation.

I believe you have been instructed in this same focus several times
before, and you are now being asked to do it not only during your
coming week but to continue to command my Flame into not only the
mass-consciousness grid but also into any situation that arises
during the course of your days that needs to be transformed into
Light. And I, too, shall be there to assist you, for this Flame is
part of my Essence. Call on us! We do good work. <wink>

I AM THAT I AM, St. Germain. Adieu!





"I AM a being of Violet Fire!
 I AM the purity God desires!"
"I AM a being of Violet Fire!
 I AM the purity God desires!"
"I AM a being of Violet Fire!
 I AM the purity God desires!"

You can send the Violet Flame elsewhere by creating your own chant,
simply replace the "I AM" with the name of a person, place or thing that needs transmutation.


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two other individuals, together forming a *Trinity* (i.e.; a team
of three).

Those of all Spiritual Paths are welcome! The involvement consists
of doing three 5-minute meditations each day. Every Sunday, the
meditations are sent out -- via our yahoo list -- for the following
week. Currently, these are written in Spanish, English, Portuguese,
and French. Italian is coming soon!

The instructions for our meditations are channeled -- through the
body of Rev. Janisel -- from Sananda, Ashtar, Archangels, St.
Germain, and others of the Higher Realms who are assisting us in
this endeavor.

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A Message from SOURCE for All
Channeled Through Janisel of Sananda's Eagles

Your ascension is your own internal process. What is going on in
your world right now is in illusion, remember? Forget everything
and everyone in this illusion. Concentrate only on your own Heart
Center and coming Home to me. That is all that is truly important
now. Stay in touch with Me. I will guide you all the way, and I
will not let you face more than you can endure. My love is always
with you, and that is all you really need to sustain you. Let the
past fall behind. It's over. Move on into communion with me.

Stay in the NOW and know that in that NOW moment you are Home. It
has been nothing more than a "bad dream".... but you are awake now
and it is time to begin stepping into the Dawn of a New Day. You
are surrounded by many who are waiting to begin a new and marvelous work with you.


Let it begin now. Remember.... you are creating in
every moment, so do not dwell in the past and create only more
heartache for yourself. Create only in this moment what you would
like to manifest in the next moment. As you now truly understand,
manifestation is taking place very rapidly, so choose carefully
what you desire to create.... be it abilities, a pure and forgiving
Heart, or a deeper "attunement" to your true Home....whatever. You
will bring into your life that which you truly desire.

I am closer than your very breath, I hear every beat of your heart,
and I am leading you steadily in My Love to heights you have not
yet dared to dream. You are my precious child in whom I am well
pleased. Open your arms to me and I shall fulfill your every need.
Go through each day knowing I walk beside you, behind you, in front
of you. You are in me... I in you. We cannot be apart for we are
One and I will never fail you. Tend only to the mission at hand,
allowing all in the world of illusion to pass by you, holding
nothing back from it, eyes firmly fixed on your goal, and your feet
on the path.

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    i was born on the 3rd so it is easy for me to remember

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    Omri-Tas is the Ascended Master Ruler of the Violet Planet. He assisted the citizens of the Violet Planet in their struggle against the sinister forc…
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    Watch her speed up the mantra VIDEO @ 2.32

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