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Dear people of our beloved Earth, 
as of April 2011 the European Government is trying to pass behind closed doors a new law to ban all natural foods, supplements, books on natural healing, etc.... 
PLEASE ... I urge you to click on this link below to get the info what our shady government is trying to take away from us. This has been silently in the works without the knowing of "We the People"!!! Even if you do not live in Europe ... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, sign it anyway. 
Thank you ALL and may we reach the FREEDOM and PEACE that we all stand for.

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Also ... if you could forward this to as many people as you can ... we can TOGETHER put a stop to this!!!!
That's great Custos, let's keep our organic gardens growing and free of the toxic crap they are trying to shuff down our throats. Thanks for signing
Thank you Eiskel, WE ARE ONE, no matter where we are from or what race we are.
It is a mess here in Europe just like everywhere else, we need to wake up and stand up to them ... there is more of us than of them. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!
I have signed the petition! Thank you for adressing the issue! Don`t worry. They will not succeed.
Much love and peace with you on this day
dont be negative,,dont join the dark side,,
stay at home...dont protest and comply with the authority
we dont want negative energies now do we...
maybe if we switch the channel it will go away...
maybe if we dont talk about it and stop giving it energy it will magically disappear....
lets focus on ourselves instead and turn away from the dark side
after all are dear ufo friends wouldn't let that happen to beloved Europeans right?
bad things are only supposed to happen to 3rd world countries...
its ok if some people in 3rd world countries die of simple disease but please dont touch our pills
(beign sarcastic in response to some of your thinking and attacking me in the past)
you dont care about chemtrails or the economy ,chemical lobotomy etc but hey!!!dont touch my pills
No one's coming to save the world. Not Jesus Christ, not anyone.
If the world is going to be saved then it's our responsibility,
no one else's. The very act of believing in a Saviour is a disgrace.
It's cowardice and laziness, an abdication of our personal obligations.
The logic of our central theme of "becoming God" is that each of us has to don the divine mantle.
Salvation is our business, not someone else's. It's time to be active, not passive.
It's time to make things happen; not sit back and wait for others. It's time to create our own "Rapture",
not pray to someone else to make it happen. We have to stop being alienated from our divine spark.
It's time to burnish it and let it illuminate the world.
Dear Jean,
sorry to hear that you have been attacked here in the past ... but, to all that you have written above ^^^... what do you think we are doing? We are standing up and saying no more ... we have woken up to the lies and disceptions and we are taking our God given right back to live as FREE entities in a FREE WILL Universe created by a kind Creator!!! And trust me ... I AM NOT waiting for anyone or anything to save me, for I know that we are the ones we have been waiting for. So, yeah!!! I agree with you and Violet Flame the attacks of your past and let us move on into a better future created by benevolent humans!
Much LOVE and PEACE to you
amen!! its about time

i have signed the petition,even though i live in australia,we can together put a stop to this!!!!
Signed it!

The Pharmaceutical industry should be utilizing herbs and other cutting edge natural ways of creating medicines instead of trying to force people to take their "medicine".

We should all have the freedom to heal our own bodies the way we see fit.

Thanks for posting!



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