Why is there porverty? It is traceable to, amongst other things, a nail hammered in vacume by elites and then labled 'value'. The word 'value' is the bread and the butter of economists and a bee buzzing in the noses of the poor. So because this word is the foundation of the money economics, you might be tempted to think that economists have it all nothing but exellently figured out. If you are that guy, then get prepared for a huge thorny club on your head.You might be tempted to think that to mannipulate, you need a religious, mumbo jumbo type hodge podge but you are totally mistaken! Like I have been hinting, all you need is pack two contradictionary notion in a single word. It is much like the fact that to write all numbers to a computer, all you need is two 'opposite' diggits. In our case, the cabal offer two almost contradictory definitions of 'value'1.) The value of a commodity is the amount of time and effort neaded to produce the commodity.2.)The value of a commodity is how much someone is willing to offer for the exchange of that commodity.By datting back and fot between these two notions whenever it suits him, the elite can become as rich as he wish!Let now close exermine if any of these two notions conducts electricity. The first one is idiotic! Does it mean I can construct say a particle accellerator worth zillions of dollers, perform an expensive war in Iraq, travel to moon, non of which are NEADED say by the Americans who are funding it??The second one is more subtle but no less idiotic! Ok now lets say you are gonna sell me a loly pop. But then I say I have tones and tones of sewage. I am gonna exchange it for the loly pop. You see? The loly pop must be worth millions of dollers then! Allright you have guess it!! The snake oil pedler of absurd economics will now ask for the value of seewage! So he chases his own tail! He uses the same word, 'value' to define the word 'value'. He is going in a roundabout to say 'the value of lolypop is its value'. Good! What then have we learn about 'value'?

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  • When the Spanish got to America the first time, they could see, to their amazement, native Americans using gold like sh!t! This is not hard at all to understand. Inherently gold has no much value. Understandably, a native American would rather exchange a tone of them for a biscuite from Europe!

    But you see, our economist use and idiotic definition of 'value', one that makes whatever you are willing to give much for necesarily more valuable. If the hypothetical American, could guess another European is willing to hand him more and more tons of 'biscuitelike entities' for only a small amount of gold. We say, according to the idiotic definition, the American will now value the gold all the more. Right? Wrong! What he values is and always remains to be the 'biscuites' if we define 'value' the right-headed way.
  • The correct definition of value:
    VALUE: The proterty of a thing that makes it neaded or desirable.

    Like in many cases, we don't embody the notion of 'how much' right at the CONCEPTUALIZATION, especially if they are adjectives or nouns. These are not purely mathematical concepts.

    Next, notice that in the latter definition, both the 'observer' and the 'observed' makes meaningfull the notion of value. In the other one, that dares you to count coins at the conceptual stage, 'value' is solely the property of the 'observer'!! If people get stupid with regard the role of their left eye, it suddenly turns valueless! This 'value' manipulated from remort without touching the entity in question reflects solely ourselves (including our level of ignorance), not the things we are valuing. It is 100% SUBJECTIVE. In the former, moronic definition, a valueless thing as papers stones etc can be turn great value by merely making them scarse!
  • And that is the usual fate for math definitions. They seem rigorous but they ultimately chase their own tails! These 'economists' are half assed mathematicians! They have no use of qualitative concepts such as 'value'.

    Ask a mathematician what 'paralel lines' mean and he dares you to travel to infinity to check if two lines are paralel! There is no problem with such! He is faith fully doing his job! He knows not of 'what is'. Ask 'what is' and his brain is busy wonderng 'how far'! Eventually, he arrives at idiotic notions like 'parallel lines can cross' some where far enough! He will tell you that if he has twelve oranges in his mouth and twelve mangoes in the mouth, then he has 24 fruits in the mouth! No problem with such. He is only interested with 'how much'. He has no interest with 'what is' as in 'what is an orange, a mouth etc'. No problem with such! Problems comes when we hire such loonies obviously divorced from reality to answer for us 'what is' questions!
  • What is the root source of the problem with the two definitions? It gotta be straight foward and this problem is rampant in various field: they are trying to offer and 'how much' or even an 'how to' answer to a 'what is' question! The head of the glutton is too busy with acounts. He is counting notes, coins, golds and diamonds. He realy has no use of the true, qualitative meaning of 'value'. All he want is to do business and get rich!

    The shell gamer of idiotic economics is trying to convince you that there is no meaning of 'value' when there isn't need to exchange things!! He is daring you to do some business to understand value! Make sense? How much are you willing to offer for bread? If I trap bill gates somewhere to starve, he will be willing to pay all his money for a bite! This notion of 'value of bread' can be manipulated without touching the bread!!

    Esentialy, the guys are realy not defining 'value'. They are trying to 'prove' it!! They are busy in the next step: HOW MUCH coins can I get from the bread? He is realy not interested with what 'value' truely mean!
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