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The President won with a coalition of young people, minorities (and so-called minorities will soon be our majority), middle-class workers (maybe not the men, but he got the women) and women of all socio-economic backgrounds. This seems to me to be a pretty broad coalition. Blue-collar white men and a few white women, along with evangelicals, don't comprise a very wide constituency. The Republican base is numerous, but narrow -- and shrinking. 

I hope that whoever analyzes the election results will focus, not on peripherals such as Sandy, but rather the central facts: Obama's record of support for the middle-class (symbolized by his rescue of GM); his support for reproductive rights -- and his phenomenal ground strategy. I was one of many, many thousands of volunteers organized by the campaign to canvas and call battleground states. People also could make such calls at home, by logging onto the Obama campaign website. We had our own version of Facebook, with local "pages" for each group. My group had over 200 such members, held two phone banks per week, and sent weekly buses into PA.

Obama did not rely on ads to sway voters; he is a community organizer, and he organized. He had a strategy that focused on holding key battleground states, and he deployed his troops accordingly. 

It was a people-to-people campaign. If you want to know why he won, look to the man, and the people. We won it together.

  • wendy
  • Minneapolis

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All of the pundits are saying "But this is nowhere near the enthusiasm and support that Obama got in 2008." But I believe it is much more significant that he has won now. People are no longer starry eyed. They no longer believe in miracles. They know times are hard, the country has many challenges, issues are complex and difficult, there is no one shining path. 

NEVERTHELESS they supported the man who has slogged through the trenches, who has tried his very best, who is a man of compassion and character. I truly think this vote reflects great courage and resolve on the part of the American people.


  • Erin
  • San Francisco

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Anyone who knows me and my brother John knows that we have an over-developed sense of fairness. Our mom was a politician--still is, really. On election nights we used to go hide out at the movies till it was over. Tonight I just couldn't listen to the horse race. This election, all the offices, issue after issue, felt hugely important to me because it was about the most fundamental question: as a people, how are we going to treat one another. This time anyway, big money, hatred, greed, sexism, racism and fear did not win. THIS election was about hope.


  • es324
  • Istanbul

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Despite the fact that I am not a US voter, I am relieved to learnMr Obama's election victory. I sincerely believe he is the better choice not only for the USA, but for the rest of the world, as well. My deepest congrats to the American voters..... They have every reason to be proud of the choice they have just made....


  • ST
  • Upstate NY

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Last night was an inflection point in the history of the United States. We averted a reversion to the past—a time when a few amassed and controlled the resources and the masses were too childlike to know what’s good for them. As I watched the returns and listened toPresident Obama’s speech, I couldn’t stop crying. Tears streamed incessantly and I wondered why. I respect and admire the President, but the tears were not for him. It is for this great country that I came to as a child from India, became a doctor, a mother and married a man who himself was born in Russia-- something that could only happen here in America. It was because of the abyss that we almost got lost in, but instead, today there is light. 

I don’t think Mr. Romney is evil. But I do think his quest, his unquenchable thirst for power blinded him. He lost his self and sold his soul. When CEO’s of companies email employees suggesting they vote for a candidate, when 47% of the country are considered write-offs, when vitriolic, racist sentiment is thinly, if at all, veiled on “respectable” news outlets and a small group of extremists try to turn back the clock, America--that city on a hill-- was at stake. Yesterday, we stood at the threshold when we nearly returned to a time of the caste system, when the royals controlled the lives of the masses. But, in the end, we came through and preserved this resilient democracy. I am so proud of my America.



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  • Yep... Omego embodies ALL the character defects of a spoiled Trust Fund Baby. He prances around this site with his chest stuck out, under the self proclaimed title: 'Commander' (of what exactly?)... yet fails to recognize, he consistently 'demon'strates the tell-tale signs of a brat who has never worked a real day in his life. He fools no one but himself. 

    spoiled-brat.jpg?w=500*Sharing=N.E.S.A.R.A.? Absolute nonsense! An interesting idea, until it isn't... but in the meantime, a luxury for people like Omego who don't work for a living, to throw their eggs into this threadbare basket. A true disservice to most in this Community. 


  • HATRED LOST,LOOOVE WON...now let all of the love and light roll in.... the separation of the wheat from the chaff has been cast.  It is time for individuals to make the MOST IMPORTANT DECISION OF THEIR LIVES!  Go with oneness and ascend or keep the separation and have another go around in the status quo.

    • Yes... can I get an Amen! ;-) Unfortunately one of the remaining shadows of the Times is:

      'Instant gratification takes too long'... Thankfully that mentality is also fading in the Glory of the Light.

      It's ALL happening right Now!... 'Be the Change you want to see!'... You were born to do this!


                                             ~Apotheosis Now ;-)

  • why do you do this ?

  • The world is the reflection of our inner world. While some see only dismay and dark, others can see hope and light.

    Our perceptions are based on our level of consciousness. Logic can not persuade someone who can not "see" to see.

    This post is for people who can resonate so we are united in our course of helping the ascendsion of human civilisation.

    • I see light every day, Pleiadian and can happily say that my light shines in spite of President Obama and a US election....Please don't try to pretend that we need Obama's re-election, in order to ascend....as that would be fibbing, wouldn't it...?? We are lighted beings having a physical experience and there is enough illusion and glamour around already, without adding more, from ambitious politicians, thankyou.....If you can sit back and ignore wars and poverty, caused by American foreign policy, then you do not know anything about ascension...




      • you sound kinda dictatorial their, are you ok drexx. . relax baby. . let people be

        . . sometimes it seems as if you are paid to go all over this site, and hound others with all these political statements. . haha. . yes that sounds kinda funny, I know :)

        just be yourself ;D. . and lets have a community here. . that grows

      • why don't we start collaborating... division's kinda old.

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