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Hi All
There are countless levels of energy in the third dimension, each of them has a purpose and a place in the grand plan of
ascension. Even though you have chosen the level at which you will
there are many levels that will wish to interact with you. Some of them
will be
challenging and will bring forth anger and hurt. Others will be
supportive and
will confirm your growth and healing. When you choose to walk the path
ascension you stand in unconditional love that allows you to respond to
energy with forgiveness, before you speak.
By extending forgiveness to each person and situation, you are accepting everything in its state of divinity and acknowledging your
role as
creator of your reality. Nothing 'happens' to you and there are no
accidents or
challenges you face which you did not create for your learning and
healing. Yet
you are tempted to attack those who challenge you, believing that it is
responsibility to treat you with kindness and respect. But each person
with you at the energy level they are comfortable with, not the one you
Those who are in fear wish to maintain their fear level and bring you to that level. When you extend
you respond to their fear with love and allow them to know that energy.
allows them to choose it for themselves because you have awakened them
to the
possibility of  ascension through your forgiveness. In this way you
the energies you allow in your reality. After you extend forgiveness,
you can
speak or interact from your most powerful self and deflect any lower
energies that have been directed to you. Without forgiveness, you can
feel hurt
and angry. With forgiveness, you extend compassion and stay in your own
There are times when you will be tested by those who wish to experience your light but who can only do so at their level. The
person who
attacks you is acting from their level of anger and frustration and
their level of self love. You can respond to them through their anger or
your position of power. By extending forgiveness you remove the cords to
connection you have at the level of fear and maintain control over the
desire for validation. Before you speak, forgive those who hurt or
you, any situation of lack or fear and every experience of pain. Then
you can
allow your words to come from the place of light where love exists and
stay in
your power.
Article Copyright ©2010 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved.

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Ive thought of writing something similar, this is important. AUM*
"There are times when you will be tested by those who wish to experience your light, but, who can only do so at their level." So, true, so true, and this is such a very valuable tool in compassion and understanding, and, thus, the ability to practice "instant forgiveness". If one understands that each of us is at varying levels of Soul growth, then, it makes it so much easier to forgive.

I have felt for some time that it is the lack of forgiveness, or holding on to experiences that "eat" at us that causes cancer, for is not cancer something that "eats" at the body?

While I feel that forgiveness is beneficial for all the world, to me, it most benefits the one who is forgiving rather than the recipient of the forgiveness. Try'll like it. :))))
This is a beautiful reminder! Thank you for posting it, Jason. It seems like challenges are ever present for me lately and this is a great nudge for me to look at forgiveness, or my lack there of to be honest. Forgiveness for Self as well.
never before since i been on this site since 2006, have i ever be been on top of the charts, or so to speak, on this site board, as this is an accidental honour to be the leaderboard, i dig deep on the internet, seen i can not channel messages, but i do try to dig further and and deeper, and i really do try harder to research great stuff to read, thanks all, i try real hard to search, i truly hope people see i try to help more, thanks everyone, thanks for seeing my hard work paying off, it made me feel i did a good job.
I see you!

~dear Jason, you are loved! never, ever doubt it!~ thank you for this post, if only we could post it across every sky, in every town & every country, for all the world to see.. right now!!~ the eart & all her inhabitants need this message, just as i did today, just like a life preserver! thank you! ~namaste~ ;0) & carry on...
Acceptance of Self, and forgiveness of other-Self.
Keep it up Jason, I acknowledge your determination to spread Illumination!
Wonderful and important message, I agree, thanks for posting this Jason :)

But what if the the person how challenge your ascension wants you to do something you know isent right. And the person feel so frustrated over you saying "no, I wanne do whats right" that he ether wants to beat you up or leave you out of his life, and in worst case choose to beat you up then.. Whats better: to fight back/defend yourself ore to just get beaten up and let the person learn from it..?

I feel the violence will never heal with the same violence returned, but if i'm wounded as a consequence I will still keep on ascension I guess..
Hmmm Bruce Lee or Grasshopper violence that is the question.
Beautiful... I read "Your immortal Reality" by Gary Renard recently and he talks about Quantum forgiveness--forgiving everything before it happens, just being prepared to forgive always, for everything. So, the more you forgive, the more you become aware that you're just dreaming, we're undoing the ego and setting ourselves free from the illusion!! That makes sense to me! Thanks for posting Jason, I needed to be reminded how important it is to forgive time and time again, because their is only is one of us here!

In The ONE Heart ;-)



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